The Leather Man

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We were spending the summer in a quaint New England town, because we were sick of LA. Our summer house was on a big pond that everybody called Cranberry Lake. There were cranberries on an island in the middle of the pond that we could go pick in the row boat. It was delightful, and I thought that Lexy and I could really use this time to reconnect as a couple.

Little did I know that she was going to fall in love with an S&M enthusiast.

The first weekend we were there we walked into town for the farmers market. I was sampling delicious peaches and apples, when I noticed Lexy off in the corner of the market at a leather maker’s stand.

“Look at these great belts,” she said, when I went over, but she was hardly looking at the belts. She was looking at the bearded man behind the stand, who was grimly pounding away at a piece of leather with a wooden hammer. I could tell he fascinated Lexy. He was about fifty, I guess, but he was in great shape. All that hammering. And he wore different leather products that he obviously made, a little brown leather vest, and some black leather pants.

“I wonder if he could make me a pair of leather pants,” she asked me, again in that absent tone, as she stared at him hammering.

After a while she got up her nerve to ask him, and he said he could, but that we’d have to come out to his shop next week to get measured.

So the date was set.

Now we were sitting in his workshop in an old farmhouse, where he had all kinds of tools for cutting and shaping leather. It smelled like hide. It almost knocked you out, the odor of the cow.

“You’ll have to take your jeans off to get measured,” he said. “If that’s OK?”

“Of course,” said Lexy, and she pulled her pants off and stood before him. He took a tape measure and wrapped it around her waist. I watched from a comfortable chair — leather of course — as he wrote down the measurement, then measured from her hip down to the foot, and wrote down the number again. Finally, he put the measuring tape around the upper part of her thigh, very close to her panties.

“You’re in good shape,” he grunted. “Not an ounce of fat on you.”

“Thanks,” my wife said, as he held the tape around her thigh. Then she added, “You’re not so bad yourself.”

“You shouldn’t flirt like that,” he said. “With your husband right there.”

“He doesn’t mind,” Lexy said. “In fact he likes it, don’t you Joshua?”

“Yes,” I said. “I like it very much.”

“I see,” said the leather man. His name was Arthur by the way. He put the tape measure down, took a long look at me, then at her.

“I think I get the picture,” he said. “You’re not really interested in leather pants, are you?”

“Of course we are,” my wife said. “But…we might be interested in other stuff, too.”

“Other stuff?”

“Well,” my wife said. “I see you make some very interesting whips, and other things. Maybe we’d be interested in those.”

“You want to buy some whips?”

“Or maybe just get some…demonstrations…you know. I see a lot of ropes and things on the walls. And some chains, too. I mean, I think we’re interested in all of those things. You know, you showing me…this whole world, of leather, and stuff…”

She bit her lip and looked at him with a sexy smile.

“Can I put my jeans back on now?”

He nodded.

She got in her jeans, and he wrote her up a bill.

“And about the other thing you inquired about,” he said. “It would require your complete…submission to me. Are you ready for that?”

Lexy looked at me, a little nervous. Then she bravely said, “I think I am.”

He looked at me.

“Him too,” he said. “Complete submission.”

“Oh, I’m not into being tied up and so on,” I said. “It’s Lexy that’s curious. But…I’m just not the dominating type, so, in fact we’ve been searching around for someone to explore this with. I just like to watch.”

“Uh uh,” he said, shaking his head. “I’ve dealt with husbands who want to watch. They think they want to watch, but then, when things get started, they freak out. So that’s why I’ve learned the hard way. I have to restrain you. So when things get intense, you don’t freak out. It’s for your own good, see?”

I gulped.

“Well, as long as there’s no pain involved, I mean…”

“You’ll have to wear a butt plug,” he said.

“Oh fuck no,” I said. “I’m not wearing a butt plug.”

