Reflection in the Window

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photo: SexArt

I reach for a pillow and place it on the desk. I bend her over the desk belly first. I spread open her legs and approach her from behind. We have been going at it for a while and her wetness is ready for my hardness. I penetrate her slowly as I hear her gasp,“Oh fuck!” Her hand reaches up and opens the curtains, allowing our reflection to show in the window.

During dinner she was talking about a movie exploring the controversial subject of dominance. Distilling the essence in a need to give up control. In having the guy take what he wants. I am a giver however, not a taker. We even get into arguments because I hold my orgasm for so long sometimes just to see her reach the stars one more time, that I end up not cumming at all. But tonight her words woke up a strange new beast within me.

As we walk into the room I am not the gentle Teddy kissing her out of her dress anymore. Tonight I just feel like ripping her out of her clothes and having my way with her. I don’t know how she did it, but she was ready on contact. As I grabbed her on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open, her pussy was just perfectly wet for me.

Her eyes examine my face with the first deep thrusts. She is trying to figure out what’s happening and what I’ll do to her next. Her mouth opens, struggling for breath as I bounce myself into her. She has perfected the motions of her hips to give it that playful rebound. Is it due to the accumulated sexual tension of the night, or the unpredictability, that I begin to feel her body twitch, getting ready for the discharge of energy?

I squeeze her with all I have. I weigh on her with my entire body, immobilizing her with my arms under her shoulders. There is no space left between us, just how she likes it. I bite a wild hickey on the soft skin below her ear and she squeals, unable to wiggle away. That mark belongs on her, to carry for the next few days as a reminder.

As she is about to cum I pull out, to her frustration, and guide her out of the bed and over that desk. As her reflection in the window grins at me I know she is liking this. I grip her waist as my hips thrust faster and deeper. We resemble a complicated mechanical device, with my shaft moving in and out, her well lubricated vagina as the centerpiece.

She places her hands on the window frame, to gain stability but also to have something to press against as she pushes back while I am pushing in. I feel the tensing in her legs and hear her moan, “yes, yes!” The view of her hourglass figure, topped by her beautiful sexed-up hair, is one of those visuals to burn into my memory.

She holds onto the desk as she starts to fall in that orgasmic well. I can see and feel her body shaking as her vagina starts contracting around my manhood. It is the pleasure of the giver to take all that has accumulated away from her. To be there as she totally loses control over her body. To be so deep inside of her, stealing away her sexual energy, contraction by contraction.

After the initial cool off she stands up and shows me how her leg is still shaking. The post orgasmic waves have overwhelmed her. I kiss her neck as I carry her to bed. Her caring boyfriend is back. The one who would hold her in a warm embrace and caress her beautiful skin all night long. The one that would lick her clit forever, waiting until she releases the pressure that has been building up and dozes into dreamland as he holds her in his arms afterwards.

As I turn off the lights I realize that the curtains were open the whole time. If there was an innocent bystander, I hope they were aroused by what they saw. For it is spring and the power of love is everywhere. And we love sharing it through our written words… and through open windows.

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