How She Set Me Right Again

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“Xavier, you are being a bitch! I have been putting up with your cranky, whiny, moody bitch-ass self now for weeks and I have have had ENOUGH!”

“Yeah, I know honey, I have been a little off lately, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t you honey me. Don’t you sorry me. A little off, are you fucking kidding me dude? Like really?” And with emphasis on like really — you know how it is, when you’ve crossed a line. Oh gawd, I was fucked and there was no talking me outta this one. Arms crossed over her delightfully inviting breasts with that look in her eyes that was burning through me, and all I could do was stand there immobilized by her stare. Ya, you know that look! The one that you feel is cutting right through you.

But hey, there she was in all her glory and power, dressed in her tight fitting grey skirt, hugging that gorgeous ass of hers and those hips I could kiss and caress for like EVER! Burgundy silk blouse and Obsession for perfume. Stilettos and black stockings, hugging those oh so wonderful curvy legs of hers. Oh fuck was my mind wandering big time from the admonishment she was dishing out. She could see right through me, the tenting bulge in my shorts gave it away. Gawd, I love strong, domineering women.

And damn it my cock gets hard as fuck when she looks at me like that.

Oh man, I’m so done for…

“You have not been writing, you’ve been on that fucking computer for days on end doing what? How many times do you have to install Windows 10 from scratch? Tweaking, fucking geek! Now look, I love you but…”

Oh shit!

She was right though, I have definitely not been myself of late and I needed a hard reset bad.

Again, reading me, she marched right up to me, like right in my face and barked, “Bitch, get your ass in the shower and clean, and I mean like clean. You moody little pain in my ass, then get yourself in the bedroom and assume the position. You have 15 minutes! One minute longer and I will flog your tiny little ass and like it, now git BIATCH!” And as I scurried away she cracked my behind hard with her outstretched hand. She is a tiny thang but she can sting when she wants. Yeah, I know right, those little ones are scary AF sometimes.

But I was excited too. This was so exactly what I needed.

It had all been such a crazy rollercoaster ride of late. New lovers, new friends on Medium and Twitter. Attention like crazy. People clapping and leaving comments on my stories and amazing inspiration was seemingly unending. My muse and I were cozy like, sharing stories of erotic experiences, thoughts and fantasies. Then she came along and I was fucked. Love does that, turns a guy upside down on his head and shakes his soul to see if anything is loose and needs attention. Oh gawd, do I need attention.

Thank goodness for her though, she who loves me through it all. Loves lost, temporary flings, heartbreaks, and those ones that make a guy sing for joy in the shower. All of ’em and still she is right there with her strong, alluring, sensual self smiling patiently at me, loving me all the way through it all, well mostly. Being my uber Cancer self of late has tested her limits though and Gods only knew what I was in store for tonight after her long day at work.

She is a professional woman, a self made soul, smart, and sharp as a tack. What she sees in this train wreck, author wannabe I’ll never know, but hey, I adore her and am very grateful to have her in my world.

You see, sometimes as a writer, as one of those creative types, the impending doom of it all can seem so overwhelming and utterly outta control. ‘Will they like it? Oh gawd, Rose is gonna hate this one, she’ll never publish that, it’s too…’ You fill in the blanks. ‘Oh shit if I tell them that story, what they are gonna think?’ Then life comes along and cracks you one and it is like WTF am I gonna do now? It has been like that for me these past few weeks. OK the last month.

Anyways, you know me I digress sometimes; OK, a lot.

So after doing my thing in the shower and getting like super clean because I was gonna get super fucked and super hard, I got ‘er done in like 13 as I checked the clock on my way to assume the position as I had been ordered to do.

Then, I felt the cuffs around my wrists.


Then came the blindfold.


Then came the lube.


Then came the many cracks and thwacks on my ass cheeks.

“I don’t want to hear a peep from you, bitch! I have been patiently putting up with you, now you are gonna pay. Do you hear me?


Nodding my head in the affirmative, I knew not to speak or I’d be cruising for a bad bruising, because trying to write with a sore ass is not fun.

I could hear her rustling about and I knew exactly what she had been up to.

She was putting her strap-on in place and lubing it up to fuck my poor little ass. And she was not nice about it this time; she had been other times, but this time was different. It was take her frustrations out on me time. And I deserved it so there was nothing I could do in my submissive position but take it like a man and shut the fuck up and be a good little bitch for my DOMME.

