Innocent Intentions

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From a young age, I’ve always had a high curiosity about sex. I wanted to know everything about it: the ups and downs, the ins and outs (no pun intended). My prized possession then was a set of Anne Hooper’s pocket-sized Kama Sutra manuals. I read them constantly and even practiced alone. It was my form of yoga before it was even a trend. Looking at them daily made me comfortable with seeing nudity and helped me develop a maturity about the topic. I spoke about my fascination with sex so often, I became the go-to girl my school mates turned to for sex advice. Little did they know, I could count on a negative number of fingers how many sexual partners I really had in my so-called past.

I was 18 years old and still hadn’t gotten my hymen broken by an actual penis. But I’d already had countless orgasms by myself. To me, that was more of a qualification for budding sexuality than a penetrated vagina. I defined my sexuality through pleasure, not pain. I still do to this day.

Although I enjoyed looking at those heterosexual positions, I wasn’t interested in acting them out with boys. When I looked at the photos, I actually imagined what they felt like with another girl. Sadly, there were no manuals for such things, none that were within my reach anyway. My imagination was all I had to make it happen.

My classmate, Erica, lived next door. The houses in our neighborhood were large but built extremely close together. Our bedroom windows faced each other, and since we didn’t have cell phones yet, we both kept a cup of pebbles on the sill to gain one another’s attention.

Erica and I had known each other since middle school. I’d kept her up many nights as I practiced my violin until the wee hours of the morning. I’d seen her bust her ass countless times, doing cartwheels and handsprings on the rug, practicing cheerleading. We watched each other grow up right through the windows.

Lately, I’d caught myself watching her more and more. I thought about her sometimes when I was doing my yoga sessions, how her body would feel against mine. But I didn’t quite know how to ask such a thing, unless the time was right and the mood was set.

My chance finally came around when my parents decided to go out of town for Valentine’s Day weekend. They trusted me with company, just as long as I didn’t let any boys in the house. So I asked if I could have Erica over while they were gone, for company. Her Dad also had plans that weekend, so he was happy to give his permission. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Friday night, we ordered pizza and rented a video from Blockbuster. This was the stone age version of our modern day Netflix and chill. What better film to drop hints of my innocent intentions than Cruel Intentions? I had created the perfect atmosphere.

Erica and I immediately started talking about the girl on girl kissing scene.

“Do you think kissing a girl would be different to kissing a boy?” she asked, casually sipping from her Surge can.

“I wouldn’t know,” I replied. I kept my eyes on her for a while until her eyes met mine… “Do you want to try it?”

Erica nodded shyly and leaned in. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes. She almost missed my lips because she closed her eyes, too. I held her face in position, then kissed her gently. Every time she opened her mouth, I opened mine. I sneaked my tongue in her mouth and slowly massaged her tongue with mine just like Sarah Michelle Gellar said to. Then, she leaned in and bit my bottom lip. I heard myself moan. I’d never felt that sexy nibble feeling on my lip before. I felt my pussy tighten when she did it, so I did it back. I learned quickly what turned her on, because of what she did to me.

Heat and hormones rushed through us like wildfire. Our kissing got more intimate as I played with her neck. I traced her collarbone softly as she pulled me closer. Soon, she was on her back with her legs wrapped around my waist. I pressed my pussy to hers, deliberately thrusting my hips. I could feel her warmth through her tiny shorts. I was so wet at this point, I felt like I was already nearing climax.

“You feel so good,” she whispered as I kissed her neck and fondled her breasts. “Have you done this before?”

“No,” I replied nervously. “This is my first time, you’re my first.”

She stopped abruptly and sat us both up. “This isn’t right,” she said. “Your first time should be…”

“With a guy?” I interrupted.

“No,” she smiled, biting my lip again. “On a bed.”

I smiled and kissed her softly. I took her by the hand, and led her upstairs to my room. I lit some strawberry scented candles on my dresser, turned the radio on to the smooth R&B station, and turned off the lights.

I’ll never forget the way she looked, undressing in the candlelight, how she walked boldly to me, how her skin felt on mine, the sounds she made when we kissed. This was the first time I was intimate with anyone, feeling breasts other than my own. The soft hips of another girl on my fingers. One would think such old memories would fade over time. Truthfully, I still think of this night, even now.

She pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me. We were completely naked now, skin to skin, pussy to pussy. She dug her hips deeply into me, anchoring her body with her elbows. Her wetness felt incredible! I could feel her warm juices flow between my thighs with each press. I suddenly got the urge to see what such warmth tasted like.

I pulled her close, then rolled her over on her back. I kissed her lips again, and whispered, “Would it be okay if I kissed you somewhere else?”

She shivered a little, then said yes, in the sexiest way I’ve ever heard it spoken.

I kissed her neck softly, then slid down her body. “Spread your legs, beautiful,” I smiled.

I kissed her thighs as she moved them apart. I ran my tongue slowly up and down, letting her lips open naturally to my touch. Then, I tasted where her clit was. It was hard and slippery, eager for stimulation.

I kissed her clit softly, then sucked on it like a piece of candy. She moaned delightedly as her wetness dripped down my lips. I licked inward and in between, up and down, then round and round, until her hips were shaking. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly. Her breath grew heavy. Her lips quivered, only letting soft moans escape. I sucked her clit a little harder, moving my head in rapid circles, until I felt little rhythmic quakes on my tongue. She let out a long groan of pleasure as my mouth stayed pressed on the source of her pounding.

I licked up her delicious juices and savored the scent of her pussy. I felt the essence of her blossoming womanhood, literally right in my face. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.

Then, inspiration hit me. I wanted to see if I could make her cum again, in a different way. I sat up and lifted Erica’s leg over my shoulder, grinding slowly on her pussy. It felt unusual at first, but I kept mentally imagining how she felt, what felt good to her. It was easier than I imagined. I just kept pressing and grinding her pussy with mine until I felt those tremors rumble between her legs. I kissed her ankles softly, then let her leg down.

Suddenly, Erica took charge of me. She pushed me back, and draped my legs over her shoulders. She started kissing my pussy softly and drawing figure eights up and down my slit with her tongue. I was so close to the edge, then she slipped her middle finger inside me. She couldn’t quite go all the way in, but it felt amazing, sliding in and out as she licked my clit.

“Oh wow,” she whispered. “This really is your first time… let’s break you open.”

Erica slid a second finger in and curved up to an area inside me I’d never reached. I felt a pop within me, then a slight sting of pain. I yelped as my hips shuddered over her face. Then she went deeper, slowly sliding in and up. She whirled her tongue harder as she continued to fuck me slowly.

“God, you are so tight,” she whispered sexily.

I moaned louder, feeling my entire body twist and wind up. Then suddenly, I felt an internal explosion detonate from my pelvis. I ground my hips up to her face, welcoming the deep throbbing pulses as I screamed in ecstasy. Her fingers started flicking rapidly inside me, hitting this unknown button of joy from within my walls.

She kissed my pussy softly as she gently slid her fingers out of me. I felt my wetness leak between my thighs as she licked my clit again. She made me cum repeatedly until we were both drenched in sweat, bodies shaking in pleasure.

It was morning by the time we finished playing with each other. This was the first time I awoke to another woman in my bed. Somehow I wound up sleeping on her stomach, facing her feet, with her hand resting on my ass. Seeing her pussy right in my face made me horny all over again.

I slid down carefully while she was still sleeping and kissed between her thighs. I lifted her leg over my neck and started licking her pussy softly, swiveling my head inward as my tongue slid from side to side. I remembered that she liked having her clit sucked rather than licked. So, I suctioned my lips around it and suckled her clit until I could taste it erect on my tongue.

She moaned softly, eyes still closed, but now she was biting her lips sexily. I woke her up completely when she came on my face, thighs gripping, hips shaking. When she finally opened her eyes, she looked at me in a way no other person had. Her face gleamed in seduction, eyes squinted in passion, her body glowed with a radiant sexual aura. Needless to say, we continued fucking until noon. Then, lay there kissing for hours with no hurry to get dressed. It was the culmination of my sexual awakening.

When school started again, I heard that Erica broke up with her boyfriend. Things between us got even hotter and heavier. We had one of those romances I’ve only seen in films years later. We fell in love, truly and deeply.

We only grew apart when she went off to college and I joined the military. But we kept in touch for as long as we could, until the inevitable silence of years to come.

I wonder if she knows how incredible that experience was for me, how it shaped the foundation of my sexuality, and how proud I was that she was my first. I wonder if she ever thinks of me. I assume so and hope just the same. After all, you never quite forget your first love.

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