The Secret Cabin

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photo: Viv Thomas

Sofia teaches me a lesson

After all the fun I’d had over the past few months with Matt, the younger bartender at work, we sort of settled back into the friend zone. The last time we’d hung out was at the Velvet Room holiday party where we’d gone from being simple fuck buddies to entering the warp zone with the Christmas foursome. So maybe that’s why things settled down.

Or maybe it was because I couldn’t stop thinking about Sofia McAvoy’s silky cunt pulsing around my fingers or the memory of her clit on my tongue. But truthfully, I also missed his gorgeous curved cock, I just didn’t have time to meet up with him. I had to focus on my graduate thesis, work, and my kids’ busy sports schedules. So by the start of February, I was feeling pretty burnt out and lonely.

Thankfully I had the gifts from the Velvet Room swag bag to perk up my hectic days. Every few days I picked out a new package to unwrap, and they became the highlight of my week.

The next to last gift I opened was the Sona Cruise, which I adored! After a long day, I’d slide into the shower, slip the tiny pink mouth over my clit, and let the sonic waves and pulses tingle as I watched my pussy in the shower mirror. While it wasn’t as good as a human connection, it was a hot orgasm that made my toes curl and released much-needed feelgood endorphins into my body.

I held off on opening the last gift until a rainy day when I really needed a boost; that day came quicker than I expected. I woke up early to shuttle the kids to my ex-husband’s house. I had requested the weekend off from the bar and was looking forward to getting caught up on my school work. However, on the way, my car got a flat, then when I got finally got back home and ramped up my laptop, the hard drive crashed.

It felt like the last straw in a week of shit, so I poured myself a snifter of whiskey and pulled the last oblong gift from the bag. There was an elegant envelope attached to it with a handwritten note that said: “Beautiful Kitten, use this when you need a getaway.”

I tore off the wrapping to find the riding crop Sofia had slid between her legs to entice me at the party. The sleek leather was topped with silk tassels and still had the gorgeous whiff of her exotic musky scent. A credit card and directions to an address in Mount Hood Oregon fell out of the envelope with a note that instructed me to call McAvoy Financial and ask for extension 52.

I took a gulp of my drink and closed my eyes. Should I do it?

“Fuck it,” I said to myself as I grabbed my phone.

After a brief conversation with a secretary named Gina, I threw some clothes into a backpack and met Sofia’s limo out front for a ride to the airport, where I was shuttled to a silver private jet.

Once onboard, a male flight attendant settled me in a plush leather seat and brought me a charcuterie of imported meats and cheeses, with a goblet of Ghost Horse Vineyard ‘Fantome’ Sauvignon Cabernet.

I took a sip and sighed. At least the day wasn’t a complete loss.

“Just relax and enjoy the flight to Portland. We’ll be there in two and a half hours.”

“Thank you so much,” I whispered as he handed me a cashmere throw and a soft silk pillow.

When we landed I was taken to a green range rover by the attendant. He was polite but quiet on the hour-long drive past the Mount Hood ski resorts to a private gated driveway that wound into a curtain of evergreens and cedar trees. As we drove, a light snow flurry fluttered around us like a magical snow globe. When we reached the top of the drive, the sun lowered into the sky behind a sprawling log cabin lined with glass windows glowing softly in the twilight.

photo: Ian Keefe on Unsplash

I was greeted at the door by a gorgeous silver-haired woman dressed in a simple black Prada suit.

“Welcome and hello, I’m Victoria, would you like to freshen up and rest before Sofia arrives? She’s flying in from LA and will be here shortly.”

“Yes I would, thank you so much.”

I followed her up a winding spiral staircase onto a polished wood loft overlooking the entire downstairs. It was luxuriously elegant, but there weren’t any signs of the wild atmosphere I had experienced at the Velvet Room.

Victoria helped me settle into a cozy bedroom, complete with a sunken bath and open slate shower. When she left, I undressed and poured some golden Prosecco bubble bath into the tub and turned on the spa jets. I sank into the bubbles and drifted into my real-life fairy tale. When the water started to cool, I wrapped myself in a plush bathrobe, lay face down on the round bed and immediately fell asleep.

About an hour later, as I was drifting between dream and sleep, I heard the door whisper open and soft footsteps padding across the carpet.

“Welcome to my hideaway, Kitten.”

I groggily started to roll onto my back, but before I could, Sofia slunk onto the bed between my legs and pushed up my bathrobe.

“Is it ok if I wake you up before we have dinner downstairs?”

I nodded and tried to sit up, but she gently squeezed my ass in her hands and tilted it up before sliding a pillow under my hips.

I lowered my head and shivered as she warmed coconut lube between her hands to massage between my butt cheeks and around to my pussy lips and clit. Her fingers were feather soft as she teased my clit just once.

Then I heard her snap open a box and looked sideways to see her pull out a pearly set of silicone beads that progressed from tiny to slightly larger. She rubbed the lubricant on the beads and then slowly inserted them one by one. I wriggled my ass up as the sweet sensation of the beads filled me with delicious tension. When she was done, she stopped and coaxed me onto my back.

She knelt with my legs pressed between hers as she clicked a button on a remote by the bed.

“Ronny’s in Hawaii but I gave him permission to watch,” was the only explanation she offered as a camera in the ceiling blinked on. Ron’s gorgeous tanned face came on the flat-screen monitor above the bed. He was dressed in a tailored three-piece suit and was sitting behind a mahogany desk.

“Hello Mistress, may I have permission to join you?”

She carefully watched my face to see if I objected, but I didn’t. The idea of my hero watching Sofia fuck me sent an instant hot rush of wetness to my cunt. The silky beads in my ass made the sensation even more intense and deep as if everything inside of me was full and pulsing towards climax.

I tried to wriggle my hips, but she held my legs tight with her thighs as she crawled up to slowly grind her pussy against my belly. There was something feline about her as if she were an ancient Egyptian queen purring on a golden sphinx. I wanted to be inside of her; I wanted her juicy clit on my tongue.

But she held me captive as she picked up her riding crop and stood up to straddle me. Her burnished skin glowed in the soft light, highlighting the sweet pink lips between her legs.

“Ronnie, don’t move a muscle unless I say so, I’ll be watching.”

She gazed at the camera, cracked the crop against her open palm and knelt again, this time spreading my legs and bending my knees up. She pushed three fingers into my cunt and slid the slippery wetness over my clit in one move as she dipped down to lightly nip at my nipples; the tingle shot straight from my breasts to my belly. The knuckles on her fingers twisted and pumped until there were four fingers inside, curving back to hit the sweet spot.

“Oh, fuck.” My pussy pulsed and contracted as I ground my hips against her palm.

I closed my eyes as I started to cum, and just as the juicy orgasm flowed from my pussy she slowly slid the beads out, each one sending shock waves of unbearable pleasure between my ass and clit. Everything was connected and hot with intense ticklish ripples.

I sat up as the last bead and her fingers slid out of me.

“No, please!”

I tried to reach down to touch my clit but she pinned my arms at my sides prolonging the orgasm as my body took over. I leaned back to spread my legs towards Ron and as the movement stretched open my pussy, the last wave quivered over me. I collapsed back on the pillows.

“Good things come to those who wait, sweet Kitten,” she whispered into my ear as her nipples grazed mine.

She turned towards her husband who was still watching us, motionless on the screen. A fine sheen of sweat beaded his skin, and he was visibly trying not to breathe heavily.

“You can move now and I expect you here by 5 am sharp.” She snapped off the remote connection and grabbed my hand.

“Let’s shower before dinner, Kitten. I have a few more things to teach you.”

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