Watching From a Distance

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Watching from a Distance

On the job training was never like this before.

She was already on the elevator when I entered. A stunningly gorgeous African woman who was obviously dressed for work in an executive office smiled sweetly as I took up a place beside her facing the doors. During the descent I noticed her staring in my direction so I looked across expecting some sort of remark. Her luscious mouth opened to allow her bright pink tongue to emerge. It caught me off guard with this brazen display as I watched it curl and wave in the air framed by her enormous eyes and full glistening lips.

She looked confident in her actions as I fought to contain my shock. My cock stirred in the confines of my pants with a sticky reminder of a surprise I had experienced earlier that day. The longer she carried on licking the air the more it made this moment a tense and strangely arousing event. I was unable to discern her purpose or gauge a proper response. She must have known I was stunned.

As the elevator slowed, her tongue retreated behind an enormous smile of satisfaction with blazing white teeth leaving an indelible impression on my male brain. Finding myself unable to move she stepped out before me and disappeared into the throng of the day’s end.

I’d just had the most wonderful time, which had left me swimming in an afterglow from my tryst inside the video conferencing boardroom. Not only was Rhonda a perfectly sexy woman but, after she’d trained me on the video system, she took a particular interest in my satisfying her personal needs after hours. She selected me from a small group of new staff who would be trained to use the system. Friday, after our first week, I received an email to meet with her in the boardroom for some additional coaching. When I arrived she locked the doors so we would not be disturbed. Even as I fleetingly wondered where this would lead I could not resist the temptation she offered me. Rhonda seemed a little wound up from the fire I could see in her eyes. She moved on me like a predator cornering her next meal.

Without any resistance on my part she soon had me naked and lying across the large conference table. I couldn’t believe how fast Rhonda got out of her work suit. She climbed up over me to kneel over my head before she grabbed my erection with a firm grip. I didn’t need any instructions from her. Rhonda’s carefully shaved pussy was soon enjoying my wet, slithering tongue while my cock flinched each time her tongue circled the head. We were a seething pair of desperate colleagues focused only on providing each other with wet, slippery, mutual stimulation.

I actually lost track of how long I enjoyed licking her pussy. I enjoyed it so much I just stopped thinking about anything else. I let my tongue roam all around until she was clearly ready for more. I also enjoyed her mouth bobbing slowly up and down the crown of my hard cock. Each swipe of her tongue, or tickle with the tip, was a response to her urgent need to come. I felt her body shiver once or twice whenever I approached her joy button. The feeling of her experienced hand stroking my shaft was unlike anything I’d experienced before. With my own orgasm soon to arrive I probed deeper. The more my tongue flexed and wagged from side to side the louder her moaning around my glistening erection grew.

When I moved to gently tease her bud of ecstasy she stopped moving. When her release arrived it took hold of her body until she was shaking. I waited until the waves of her orgasm finally subsided before I returned to probe her opening but she lifted her pussy away in order to dive further along the shaft of my cock. I hadn’t yet been aware of how close I was to exploding until I became keenly tuned into the feeling of my cock gliding further into Rhonda’s very wet mouth. Much of what she coaxed from my body, when I came, spilled down my crotch and onto the table. Our gasping and moaning came to a sudden end with me expressing how grateful I was for the experience.

After her panties were located and my damp crotch was finally back behind my tailored pants I thanked her profusely for the fun we had together. I watched her brushing her long auburn hair as she explained how we needed to keep anyone from finding out about this. Hoping against hope this was not just a one-time opportunity I assured her I could be trusted with our secret. Rhonda then gestured for me to leave. I turned toward her wondering if I should have left her with a kiss. I glanced back to see her cleaning the table. After gathering my coat and case I left with my mind in a fog. Then the elevator opened to reveal this beautiful black woman.

