Banana Cream

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I’m sitting at the table having my cardio-friendly breakfast of bananas and milk. I’m bored, spacing out, dreading my upcoming leg day. She comes into the kitchen and starts talking to me, but I’m not paying attention. I’m still sleepy, slowly nibbling on my bowl of heinous nutritional content. She gets slightly annoyed and pushes my bowl out of the way. She hops up on the table and spreads her legs right in front of me.

I am now awake, alert, and giving her my undivided attention. Her pussy is creaming wet, robe open, breasts out. She takes a banana from the fruit bowl and peels it. I kiss her knees softly, trailing my lips up her thighs. She stops me before I get too close to her pussy.

She takes the fresh banana and slowly eases it inside herself, then pulls my face towards it. The mere view of this instantly gets me hot. My chest tightens in arousal as I watch her gleaming cunt hold this fruity shaft in place. I lick the half of the banana sticking out of her pussy and move my way up to her engorged clit. Her skin quivers.

“That’s it,” she whispers naughtily, “eat it… eat it all!”

I lick my lips and carefully bite off pieces of the banana until I reach her pussy lips. Then I gently push the fruit left inside her in and out with my tongue. I trail my tongue up her slit and suck her clit gently as I swallow the remaining fruit left in my mouth. It’s warm and sweet, even tastier mixed in with her juices. The rest of the banana slowly oozes out as her pussy tightens. I eat the last of it, then squeeze my tongue inside her again, licking within her delicious walls to get every morsel out. Her hot swollen lips throb on my mouth as I press my face closer.

She thrusts her hips up and down, sliding her clit over my tongue. I pull her thighs close, making her lie back on the table. I suck her clit harder, flicking the tip of my tongue rapidly. I aim my tongue right under her clit and tap it lightly. She starts shaking and moaning sexily. I suck her clit firmly again until it throbs deeply in my mouth. I savor her sweet nectar and keep my tongue over her thumping clit until she stops shaking.

I slide my lips up her quivering pussy and lick her again, slowly, softly circling with the tip of my tongue. I lick the same spot until I taste her clit erect between my lips. Her slit is leaking, drenching my chin in her sweet cream. I tease her pussy, circling my lips around her trembling flesh. Then, I whirl the tip of my tongue on it, pressing my face closer. At this point, she is shivering, screaming in pleasure, begging me to let her cum.

I ease my fingers inside her and curve them to her G-spot. I flick my fingers in a slow punching motion, making her gasp. Then, I suck her clit again, following the rhythm of my fingers. She cums quickly, gripping her own thighs so tight, she leaves red indentions on her skin. I gently suck out her remaining climax, then ease my fingers out of her.

I kiss up her stomach and pull her off the table to straddle my lap on the chair. She kisses me passionately, gripping my face and neck. I caress her back and press my pussy to hers, so she can feel how wet I am through my leggings.

She stands me up and kneels on the ground. She pulls my pants down just enough to cradle her chin as she licks and sucks my pussy. I have my ass clenched tight, standing on the tips of my toes, following the gentle motion of her tongue. I grip her hair with both hands, fucking her face as she sucks my clit harder. My stomach flexes as the intensity grows inside me. She suctions her soft lips to my clit as I smother her face, staying in a sweet yet painful position until my pussy throbs menacingly in her mouth.

As soon as I reach my climax, she gets up quickly, pushes me against the wall, and fingers the life out of me. She makes me cum again in mere seconds. She has her hand to my throat, kissing me fiercely. Then, she looks deep in my eyes as she slowly loosens her grip. We are lost in a moment of silent intensity, warm breath, and pure lust. She smiles wickedly. Then, she licks my lips playfully and lets me go.

She giggles on the way to the bedroom, knowing good and well I am no longer leaving. Truthfully, I was thinking about skipping today anyway. Right now, I would much rather work out that pussy than my legs.

I take my bowl with me as I follow her down the hallway. She spreads out on the bed and curls her finger at me, telling me to come to her. I kick my half-masted pants off and straddle her waist. She unzips my top, revealing my breasts, and softly sucks my nipples.

I lay her down and slowly pour milk over her skin. I slurp it off and lick down the middle of her body. I pour a little more out on her stomach and let it drip across her waist. I nibble her hips, then move her thighs apart. I spread her pussy lips open with my fingers and trickle some milk down her pussy. I have my tongue out under it, ready to drink it down. I take one of the banana slices and carefully place it on her clit. Then, I slide it slowly around with my tongue until it disintegrates. I suck the rest of it into my mouth, then replace it with another. Every piece, meant to tease her senseless.

By the time I am down to the last slice, her pussy is swollen, pink, and quivering. She is cursing loudly as I slowly slide the last slice up and down her clit. I open her lips wider with my thumbs and gently lick the banana slice inside her. Her wetness streams it right back out into my mouth. It’s so hot, wet, and creamy. Her fevered cunt has cooked it into a form of Bananas Foster, basted with pussy juice. The taste is unimaginably delectable.

I start slurping her clit, circling my tongue torturously slowly, taking my time, building her up to a tremendous explosion. I suck her clit gently, then suddenly thrust three fingers inside her. She breathes as if exasperated, shaking like crazy, holding my wrist close to fuck her deeper. When I see that she is aching for release, no longer able to hold back, I suck her clit firmly in a rapid circular motion, making her entire body abruptly convulse in climax.

I keep my fingers inside her, softly massaging her G-spot until she calms down. I kiss her pussy gently, then slowly let my fingers out of her. I rest my head on her stomach a moment, still feeling pulses thump through her skin.

“Fuck,” she sighs, wiping sweat off her face. “Holy fuck…”

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