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A college professor and her student can finally act upon their mutual desire.

Sarah felt the shift as stark and abrupt as if electrocuted. As her professor handed back her final thesis paper, an A printed in neat handwriting on the front, their eyes met in an intense blaze of passion. Suddenly, she felt hot and tingly all over.

“Congratulations…graduate,” Dr. Alto said softly.

“Thank you, Dr. Alto,” Sarah replied, trying her best not to tremble.

“I’m not your professor anymore, Sarah. There’s no need to be quite so…formal.”

Dr. Alto’s eyes greedily ate Sarah up from head to toe. Finally, it seemed, the professor was at least silently acknowledging the heat between them. Two long years of feigned professionalism punctuated by stolen glances and longing looks shared silently between them were finally over.

Without thinking about what she was doing, Sarah started leaning forward slightly as if to kiss her professor. Before she could catch herself, however, Dr. Alto had reached up and cupped the back of her head and stolen her lips. As their tongues intertwined, Sarah’s insides began melting and she could feel herself getting wet.

“You always were my favorite student,” Dr. Alto whispered between passionate kisses. “So smart, so beautiful, so…obedient.”

Sarah gasped softly when Dr. Alto began to slide a hand up her thigh and use her body’s weight to nudge her bottom against the front of the desk. It was then she realized the professor’s office door was wide open, and someone only had to duck their head in to see Dr. Alto greedily pushing her back onto the solid wood to scrunch her pleated skirt up around her hips.

“Professor,” Sarah panted, “someone will see us!”

“Not if you’re quiet, they won’t,” the professor said, reaching out and pinching one of her taut, sensitive nipples. Sarah gave a small cry, her body arching involuntarily into her professor’s hands.

“Quieter than that, my darling.” Dr. Alto reached down to cup between the girl’s legs, fingers sliding between her velvety lips before plunging easily into her melting pussy. “So wet already,” Dr. Alto groaned. “And no panties? No bra? Were you trying to seduce me?”

Yes. Sarah knew the white button down and pleated skirt were obscene without a bra and panties. And yet, she had snuck into the building with nothing but a thin sweater to cover the dusky nipples poking erotically through her shirt. It was the last chance she had to get her professor’s attention, and she was going to take it.

“That blush,” Dr. Alto said, caressing her cheek. “I’ll take that as a yes?” Sarah could only blush deeper in response. Her professor’s fingers were doing magical things to her pussy, sending sparks of pleasure dancing across her skin, from her nipples to the V of her thighs and back again. She let out a groan as Dr. Alto knelt to lift one of Sarah’s legs over her shoulder and fingered her while giving a long, sinful lick along her slit.

Sarah let out a low moan. “That feels so good, Dr. Alto.”

Dr. Alto shushed her. “Be quiet now, you don’t want to attract any attention, do you?”

She didn’t admit it out loud, but a small, lascivious part of her wanted someone to catch them. She’d never felt more sexy or delicious than leaning on her professor’s desk, legs spread wide and skirt haphazardly pushed out of the way to bare her wet pussy. The thought of someone seeing them like this — wrapped in passion, fingers deep in her pussy, tongue making wet, hungry little sounds as it danced across her clit — had her getting close.

Yes, Sarah thought deliriously. Please, someone, come see Dr. Alto working my pussy. I want everyone to know that I belong to her!

And then she was spilling over the edge. Her panting became quick and desperate and she whimpered as the orgasm wracked her entire body. It was all she could do not to scream and fall over as she gripped the edge of the desk tightly. All the while Dr. Alto worked her masterfully.

“There’s a part of you that loves this,” she said quietly, between gentle licks and kisses on her outer pussy and thighs. “You came hard. I wonder if you wanted to get caught?”

Sarah’s only answer was another blush. Dr. Alto smiled and laughed quietly as she stood to unbutton her own skirt and let it fall to the ground in a soft rustle. Beneath she wore nothing but a simple black thong and her own juices on her thighs. Sarah licked her lips hungrily at sight.

“Taste me,” Dr. Alto ordered, spreading her legs and bracing one knee on the desk. Sarah obeyed, kneeling to the floor and lapping greedily at her professor’s wet slit with a euphoric groan. On her knees, she felt sinfully submissive to the older woman, and was lost to the delicious feel and taste of the professor’s clit on her tongue.

She felt Dr. Alto run her fingers sensually through her hair and cup the back of her neck, pulling her closer and positioning her just so. Dr. Alto’s thighs began to tremble as her pleasure built and she began to pant. Sarah increased the tempo of her tongue on her professor’s clit, the woman’s juices covering her mouth and chin as she pushed closer and closer to release.

“That feels so fucking good, Sarah,” Dr. Alto said, attempting to keep her voice to a whisper. “I’m so close. Come on then, make me come all over your face.” And then the older woman was shaking intensely, knees nearly buckling as she gave a strangled cry and squirted down the front of Sarah’s white button-up.

“That’s it, good girl,” she panted, “keep going, I’m not finished with you.” After another wet stream hit Sarah’s face, Dr. Alto finally slumped over, bracing a hand on the desk and trying to recover from the intensity of her orgasm. She grabbed Sarah by the chin and brought their lips together for another searing kiss, their respective tastes mingling on their tongues.

“So, Sarah,” she said, breaking away and looking Sarah in the eye. “I’m looking for a full-time research assistant…”

Dr. Alto and Sarah’s story doesn’t end here…there is more to come!

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