Sexual Abyss

22 sec read

I want to read your skin like Braille

I run my fingers

over your hidden meanings

tactile secrets on the map

of your skin, bumps raised

our Braille system we read

between you and I,

voices whisper

telling of your past

as I mark you in this present

fingernails scrape, dragging

your thrusts accentuate

punctuate my pause

in claiming your back

as my new territory

your teeth bite down

finding the sweet treat

of my shoulder meat

as I scream giving in

to this ecstasy induced wave

cause a continual cascade

let’s be each other’s communion

taste me, eat me, be in me,

I’ll kneel in front of your altar

as my pussy devours your pledge

remember it as you plunge

into our sexual abyss.

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