The Marriage Saver: I’m The Clean Up Woman

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You call me a home wrecker. He calls me his marriage saver.

I do all of the things you won’t do, you don’t like to do, or you don’t desire to do anymore.

The honeymoon’s been over. For years you have both been miserable. The beautiful children came that you required to make your life and marriage complete, and out the door went your love life and private time.

He’s settled for being the number 2, 3, or 4 in your life now. The mother in you caters to the children so much that there is nothing left for your man. He misses your touch. He misses your concern. He’s human and simply wants to be loved.

You don’t desire his touch.

You turn your back to him at night.

You hurry to bed and fall asleep so you don’t have to fuck. He knows the drill.

Your pussy is a has-been. A used-to-be. An afterthought. Your man quietly jerks off underneath the bed sheets next to you a few nights a week as you sleep.

After a hard day’s work, he’s lucky to get a hello. You dislike him, and he dislikes you. But you’re married, and the kids need both parents. You are hanging on by a thin string now.

You’ve forgotten about him and his needs and desires. You’re busy being the soccer mom, looking for the next thing to spend his hard-earned money on. You’re too focused on planning family vacations, but when you’re out for date night you’re scrolling your Facebook timeline instead of talking to your man. Sure you feel like you’ve arrived, but he regrets the day he started the journey.

It’s been long, he’s lonely, and he yearns for your affections.

Yes, you’ve forgotten about your man, but he hasn’t forgotten about himself.

You don’t take care of his needs, but I will. I gladly clean up your mess.

You have forsaken your wifely duties in the bedroom. The duty that matters most to him.

That’s where I come in. I am the clean up woman. The one who gets all the lovin’ you leave behind.

When he calls me, I answer.

Whatever he wants, I’m here to deliver.

He needs his feet rubbed while he talks to me about how hard his work day was? I’m there.

He wants his dick sucked until he cums, because you don’t like to do it. I got it, no problem.

We watch porn together, you’re too sanctified to stoop to such lows. He loves watching it, and I love watching it with him.

He loves seeing me naked. I love getting naked for him. You’re always covered.

He loves eating my pussy, and I love for him to eat it too. Some days it’s all he has for lunch because you don’t bother to make him any.

I love being fucked by your man doggy style, just because you don’t like it. It makes him feel like a man. That’s all he really wants.

Your man loves my natural breasts, my beautiful skin, my hair and my thighs. I love his strong arms — used to support you and your family — his brilliant mind, and his nice toned abs. He works out a lot to reduce stress when you won’t and I can’t fuck him.

I’m never too tired to fuck him. Anytime, anywhere, any place. I fuck him at his place of employment. I fuck him in his car. I fuck him at the park. We fuck at the movies. We fuck in hotels, we fuck in gas station bathrooms, and we fuck on the beach some late nights. He makes time to fuck me.

When he is sitting across from you on date night while you’re on your phone, his mind is a million miles away, thinking of me. He regrets settling down with you, but the damage is already done. He has to make the best of this situation called your marriage. I help him keep his marriage together.

I am a giver. I am a pleaser. I am a delivery woman of pleasure. I am his savior.

If it were not for me, you would not have a husband. I give him everything he misses at home, and he appreciates me.

I use my natural gifts to care for him. What gifts are those, you ask?

I gift him my mind, my body and my soul.

I use my mind to listen and understand what he needs, what he wants, and what he lacks. It helps me to serve him better. I use my mind to help make his life worth living, to keep the wheels on his wagon, and to bring sanity to the insane.

I use my body to satisfy his carnal needs. I let him have his way with me. I know what a man wants, and I know what a man needs. And while he’s not mines, it does not mean I can’t aid in his care. There is enough of him to go around.

I am an empath, and I use my soul to connect with your man’s soul. I act as his doctor, absorbing the negativity from your marriage, ensuring he comes home happy and whole again. I am the converter of negative energy into positive energy. I take all the love you leave behind.

His body belongs to you, but his mind and his cock belong to me. I’ll take really good care of them for you, as it appears these things are now too much for you to handle.

I can’t wait to see him. He brings me flowers, and sometimes we have private dinners. Our time is our time, and I am fine with that.

All of his friends have clean up women. We are saving marriages every day, and making America great again.

Want me and women like me to stop cleaning your messes? Fuck more. Suck more. Hug more.

Don’t blame me for fucking him. Blame yourself for neglecting to fuck him. But you don’t have to. I’ll always be here to pick up your slack. I’m on standby.

My mouth stays open, my ass stays open, my legs stay open, and my pussy is ALWAYS open for his pleasure just in case you fall off. He knows you’re insincere and can stop putting out at any time, so he keeps me on the ready.

You don’t have to thank me. Your man comes by regularly and thanks me for you.

That’s where I come in. I am the clean up woman. The one who gets all the lovin you leave behind. 

I’m Marley K and I write the truth. And sometimes that shit hurts!

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