My next week of work was a bit hectic so I quickly parked my amazing experience in order to get going on all the things I was asked to do. By the end of the week I was wondering if I would ever hear from Rhonda again. I usually feel this insecurity when I’m not sure where I stand with a woman. I didn’t have any sort of influence or reputation so I wasn’t planning on trying to contact her. Despite my reservations an e-mail arrived in the middle of my Friday inviting me to visit a small interview room in the training center meant for confidential video meetings.

The system was already on when I entered. Instructions were left on the table for me to dial up at exactly 5:30. I locked the door before waiting patiently for 15 minutes to pass. During that time I reflected on the memory of tasting Rhonda’s sweet pussy only a week before. My cock was filling with anticipation at what might appear when I made the connection. Then I punched in the address.

What greeted me on the screen was a pair of women already deeply involved in a decidedly erotic situation. Rhonda sat on the edge of the boardroom table with her trim legs hanging off. Then she leaned back on her straight arms to face the ceiling with her long hair hanging down. Another woman’s face was buried deep between her thighs delivering some very enthusiastic head. The arm resting on Rhonda’s thigh was slender and dark brown.

Rhonda turned to greet me with a welcoming smile but didn’t say anything. I could distinctly hear soft sounds from her partner as she serviced the same pussy I had enjoyed. Rhonda then introduced me to Asha, pointing down to the head between her well-toned thighs. Asha lifted her head from her ministrations to reveal the beauty I had previously met on the elevator. Blood rushed to fill my erection as I realized this same woman had teased me the week before and left me baffled by simply waving her tongue in mid-air.

Now it all came together. Asha had imitated my tongue movements when we crossed paths because she had watched me sixty-nine with Rhonda. It was a very arousing moment for me because I desperately wanted to be in the room with them. Clearly Rhonda wanted me to watch Asha servicing her instead. So, I opened my pants and stroked my cock while Asha resumed her very capable licking.

My brain stopped working for a short time as I stroked my cock. Watching Rhonda basking in the sensations of Asha’s expert tongue had me transfixed. This was a tongue I desperately longed to become more familiar with in future. For now I was deeply involved in this display of corporate intrigue while I pumped my stiff cock. I remembered how I could pan and zoom the camera with this system so I tried the controller and it worked. Soon I was zoomed in tight on Asha’s head moving up and down behind Rhonda’s very firm thighs. Then I remembered there were other cameras and toured each viewing angle. One angle was perfect for watching Rhonda’s face and body. Another had a clear view of Asha’s slender body leaning forward between the training director’s knees.

They were both in bras and stockings with their work clothes nearby. This was a practical matter which I realized might have been helpful to know the week before. I spotted a box of tissues left for me near the monitor and was thankful for the consideration. I relaxed a bit more so I could enjoy the show while switching between views.

Once Rhonda came they switched places. Asha climbed up to lie with her knees up. Rhonda was over her in seconds to tease Asha’s trimmed pussy in return. I moved one camera to allow me a very close view of Asha’s mouth and lips as she enjoyed the attention of her host. Those large lips and quick flashes of her pink tongue had me mesmerized. I stayed on this view for much longer than I intended because my very aroused imagination was running away with me. I could not help wondering what those lips would feel like around my cock. I felt a sense of desperation mixed with wonderment at the idea of Asha and me getting together. Having watched for such a long time I needed to slow my stroking to keep from coming.

Rhonda eventually brought Asha to her climax. I enjoyed my own solitary orgasm from far away shortly after Asha stopped gasping for air. They both blew me kisses before the video switched off. I made my way back to my office and took the elevator down. No one else joined me, and the lobby was empty as I stepped out.

An e-mail from Asha struck me by surprise. My heart started racing when I saw it. I checked around to make sure I would not be disturbed before I opened it. It confirmed what I had already suspected. The message warned me it was ‘not safe for work’ then mentioned the attachment. She sent me a short video of me giving Rhonda her orgasm. At first I wondered if Asha’s message was meant to trap me, or blackmail me. But as I read to the end she was inviting me to explore more of what she and Rhonda had going on.

