The Sexual Awakening of La Bella

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Julia finished brushing her long golden hair and put down the comb, looking at her reflection in the hand mirror. The year was 1489, and Julia Farnese was known in all of Rome as La Bella Farnese, the beautiful Farnese. And yet, the young woman was frustrated. Her brand new husband, Orsino, had not dared to touch her on their wedding night, and the next day had left on a business endeavor for his family, the powerful Orsini clan.

Julia looked down at her cleavage, undoing the ties of her nightgown. Her pink nipples hardened with the night air, and she stroked them with her fingertips, feeling a current of heat reach her core. She heard footsteps and closed her gown. A soft knock on the door announced the presence of Adriana de Mila, her new confidante.

“How do you fare, my dear?” the beautiful brunette asked.

Julia tried to say “fine,” but the words got stuck in her throat. She was annoyed and unsatisfied. The other woman offered her a reassuring smile.

“It is hard to marry into the powerful families,” Adriana said, placing her hands on the blonde’s shoulders and tracing circles with her fingertips. “We must learn to navigate the intricacies of it and to take for ourselves what is not gifted, including pleasure.”

Julia turned around to look at Adriana.

“You were denied too? When you married Ludovico?”

Adriana gave her a knowing look.

“It was a month before he finally made the time to come to my bed.”

“A month? I don’t want to wait so long! How can they not want satisfaction for themselves?” Julia was outraged.

“Oh, they get their needs fulfilled, my dear, that’s what whores and courtesans are for. That is why we need to be clever and make our way in the world so that we won’t languish in despair,” the brunette said, caressing the rosy cheeks. The blonde looked her in the eyes and saw the gleam of lust in them. Holding her gaze, she grabbed the hand and kissed the fingers one by one.

“Then teach me how to be satisfied.”

Adriana leaned in and kissed her. It was soft at first, tasting the sweet breath and the warm tongue; then it became heated, and Julia stood up, opening her gown and letting it fall to the floor.

“Sit on the vanity,” Adriana ordered, moving combs and mirrors out of the way and helping Julia up. Moving to sit on the stool, she was now level with Julia’s plump breasts. She took her time kissing, licking, and sucking, reveling in the sounds of enjoyment that the golden-haired girl gave. She sucked harder, and the moans intensified.

“You like a hint of pain with your pleasure,” she said before pinching a hardened nipple, then giving it a quick slap.

“God, yes,” screamed Julia, her legs spreading out, and her hand found her clit to rub. Adriana rewarded her with a slap on each nipple followed by long licks and delightful suckling. After a few more smacks and tongue caresses, her mouth explored south, peppering kisses along the way until she moved the hand out of the way and replaced it with her lips. Julia howled in pleasure, spreading her legs further to give her free access. When the lustful tongue found the way to her entrance and penetrated her, her hand went back to her clit to massage it vigorously while pinching her nipple with her other hand. When a finger teased her asshole, the cries of orgasmic bliss resonated in the room, and Julia came undone, her release squirting over the vanity as her mind went blank.

A sound told them that they weren’t alone anymore, and Adriana made a swift exit, while Julia got off the vanity and tried to put her nightgown on.

“Are you sure you want to put that back on, darling?” The voice of Orsino startled her, so she held the gown to her chest.

“Milord Husband! You are back. Welcome,” she said, trying to think how to explain her situation.

“Let’s cut the ramblings, dearest wife. It seemed to me that you were having a nice time with your friend? Care to share with me anything you learned, my little Vestal?”

Julia looked down at his breeches and saw the hardened rod pointing at her. She let the gown fall to the floor again and sat back on the vanity, spreading her legs in invitation.

Orsino undid his fly and sat on the stool, slowly jerking his cock. He took a long look and wetted his lips in anticipation.

“Ah. A virgin cunny, and yet so eager to be fucked. What a privilege,” he said before taking a long lick and sliding a finger in her tight channel. She gasped as he pumped rhythmically, lips latching onto the eager nub as he slid in a second finger. Julia felt dizzy with pleasure. “Ready yourself, darling. It’s time to learn what it means to be fucked.”

He stood up, aligned his cock at her entrance, and looked her in the eyes as he pushed in. Besides a small cringe of pain, she indicated yearning. Orsino slid all the way in with a growl, enjoying the tightness that squeezed his cock. Then he obliged his wife with a relentless pounding that brought her to climax and dragged him with her.

Orsino carried her spent body to the bed and kissed her forehead.

“Sleep now, dear one. And know that I encourage you to learn even more as, in your pleasure, I find mine.”

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