The Receiving End

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Photo by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski on Unsplash

I enjoy being on the receiving end. I give you so much. All the time.

I do it because I love you. But sometimes, mama needs to be taken care of.

I’m always working hard to get you off. It’s my turn now. I’m going to relax and enjoy being served for a change.

Open me up like a mailbox. You’re the mailman, bring me your delivery.

I want your package. I’m opening wide so I can receive it.

I love being on the receiving end.

One package, two opened ports available to receive your delivery.

I’m lying on my back, naked. Just the way you like me.

My head is hanging off of the bed.

My mouth is open, ready for your delivery.

I’ll be pulling, swallowing, sucking, and licking your fat cock.

Mmmmmmmmmm taste testing. That’s nice.

Bring that cock to me, baby.

My mouth is ready to be on the receiving end.

You taste so good to me.

Now that you’re done with my mouth, I’m ready to receive you again.

You really know how to serve a gal.

I’m so hot for you right now. Pull my ass towards you.

My pussy awaits you. I’m ready to receive.

Ooooo, your cock is so fat.

My pussy is so wet now. Sucking your cock makes my pussy so hot.

Mr. Mailman, please bring me all of your deliveries.

I’m ready to receive.

Fuck me harder. Harder. I’m enjoying how you’re serving me.

Your cock feels so good. I feel you growing inside of me.

I know it’s time for you to cum.

Since you’re still serving me, fill me with your cum.

I’m your receptacle, waiting to receive the last delivery.

Bring yourself back around to my face.

Put your cock in my mouth.

I need to get the last drops of cum, because I love to be on the receiving end.

Thanks so much for reading. Stay sexy, my friends.

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