I quickly responded using carefully chosen words so as not to appear too eager to agree with her invitation, but also to avoid putting her off. I always go by the notion that every e-mail I write might be read in open court at some point in the future. I was careful not to let on how much I knew but also to convey my professional enthusiasm for her suggestion to “meet” about the issue.

Rhonda’s next Friday e-mail invited me to a “meeting” in the big boardroom again. Once we were behind locked doors we three slipped out of our business outfits so Rhonda could direct us into a series of sexually explicit pairings.

Asha began by taking control of my erection. The unbelievable softness of her lips and the delicate butterfly movements of her tongue against my cock sent me into an instantly dizzying peak of sexual arousal. This was my most anticipated delight. From the moment I saw her face rising from Rhonda’s crotch I wanted, more than anything, to experience her fabulous lips.

Rhonda explained — with her hand inside Asha’s panties — that she was to keep me hard while they both used my throbbing cock for their own pleasure. Asha’s technique proved to be instantly effective. Rhonda lay near us on the boardroom table before telling Asha to release me. I was ordered to climb up over Rhonda to probe her slick opening with my wet cock. It felt wonderful to feel my length sliding along her slick pussy walls as the memory of Asha’s mouth resonated in my mind.

Rhonda held me close once I entered her. Soon she was urging me to fuck harder. Asha was sending me encouraging signals with her tongue while I fucked Rhonda. She had my erection on remote control. I felt myself pulsing harder each time she slid her pink tongue across those bright teeth and her soft lips.

I did notice the monitors were displaying our fucking but I dismissed it. I concentrated on making Rhonda the happiest director of training any man could have wanted. My cock thrust repeatedly in response to the demands of Rhonda’s body until she eventually came with her womanly essence leaking out around my shaft. I’d never felt a pussy close in tight around my cock before. It was incredibly stimulating. But I managed to maintain my rhythm until Rhonda stopped coming. We lay against each other until her breathing returned to normal.

Rhonda rolled me off so Asha could lick her juices off my cock. She stared up at me with those huge eyes as I enjoyed her tongue. My erection was soon revived by her sucking until it throbbed with my need. I feared my excitement was so intense I just might come. Then she tightly gripped the base with her fingers, holding my erection firmly, until my need faded to a comfortable level of arousal. I saw Rhonda lounging in one of the chairs watching Asha work her magic on me. Rhonda told me to let Asha get some of my cock in her pussy.

As Asha’s panties slid down I was once again twitching with anticipation while she climbed up over me to settle her pussy against the shaft of my cock. She held the shaft of my erection between her pussy lips while sliding back and forth along the hard length. She was dragging my rippled hardness against her clit with each slow slide. I reached up to handle her lovely small breasts through her lace bra while she slid back and forth. She flashed those megawatt teeth down at me while using my cock to tease herself. I felt some sort of connection to her. Eventually she lifted up to let it straighten out, then enveloped it with her wonderfully slick pussy. It seemed a small eternity before feeling myself fully embedded inside this amazing woman.

This cock Asha had so expertly made hard, was now deep inside. With my hands still firmly holding her breasts, Asha’s pussy enjoyed the entire length on each of her lifts. Rhonda was watching from her chair as Asha rode my stiff length up and down. My shaft was keen to enjoy the heat and wetness of her pussy every time her hips returned to rest against my crotch.

I rolled my head toward Rhonda when I heard a moan only to see her lazily stroking her pussy inside her shiny blue panties. Asha’s high wattage smile greeted me again when I turned to look up at her. This amazing, slender, passionate, and capable woman was enjoying every inch of my steely cock while I fought to stay in the moment. I kept my attention on how wonderful her pussy felt each time I was fully inside. Then she sped up to take us both toward our inexorable sexual peak. I let her take me there. She closed her eyes to concentrate her energy on this faster movement as she was nearing the point of no return.

