Oral sex show: eating ain’t cheating?

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I’ve never thought of eating pussy as a spectator sport. To see what’s going on, you have to get so close you might as well join in, right? It’s not like sucking cock, which if done well — and I always do it well — can be appreciated from across the room, plenty of head bobbing and noisy slurping, stroking and licking and moaning, to create a riveting spectacle. Eating pussy is intimate; it’s all about the harmony of fingers and tongue, listening to her breathing and adjusting by tiny increments to hit the perfect spot that drives her wild.

Still, my fuckbuddy Evan seems to be getting off on watching me kissing Annie, tasting her hot lips; and I’m getting a thrill out of being watched with my hands all over her beautiful breasts. Evan’s flippant remark that watching us kiss hello is the closest thing to a live lesbian sex show he’s ever seen has somehow led to us giving him the private show of his dreams. Welcome to my crazy life.

Annie has a boyfriend, but she’s of the opinion that eating ain’t cheating. As far as I’m concerned, she’s welcome to live by any set of random half-baked rules she chooses, so long as it makes her happy. Soon I’ll discover that Annie also believes eating my pussy while Evan’s cock is inside it ain’t cheating either, which pleases me — and him — immeasurably.

For now, I’m concentrating on those perfect-handful breasts, unbuttoning her shirt and slipping my fingers inside her bra to stroke and pinch her nipples, making her moan softly. She’s come straight from work, and her secretary-chic outfit — sheer blouse, tight pencil skirt, high heels — makes me want to ravage her. We make a rather elegant trio, as Evan and I are dressed up ready to go to dinner. What fun it will be to get them both dishevelled and dirty.

I slide Annie’s shirt off her shoulders along with her bra straps, and suck her nipples, feeling them stiffen under my tongue. That’s not all that’s stiffening; Evan is shifting around in his chair, a big goofy smile on his face. Inching Annie’s skirt up her thighs, I discover she’s not wearing panties, and ease her legs apart so Evan gets a good look at her pretty pussy before I plunge my face in there. She has just the kind of pussy I like best, a neat little “innie” with smooth, plump lips, a dark, trimmed strip of pubes adorning her silky mound. I peel her lips open and see her pink folds already glistening, her pussy hole creamy and succulent.

I get more pleasure from giving than receiving when it comes to oral; getting eaten out is only ever the prelude to penetration — unless you’re my Real Life Mr Pussy — as clitoral orgasms just make me crave a good hard G-spot pounding. But licking another girl’s pussy until she’s squealing and shuddering and begging for mercy, now that gets me hot.

Annie is nicely responsive, moaning a little louder as I stroke my tongue delicately over her clit, gauging how hard she likes the pressure. I lap and suck gently until I feel her relaxing under my touch, thighs splaying open involuntarily, head lolling back. She’s getting really wet, and I wrap my hands under her thighs and pull her to the edge of her chair, flattening my tongue over her clit more forcefully, coaxing her to a state of trembling readiness.

I know she’s all but forgotten Evan, too immersed in chasing her own pleasure, but I want him to get a show he’ll never forget, so I pull her down onto the thick, fluffy rug, undressing her completely, but leaving her heels on because I like how long they make her sexy legs look. Naked, she’s Aphrodite incarnate, all soft curves and silky skin. I spread her out on her back, knees high and wide, and slide a finger inside her pussy. She’s so hot and wet. I add a second, hooking them forward, and lick her clit, and it electrifies her. She starts humping up, mashing her pussy against my face, seeking more pressure, and I know I’ve got her exactly where I want her.

She’s a flexible girl — we take a yoga class together, so I know she can handle it as I pin her legs right back over her head, leaving her pussy pointing skyward, splayed open and exposed. It’s my favorite position to get eaten in, an exquisitely obscene display, and it means Evan gets an unobstructed view of her crotch, lips puffy and flushed now, spread open like a flower in bloom, slippery-wet with her juice. I spread her further open with my fingertips, swiping at her clit to make her gasp and cry out, and then I slide two fingers from each hand inside her, dancing them around as I lick her clit harder. Wetness is pouring out and she’s rocking up to meet my face, grinding on my mouth, bucking and shaking and begging incoherently as I lead her to the edge and back off… once… twice… three times; then push her over the precipice.

An orgasm that powerful takes a few moments to recover from, so I turn my attention to Evan as Annie catches her breath. He’s unzipped his pants and shoved his hand inside, but rather sweetly has waited to be invited to get his cock out, which seems heroically restrained under the circumstances. I want to see his gorgeous cock, and help him out of his shoes and pants rapidly, his powerful erection springing free as his shorts hit the floor. No need to be delicate and gentle with him, I know exactly how he likes it, and the sheen of pre-cum over the head of his cock tells me he’s more than ready as I lick it just enough to get it wet all over, then wrap my lips around it and swallow it down.

Suddenly Annie’s beside me, fully revived, fingers entwining with mine around the root of Evan’s cock, tongue lapping at his shaft and my lips, desperate to get a taste. I pull my mouth off him with a pop, and offer it to Annie; she sucks it wetly and with lots of appreciative noises, then passes it back. We lick it in unison, taking a side each, painting a wet stripe up from the base, tongues meeting around the head. I stick my fingers back in Annie’s saturated slit as we kiss around Evan’s cock, the lingering taste of her pussy supplanted by his vibrant tang on my tongue. I love to suck cock and I’d happily share Evan’s cumload with Annie, but there’s something else she wants first.

“I’ve never seen a live sex show either,” she purrs in my ear. “Can I watch him fuck you?”

Suits me; I’m the only one still dressed but it only takes a moment for them to peel off my wrap dress and sticky panties. Like Annie, I keep my heels on, enjoying the slutty feeling of near-nakedness.

Evan lies on his back so I can straddle him in reverse cowgirl. I stir his cock around in the wetness gathered at the opening of my pussy and start to sink down slowly, but it’s a tight squeeze with no foreplay to open me up. I lean back on my hands, exposing the snug juncture where his cock enters me, and Annie’s tongue eases the way, bathing his shaft and my folds with warm saliva as I wriggle down until he’s sheathed all the way inside me. That feeling! That perfect moment of union, as I’m utterly filled and stretched, is what drives me crazy. And it’s made all the more intense by Annie’s tongue strumming my clit, finding a blissful rhythm.

Sparks of pleasure radiate out from my sweet spot as the press and pulse of Evan’s cock inside me finds an answering pressure in Annie’s hypnotic licking, my arousal building from a steady glow to an explosion of sensation. I move into a squat, balanced on my heels and hanging on to Annie for support as I ride up and down the full length of Evan’s dick, his pole growing slippery and moving easily in and out now.

Annie pulls back a little to watch, getting the pornographic show she wanted — my pussy gripping Evan’s thick cock, glossing it with my juice, pale pink folds and deeper pink shaft slick and shiny, pistoning together. Evan gives her quite a performance, holding still for me to rise and fall on him with a flex of my thighs, then gripping my hips to keep me steady as he slams up into me, fast and slow, fast and slow, an impressive display of stamina that feels insanely good.

My gasps reach a crescendo and Annie moves closer again, holding me up, the knuckles of one hand grinding over my clit. Evan thrusts up into me and I’m cumming wildly around his cock, Annie’s fingers closing around my nipple, pinching and twisting.

We sink to the floor together, sticky and sweaty, Evan’s cock still moving in and out of me slowly. I’m impressed he hasn’t cum yet, and if eating really ain’t cheating, the way we’re sprawled on the rug in spoons now seems like the perfect position for Annie’s tongue to tend to us both…

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