“Suit yourself,” he said, handing my wife the bill. “The pants will be ready next Thursday. You can let me know then if you want the other…”

“Thank you, Arthur,” Lexy said. And then she laid a little kiss on him, lingering with her mouth around his bearded lips for about ten seconds. I don’t know if she gave him tongue or not. But some intimacy had been established. Things were in motion.

I was against the whole thing after that talk about the butt plug. Lexy didn’t push it. I started thinking about it, though, and soon the idea started to turn me on: me naked, being tied up by the leather man. He puts a butt plug in me. He ties my hands above my head. And then I have to watch as he ties my wife up, and has his way with her.

“I’m in!” I said to Lexy, the day we were going to drive out to his house to pick up the leather pants.

“You sure you don’t mind about the butt plug?”

“Not at all. If that’s the price of admission to watching you get tied up and dominated for the first time in your life, I’ll pay.”


She put on something she thought was S&Mish, a short black skirt, goth makeup, and a tight blouse, with a dramatic pair of black shoes with about a three inch heel.

“You excited?” I asked, as we headed up the hill toward the farmhouse where his workshop was.

“Very,” she said. “Feel.”

She pulled my hand between her legs. She was not wearing panties. She was very moist and swampy in there.

“What about you?” she asked.

“Same,” I said, and I took her hand and put it on my crotch, which had half an erection just from the anticipation of all this.

We got to the workshop and greeted Arthur.

“I’m going to take Josh into the dungeon first, and get him set up,” he said.


“Well, that’s what I call it, but it’s really just a basement.”

“OK,” I said.

“And then I’m going to come and discuss everything with you, Lexy. We’ll talk about a safe word, and a safe gesture, that you can use if you feel uncomfortable at any time, OK?”

My wife nodded.

“For this first time,” he said, “It’s going to just be getting to know each other. And you learning to trust me. Maybe we’ll play with some candles. There won’t be any beating.”

“Aww,” she said.

“Trust me,” he said. “You’re going to enjoy yourself. And so is Josh. Now come with me, Josh.”

He brought me down into the basement, where there was a bed in the middle of the cold dank room. And there were ropes and chains attached to various places on the walls, the floor, the ceiling. He told me to take off my clothes. Then he came up behind me and slipped the butt plug in me.

“It’s really just symbolic,” he said. “It’s not gay. It just means that I’m in charge here, and you agree to that.”

I nodded.

Then he attached ropes to my wrists and to my legs. He went over to the wall and pulled on some kind of pulley contraption and before I knew it I was being lifted off the ground. I found myself suspended over the bed, face down, about ten feet above the bed, legs and arms spread eagled in the air. He put another rope around my torso to relieve the pressure on my arms and I felt actually pretty comfortable up there — it was like an awesome yoga pose. He disappeared and in a while he came back with my wife.

She now had these straps around her wrists and her legs and she was wearing a blindfold. He lay her down on the bed and strapped her arms to the wall, and then with the straps above her heels he attached a little device that held her legs up in the air. It was like a little swing, really, that her legs were attached to. And since she had no underwear on, I could see her pussy exposed, from my perch above her, on the ceiling. I felt almost like a spider, it was bizarre.

Then he left the room.

After a few minutes Lexy started laughing and asked how she looked down there. I told her she looked sexy. She looked up at me with the blindfold on and said, “You’re really right there, above me, looking down? How does it feel?”

“Exciting,” I said.

It was true, I had a hard on like never before, and I realized why — it was the force of gravity. Being hung upside down like that was sending all the blood to my cock, and even though I couldn’t masturbate, I was being stimulated by the butt plug, and almost felt like I was going to ejaculate down onto my wife, I was so turned on.

Then the real party started.

Arthur came back into the room, carrying a few thick multi colored candles. He put them down on the table next to the bed, and he unshackled my wife’s legs and her arms. Then he told her how beautiful she was, as he got on the bed next to her and started kissing her mouth tenderly.

This was quite an experience. I was directly above, looked down at my blindfolded wife, as Arthur and she made out passionately right beneath me. He pulled up her skirt so I could see her pussy clearly now, as she thrust her pelvis up and down as he caressed her. Then he told her to turn around and get on all fours on the bed. He pulled her skirt up to her mid section so her ass was completely exposed now.

