Their Birthday Toy

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My friend Claire and I had been planning this for quite awhile. She and I fooled around occasionally, and together we came up with the perfect birthday gift for her husband.

I slipped into the house quietly. She was smiling from ear to ear as she welcomed me inside her home.

“Dave is going to be so surprised!” she said with a giggle. I felt a mixture of excitement and extreme arousal just thinking of what would be happening shortly. “We have to hurry and get ready before he gets here!” Claire told me as she led me to the master bedroom.

I looked at the bed and saw that she had already attached soft Velcro cuffs to the headboard. I began to strip out of my clothing. Claire stepped forward and gave me a deep kiss. I could feel myself already growing damp, my breath starting to come faster. She pulled back with a smile and told me to lie down on the bed.

I lay down and placed my hands over my head so she could secure my wrists to the headboard. She placed a black silk blindfold over my eyes. I couldn’t help it and began to squirm slightly.

“Hold still!” she said with a chipper tone of voice that didn’t prepare me for the sharp smack she gave my inner thigh. I gasped but held still as she began to place small clamps on each of my nipples. Holy fuck, if Dave didn’t get home soon I was going to get off before he ever walked through the door. Claire gave me a quick kiss, then I heard her leave the room, the door closing softly behind her.

I waited in agony. My pussy was throbbing with the need to be filled and fucked. My nipples ached deliciously. I faintly heard the front door open and close, and the murmur of voices. My heart was pounding, and I felt a flood of moisture dampen my freshly shaved pussy. I held my breath as I heard their footsteps come closer to the bedroom door. Finally I heard it open.

“Happy birthday, darling. I got us a toy!” Claire said softly.

“You certainly did,” Dave replied, and I heard him move closer to the bed.

Suddenly I felt his fingers parting my labia, exposing me completely to them both. I whimpered and raised my hips up towards him.

“Looks like this toy is ready to play with already,” he said with a low chuckle.

His fingers disappeared from between my legs, and I heard rustling and movement but couldn’t really tell what was happening. Not being able to see seemed to have heightened all of my other senses. Every rustle or step I heard went through my body like electricity.

Then I felt hands running up and down my body, sliding over my clit, massaging my breasts. They were everywhere, all at once. At first I tried to keep up with whose hands were doing what, but after a moment I just gave in to the sensations.

I turned my head and found Claire’s firm breast in my mouth. I lifted my head up to bury my face in her, licking and suckling on her nipples. I felt what must have been Dave’s hands push my legs wide apart. His fingers slipped inside me as his tongue traced figure eights over and around my clit. He began to suck on my now engorged clit as his fingers slipped in and out of me with a wet smack.

Claire moved back away from me, then straddled my face with her pussy hovering just above my mouth and her face towards Dave. I strained forward to get to her, wanting to taste her so badly I was trembling. I could smell her sweet musky scent just out of my reach. I could hear them kissing above me, as Dave slid the head of his cock back and forth over my wet slit.

I was frantic with need, my senses all on fire. Dave pushed his dick into me suddenly, just as Claire lowered herself down to my mouth. I came almost immediately, moaning into Claire’s hot pussy. I sucked and lapped at her as she came hard, her cum trickling out into my mouth as I lapped it up. Dave supported her with one arm, and clasped my hip with the other as he continued to pound his hard cock into me.

Claire pulled the clamps off my nipples as Dave pumped his cum inside me, hot and thick. The shock of pain pushed me over the edge again and I came violently, legs shaking and arms pulling in vain against my restraints.

As I lay there still shaking, Claire moved off of me, and Dave pulled back. I felt hands stroke my hair softly, as I waited for them to remove the blindfold and free my arms.

“Hmmm… I think we should leave my gift all tied up until after dinner. She’d make an excellent dessert,” Dave said to Claire.

“Oh yes,” said Claire.

I was in shock for a moment that they would just leave me there, waiting for them. I was turned on again immediately though. They each gave me a soft kiss, then left the room — leaving their birthday toy anxiously awaiting their return so she could be thoroughly played with once more.

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