Will you watch us make love?

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They thought they were so subtle. Thought I wouldn’t notice them whisper about me, thought I wouldn’t see their eyes on me. But there was a mirror in front of them, and I saw everything that passed between them. I noticed the man pushing his girl to go talk to me, nudging her in my direction. I noticed her initial reluctance, her stolen glances at me and her eventual compliance. It would have been amusing if it hadn’t been so mundane.

“Excuse me,” she said. I pretended to be startled, thinking I might as well preserve that illusion for them.

“I’m sorry if I’m too straightforward, but, um, my partner and I — it’s the guy over there, Donnie…” Of course it’s a Donnie, I snickered to myself. “Well, he and I, we both, well…”

If I let her ramble for much longer the poor thing would lose it completely. I put my hand on hers. “Honey, just ask me what it is you want.”

She got her nerves under control and looked straight at me. “We want you to watch us make love.”

“See, was that so complicated?” I asked her. That elicited a stream of nervous giggles.

I gave her a look over. What’s good for the goose and all. She wasn’t WOW, this girl is BEAUTIFUL! beautiful, but she was striking. Her nose was a little bent, she had a chipped tooth, her hair was slightly greying, but what she lacked in superficial beauty she more than made up in sex-appeal. This woman seemed to have been willing and ready to go for a long time. She just needed someone to rev up the engine.

And it looked to me like Donnie was not up to the job. Still, for the moment I was happy to play along and so I nodded enthusiastically at her request. I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I’m up for kinky stuff, but well, I am. No reason to lie about it.

She took my hand in a charming, unassuming way and I was introduced to Donnie. I promptly considered backing out. Donnie had charming, if somewhat oily, manners. Donnie had perfect, glossy hair. Donnie had a megawatt smile he was unashamed to blast around. Donnie was perfect. Perfectly creepy. But I couldn’t tell her that, so I followed.

In the elevator he tried sweetening the pot for me by implying this needn’t be a one-off thing. I wasn’t sure to what extent they were expecting me to take part. Did they only expect me to watch? Was I supposed to masturbate while they fucked? Should I even play the role of a director and record their dirty deeds for later consumption? Because I’d done it all before, and worse…

She had made little purring noises, undressing him, leaving a hot trail of kisses from his ear to his neck to his chest. Had straddled him undressing herself, and by the way her hips moved, it wasn’t the first time. She more than enthusiastically took his penis in her warm mouth, stroked him a few times, and with a strangled sound he exploded in her hand.

She murmured, “There’s a good boy. Now let me take care of you.” As if she hadn’t already taken care of him this whole time. She had him lie down on the bed and with her mouth gently coaxed little Donnie back to life.

All this was starting to get to me too and when I saw her look at me, her perfect lips around his penis, I thought I’d show her that at least one person in the room appreciated her efforts. I put my hand in my jeans and started jilling off. I had all the time I wanted, no need to rush this.

When Donnie was hard enough again, she straddled him and rode for all she was worth, her wide hips rolling on him. It was fascinating watching her bounce around, her tits jiggling, a light sheen of sweat all over her lush body. She was much more beautiful than I had given her credit for, at least in this moment. When he came in her, I saw mild annoyance and frustration wash over her face, but she quickly smoothed her features back into a mask of acceptance and she managed to smile at him. “That was very, very nice, big boy.” He gave her a kiss and rolled over, blind to a body in need of an orgasm.

I wasn’t going to make the same mistake.

I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. I lifted her onto the dressing table, put her legs on my shoulders and licked her hot, sticky pussy. It didn’t take long but I hadn’t expected it to. Her body tensed, her hands buried themselves in my hair and she let out a silent scream. Once she was done, I took more time, coaxing orgasm after orgasm out of her until she was completely spent. The look in her eyes told me nothing like that had ever been done for her before.

I gave her my mobile number and whispered in her ear, “When you feel like it, just call me.” Then I left. I’m not the stay over kind of girl, especially not with the likes of Donnie around.

The next morning I had a text message from her. Just five words:

Thank you so much. Again?

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