He grabbed a candle and he let some wax drip onto her buttocks. She let out a little gasp. Then he lovingly poured another few drops of wax onto her other butt cheek.

She gasped again, but she was writhing her pelvis more now, in obvious pleasure. He blew gently on the drips of wax that were painting her lovely ass, and they hardened. Then he gently slapped each patch of hardened wax on her butt. She let out a little yelp each time. And the wax fell away from her ass, leaving it beautifully naked again.

He turned her around and removed her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so now her large breasts were going to receive the drippings. He poured yellow wax down her breasts. Then he poured green wax, and finally red wax. She was like an abstract painting now, so sexy beneath me, and she put her hand down to her pussy to masturbate as he poured the wax on her.

“No no,” he said, and he took her hand away.

Then he went down and he began stroking her pussy, and he put his mouth on it and started eating her. He produced a slim vibrator, which he put in her ass. My wife was moaning like crazy, and I could tell she was about to cum, when suddenly he stopped and pulled out the vibrator and stopped licking her pussy.

“Please,” she begged. “Please don’t stop!”

But he was teasing her.

“Tell me that I’m your master.”

“You’re my master,” she breathed.

“Tell me that I own you.”

“You own me,” she begged. “Now please make me cum.”

He licked her some more, and put the vibrator in her ass again. She cried, oh, oh, oh, and was about to cum when suddenly he stopped again.

“Tell me that you love me,” he commanded.

“I love you!”

“Tell me that you don’t love your husband any more,” he said.

“I don’t love him any more,” she said.

“Because he’s not man enough for you.”

“He’s not man enough for me,” she said. “He never was. That’s why I have to…go outside the marriage.”

“It’s not your fault,” he said. “It’s his fault. Now I’m going to let you cum because you’ve been such a good girl.”

He stuck the vibrator in her again, and began eating her. As she began moaning and I could tell she was going to cum, my cock felt like it was going to explode. I could feel the pressure in my ass, and as my wife lifted her ass high off the bed and pushed her pussy into the leather man’s face, and as she finally orgasmed, something incredible happened. I came with her. Without touching my penis. It spontaneously erupted and it shot an enormous load down upon her breasts and — whoops — some of it hit Arthur on the top of the head.

He looked up at me furiously. A little of my cum was dripping down his forehead toward his eye. He wiped it off angrily.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“You’re going to have to leave if you can’t behave yourself,” he said.

Then he went to the pulleys and he pulled me down from the ceiling. And he marched me naked back up the stairs into the workshop where he sat me down on a wooden chair and he tied my hands behind my back and to the chair.

“Now you just stay here, Mister,” he said. “While I go down and take care of your wife.”

“Please let me watch,” I begged. “I promise, it won’t happen again.”

But he ignored me, and he went back down the stairs. In a little while I heard very loud screams coming from the basement. I started to get scared. I was worried about Lexy. I knew she didn’t mean those things she said about me, and I knew she didn’t love the leather man. I thought he might be hurting her and I needed to protect her.

I stood up. The chair was still strapped to my back, but I was able to walk with great effort to the stairs. I slowly made my way down to the bottom of the stairs. My wife’s screaming was getting louder.

“Oh God! Oh my God!” she was screaming. “Oh!”

When I got near the bottom of the stairs I could see through the open door. He had taken the blindfold off her and was lying next to her, as he fucked her. His huge cock was going in and out of her pussy, and she was staring into his eyes with utter arousal and infatuation.

“I’m gonna cum!” she cried. And as she orgasmed he pulled his dick out and shot a load all over her wax covered breasts.

I lost my balance. The weight of the chair behind me knocked me forward down the last three steps. I fell down headfirst. The last thing I remember is that huge cock shooting its third spasm of thick white sperm into the air and down onto her breasts.

Then everything went black.

(Stay tuned for part two!)

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