Rug Burns

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photo: SexArt

“Oh my God! What happened to your back?”

I turn around to answer the naked woman sharing the shower with me, but the look in her eyes tells me she knew the answer as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

“Yard work, of course,” I smile. “Got my knees good too.”

Her eyes slide down my body with the bubbles, stopping to appreciate my breasts before moving down to inspect the rug burns on my hips and knees. It wasn’t completely untrue, you know. I did do a ton of yard work last weekend; but that really wasn’t the source of my newly formed scabs.

The sun is shining on the first weekend of the new year. It’s supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny — unheard of for this time of year, and I plan to take advantage of the warm weather. We’ve been working on pruning and trimming the hedges all day, and finally make our way to the hot tub to soak away the sore muscles.

“More mimosas, my love?”

You hand me a champagne flute, brimming with the delightful orange elixir.

“Always, and thank you.”

Gratefully, I take the glass and settle into a corner seat. Closing my eyes, I let the gentle rocking motion of the jets ease away the soreness. My mind wanders to last night and our new toy. You bet me no toy could do for me what you could, but I really had a fun time last night, so…

“Whatcha thinking lover?”

Your voice is soft as your hand caresses my knee.

“Thinking of last night, our new toy, and your bet.”

“Oh, and?”

“And… I really had a lot of fun with the toy last night. You may want to re-think your bet.”

“I’m confident in my bet.”

You smile and move your hand to the inside of my thigh, massaging up my leg. I’ve finished my drink and allow my arms to relax in the water.

“Can your toy do this?”

You take my hand and put it on your dick. It’s hard beneath the soft swirls of water.

“Uh, yeah. Not to be a drag, but that’s kind of its job.”

I stroke your penis under the water, allowing the rhythm of the swirling water to lead me.

“Oh? I don’t think so. Maybe you should get out and take a closer look.”

“Hmmmm… I think maybe… that’s a great idea.”

Boosting myself up onto the deck, I lie down and gesture to you. Happy to comply, you move over to where I lie, kneeling on the hot tub seat under the water so your dick is right at face-level. I grab your ass, pulling you toward me and snugly against the edge.

“Let’s see here… well, it looks like my toy.”

I caress your dick, sliding my fingertips up and down the length of you.

“It feels like my toy.”

Holding your ass with one hand and your dick with the other I take you into my mouth. Sucking the tip, licking around it, and then diving down for a deeper taste.

“Oh, wait…”

I stroke your dick and take you into my mouth again. Your ass clenches as you thrust your hips against the side of the hot tub.

“You do not taste like my toy!”

A moan escapes you as I grab your ass with both hands and take as much of you into my mouth as I can. Sucking and licking I look over and see your fingertips, white against the edge of the hot tub. I know you won’t last long like this and pull back, taking you in my hands to gently kiss your tip and lick the sides.

“Well,” you say. “Unlike that toy of yours, I have a new trick.”

You grab me by the shoulders and lift me to my knees, taking turns with my breasts, kissing and suckling each one. I pull your head into me, asking for more pressure. You squeeze my breasts and suck my nipples harder, pulling your head back with each suck, increasing the pressure.

“Oh God,” I breathe. “That’s fantastic… but, not new.”

“That’s not the trick. Sit down and give me your pussy.”

I sit down, scoot forward, and lie back, my legs on either side of you. You grab my hips and pull me to the edge of the hot tub; lowering your head to my pussy you lick — flat tongue hot and soft against my outside lips. It sends a shiver up my spine and I feel the roughness of the deck scratch against my skin.

“That’s a nice one,” I gasp. “But still not new.”

Your tongue splits my pussy, licking my clit in soft strokes and then flicking with a firm tip.

“Oh God that’s good, but you’re going to have to try harder… harder… please… harder…”

The orgasm begins to form just behind my clitoris. Your hands clench at my ass cheeks, pulling me into your face as you bury yourself in my pussy.

“Here’s one I know you’ll like.”

You suck on your first two fingers and insert them just inside me.

“Oh… yes…”

I look down at your head between my legs and see a mischievous smile just before you dive down, sucking hard on my clitoris and pulling my simmering orgasm out of me with your fingers. Waves of ecstasy consume me and I’m helpless, writhing on the deck. Eventually the swells subside and I’m left panting, clutching your wrists to hold me to you.

“And can your toy fuck you from the water?”

I’ve barely just regained myself when I feel your dick slide into me, hands pulling at my hips. Your hips push into me as you kneel in the hot tub, pulling me into you as you slam into the side. Water splashes on and around me, thrown into the air by your enthusiasm.

“Hey, Aquaman. I’m drowning here.”

Growling, you grab my hands and pull me up to sit on the edge of the hot tub. My feet hang in the water, and block some of the water splashing with every thrust. You hold me to you and my breasts slide against your chest. I feel your dick grow harder and know you’re close, but I’m not.

“Hang on,” I whisper into your ear. “Hold still a sec…”

Moaning you slow, and breathe, trying to hold still. I rock my pussy against you, grinding your dick inside me and my clit against your trimmed bush. It’s just the right amount of roughness to speed me up. I keep rocking, feeling you rub inside me, and rubbing against the outside of you. The warm light begins to glow again and I know I’ve passed you.

“Ok, I’m close. Now you need to catch up.”

You thrust inside me twice and then pull out, grabbing me around the waist and lifting me to the deck. The roughness of the boards disappears as you lie on top of me and part my legs with your knees. Leaning over me you pause, your dick in your hand, stroking.

“And can your toy do this?”

You slip your arm around my back and pull me onto you. The heat from your dick pushes me over and my orgasm takes me again. Bucking against the deck, I lock my legs around your back and pull you into me.


You hammer into me, letting your orgasm drive your thrusts until you crest. Eventually you slow, then stop, lying on me and panting. I unlock my legs and notice my knees and elbows are burning.

“Ow!” Turning my head I lift my arm and inspect my elbow. “Nicely done. I concede you’re better than a toy. I never would have done this to myself for any toy!”

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