She slid into me rough. I grunted with the pain of it momentarily, soon to be admonished yet again with a harder TWACK!

She pulled my long hair, yanking my head backwards, and rammed my ass hard, taking me and folding me into complete and utter submission. And I willingly let her. For the first time in what felt like ages, I let go and forgot every little thing. The combination of pain and pleasure was an excruciatingly awesome release. And I could tell she loved taking me and making me hers fully and completely. Marking her territory if you will. And all the while I gave into her. I allowed this with all of myself and she took control, she so deserved it and it was mine to give her. I have this great ability to love and be caring but I also have this great weakness that me makes me moody and sometimes quite lethargic through emotional turmoil.

This powerful fucking was just the medicine the doctor ordered for me. It was now becoming quite pleasurable and she lubed me up more. I had been a good little submissive and quelled my squeals and grunts in my pillow so as to not come off as enjoying this too much. I could sense her need to punish me and correct my behaviour. She had been oh so patient, I really had pushed the limits and pushed them hard. It had been time long past for her to push back. I must freely admit that toy felt fucking amazing sliding in and out of me.

Once the power game had been played out for about a half hour or so and I had been fucked good she removed the toy of delights and ordered me to make way for her to sit on my face and service her. She unlocked the handcuffs from my bruised wrists and tenderly kissed the marks left by them. She knew she had been seriously rough this time. The look in her eyes revealed as much, as if apologetic. Knowing full well I had earned such treatment it was with great relish that I took to my position below her.

To look up to her and that fine body of hers making herself comfortable on my face is such a thrill. To be utterly owned and possessed is such a strong elixir of life for me. The musky clean scent of her yoga toned body grinding down on my lips is heaven. To almost be gasping for air as she muffles my breath with her flesh suffocating me. Oh, the divinity of it all. Sure it is awesome as a man to feel like she is mine but the feeling of letting yourself be owned is just as sweet for me.

She rolled herself in a swaying motion over my outstretched tongue lapping and sucking and stroking and touching her in all the places I know she finds sensual and pleasurable. With my hands to hold her hips and steady her, she could lose control now. She was close. And I worked it hard and steady and unceasingly for she had been so good to me, payback is such bliss.

I licked and caressed all over her labia and pulled on those sweet lips with my own lips while running my tongue in circles and flicks. Sometimes with tempo and rhythm and sometimes off beat. The change up is something I know she likes so I am hers to serve.

I slid my hands around to feel that fine ass and bring her beautiful woman self closer to my mouth. As if the distance needed to be decreased and more pleasure laid down on her with closer approach. My mouth drank of her and all her feminine allure as she came on me. Sweet release and burst of juices flowing over my face. With eyes closed and tongue lapping and continuing to pleasure through the shower all over me. Wonderful feeling as I sensed her anger with me wither and my frustrations with myself subside.

Now as I felt the shift it was my turn.

And so I forcibly flipped her over as the last of her orgasm was rippling through her soul and slid my raging hard phallus into her from behind and slammed it into her hard and fast. Two can play the game of dominate and control in this house. I grabbed her hair like she had mine and I marked her pussy with my cock, with its scent and wetness of her all over it. The extension of me into her and her into me was sweet and musky as our smell permeated the room. Taking her for mine and pushing and pulling all the while to make her cum again. She really enjoyed the switch and let herself give in to me as I now took her for my own. She had fully given into me and we had ourselves back again from the distance that had been there earlier.

Our connection was rekindled as she came again. I had to kiss her lips, so again I flipped her around, slid up into her as my lips met hers and we gorged ourselves on each other. All the while grinding one another hard and fast.

It would not be long for me as the feeling brewed deep in my core of oncoming orgasm. From very deep within it built up and built up. Our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, hungry, searching, yearning, and playfully now punishing each other with tenderness and loving sensuality. She could feel me building and she worked her hips and core. She milked my cock within her fine controlled pussy, savouring its length and girth within. And I melted into her arms, kissing her deeply as my semen shot in spurts into her.

Our lips locked and hips and legs clamped down hard on each other while we both felt the rush of our mutual pleasure wash over us, for she too again shot sweet pleasure all over me, making quite the wonderful mess of the sheets we had been love wrestling on.

“Now bitch,” all the while smiling from ear to ear, “you now have some much needed inspiration. Now git and tell your naughty friends about how your woman set you right again.”

And there you have it.

He’s back!

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