When Asha’s body slowed down, while gasping and grunting from the effort, it finally betrayed her release. I moved my hands to her amazing ass as my cock remained deep inside her undulating slit. She dropped to lie against me as my cock drilled into her from below. It was thrilling to be able to provide both Rhonda and Asha with an orgasm during this very special occasion.

Rhonda passed Asha a fluffy towel to clean herself while she leaned in to wipe up the glistening remains of Asha’s release from my crotch. I nearly got off the table when Rhonda stopped me with her hand on my chest. My erection was slowly bobbing as she toweled me off and was getting slightly soft from the warm movements of her hands. I stayed on the table with my legs still hanging from the edge.

Rhonda began sucking my cock back to full hardness using her lips around the head and her fist on the shaft like she’d done before. Once Asha had slipped back into her panties she moved to join Rhonda between my knees. With both their heads together the pair of them slowly pumped my shaft, pushing my skin up and down. Then Rhonda moved her head away to let Asha perform her magic one last time.

My previous fantasy of feeling her lips around my erection was now a familiar feeling of rising excitement. She took the full length of my very stiff cock into her mouth until it pressed against the opening of her throat. Her jaw was long enough to take nearly all of me without having to open her throat. The image of her lips pressed against my furry crotch was instantly burned into my memory. It was a feeling I would never forget.

As soon as Asha had me shaking with desire it was Rhonda’s turn. I felt a small sense of power mixed with wonder as Rhonda desperately tried to take my cock fully into her mouth. She only managed to slide about two thirds of it in before it made her gag. Whatever helped me avoid coming I could not fathom. Certainly the stimulation of two eager women sucking my cock should have produced the normal male response. But, somehow, the strangeness of the events of the past couple of weeks — along with the fascinating sensations these two were providing — kept me in a static state of unending arousal which allowing me to enjoy it for much longer than I could ever have dreamed.

I desperately wanted to reward Rhonda for letting me fuck the pair of them but her pussy was out of reach. I tried to get her to move but she ignored me. Rhonda gave up trying to take me deep and was now using her tongue to tease my cock. The sensation was delightful. Just when I worried I might be driven over the edge by this she stopped.

Rhonda had Asha climb up over my head so I could lick her lovely pussy. I held her hips to guide her toward my outstretched tongue. Rhonda’s hand was still gripping me while my stiff cock cooled in the open air. Asha settled into my licking. Now I could thank her for all her oral stimulation by giving her a thoroughly delightful tongue lashing. I felt my cock being sucked once again. Without even thinking I decided every time Rhonda just sucked the head of my cock I would make a little trip to Asha’s clit. Whenever Rhonda sucked the shaft up and down I would let my tongue wander around Asha’s pussy.

Eventually my excitement could no longer be contained. Once my cock began releasing its juices into Rhonda’s mouth she pumped my shaft faster. Feeling my body react to my fountain of joyous come caused Asha to suddenly tense up. My tongue desperately tried to keep moving during my orgasm. Her juices dribbled down my face as my tongue kept working. The combined excitement of coming in Rhonda’s mouth and making Asha come a second time had my mind reeling. Once I was done, Rhonda resumed toweling up the remains while Asha gingerly tried to get off the table on her fantastic, but unsteady, legs.

Rhonda’s clean up was followed by the three of us getting back into our work clothes. In what seemed an unusually quick departure we went our separate ways, Asha to the executive offices above and Rhonda to the training center below. I had to hold on to the wall a couple of times as I made my way to my office to gather my things. I was completely drained. I sat in my office for a long time reviewing what delightful things I had experienced but also recovering enough to be able to make it home.

By the next Wednesday a message from Asha arrived with another video attached. It was the three of us near the end of our fun. In Asha’s message she seemed to hint about other people being very entertained. I felt a shock like someone whacked me in the head with a rolled up magazine. This powerful realization shook me to my very core. How many others might have been watching us? This new revelation caused an immediate erection. I had learned something new about myself. I looked forward to learning even more and, perhaps, meeting more people to share with.

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