The Hotwife Ultimatum

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It started with a heated argument with my wife, Amber, late one night in our bedroom, and it ended with a dire ultimatum from her.

“You’re a limp dick in bed, Gary,” she leered. “I’ve just about had it with you. Get me a lover to satisfy me, or I’m divorcing your pathetic ass!”

I felt like I’d just been sucker-punched in the gut. Her words stung, but they were indeed true. I looked at her, too stunned to give a response, and then she added: “I’m giving you a week, darling. Do whatever you have to, but find me a lover before then or I’m leaving your ass.”

She fell back to bed with her back towards me and slept it off. I lay on mine, but sleep was by far the last thing on my mind. This wasn’t the first or even second argument we’d had regarding this subject. But this time I knew my marriage was doomed if I didn’t do something about it.

That got me thinking the next day while I sat alone in my study:

Who was I gonna get to be a lover to my wife?

How the fuck was I gonna go find him?

How come I wasn’t going crazy over this shit?

Hours of browsing the internet led me to Craigslist and I left a suitable ad there that went like this:

Husband seeks a lover for wife. She wants someone to give her sexual fulfilment in bed, however rough. She loves it rough. We drink socially and are drug free and expect you to be the same.

Must be with age range of 30–55. Apply via email.

I included photos of Amber’s nude form to spice up the post. I went through it a couple of times, made some edits before posting it under the headline: HOTWIFE ULTIMATUM. It sounded tacky, I know, but catchy, like that movie The Bourne Ultimatum. With a headline like that, I figured my ad would stand out and get noticed quick.

Four days came and went and I got no response in my mail. Zero. I logged onto the site to make sure my post hadn’t been taken down and sure enough it was still there. I began worrying whether the whole thing was a joke at my expense. I hadn’t shown Amber the ad. She never bothered to ask besides reminding me that the clock was ticking.

I was at my office on the third day, enjoying my lunch break, when I decided to check my mail on my phone. I almost spilled my soda when I saw a mail waiting for me that bore the title of my Craigslist header.

The sender’s name was T ibbs and he was writing in response to my ad. He included his vital stats in the body of the email and attached snapshots of himself nude and clothed. There were snapshots of him having sex with other women; white women, to be precise. His cock was thick and ugly and resembled a tent pole; I shivered at the thought of him inserting that huge cock inside Amber. I probably would have turned him down, but Amber’s ultimatum replayed in my head, forcing me to mellow. Besides, I had no idea if she would want a black man for a lover (she hadn’t mentioned anything regarding her preference), so I was inclined to play along and see how things would go.

I returned home and later in bed presented Amber with the email. I tensed, for fear she might go negative upon seeing the photos of Tibbs’s cock and of him fucking various women. What I got instead surprised the hell out of me. Instead of Amber being turned off, she became ecstatic.

“I’d love to meet him,” she declared after reading through his email over and over again. “He’s so handsome and perfect. Have you replied to him yet?”

“No,” I blurted, still stunned by her response. “I wanted… I thought I’d show it to you first to find out if you liked him.”

“Well, I do like him,” she replied. “And I would like you to go ahead and write to him and tell him that. Do that and maybe I’ll start being nice to you like I used to before.”

She grabbed my crotch and I yelped with surprise when she squeezed my bulge. She cackled, but her laughter was more an instruction to me to do her bidding than actual mirth. I was her wimp, no doubt about that, but I’d long acquiesced that she was too much for me to satisfy. Amber was a tiger in bed; my only means of satisfying her was with my tongue, and no way was that enough.

I replied to Tibbs’s email, asking him for a better way for us to communicate. I sat up in bed reading a book while Amber fell asleep beside me. I checked my phone later and saw a second email from Tibbs. He had included his phone number this time. I left the room and went downstairs and dialled the number.

“Hello,” Tibbs spoke into my ear.

“Hi. My name is Gary. I set up the ad on Craigslist. I got your email…”

“Oh yeah, I know. Your wife’s beautiful, white boy. Did you mean everything you said in that ad?”

“Yes, my wife wants a lover,” I said rather awkwardly, not knowing how to start. “I figured if I posted an ad then I might find someone.”

“That’s good to hear. Just wanted to know how serious you are. Too many people leave ads on Craigslist and don’t ever answer.”

“Glad I did. So, how do we do this? I mean I’ve never done this before…”

“Just one thing, your wife is aware of all of this, right?”

“Yes, sir. I showed her your pictures. She would like so much to meet you.”

“Good,” Tibbs said. “Then we’d better find a way to meet. How about this weekend?”

That was when I stopped. The whole thing was moving too fast for me. Yet the wrath of Amber made me shiver in my pajamas and got me to say yes. We opted for Saturday. We agreed on a nearby restaurant as a meeting venue.

Saturday arrived and Amber and I drove to the restaurant to meet her future date. We got there on the dot, but Tibbs was already waiting for us; he had arrived a half hour early. Amber shook hands with him. We ordered our meal — or rather, I did — and then we talked and got to know each other. Tibbs was a suave charmer. We hadn’t been there more than five minutes but I could tell Amber liked what she saw in him. He was athletic and if the photos he sent me were genuine, he had the perfect type of cock my wife desired. I noticed Amber couldn’t help touching him; their skin contrast was exciting for me, and for the first time in a long while, I felt happy for my wife that I’d done a pleasing job for her.

“Excuse me a moment,” Tibbs said, and went in the direction of the restroom. Amber pinched my arm, and was all giggles as he walked away.

She was candid when she spoke. “I want him, darling. I want him today — right now.”

She succeeded in stunning me again. I knew already she wanted him, but I asked if she wasn’t rushing things.

“I don’t care,” she said. “I want him, Gary. My pussy’s tingling and it needs to get fucked. Don’t you dare spoil today for me.”

No, I wouldn’t dare attempt that. I instructed her to go wait in the car while I negotiated with Tibbs. She got up and left and a moment later Tibbs returned from the restroom.

“Where’s Amber?” he inquired.

“She’s waiting outside. Look, Tibbs, my wife likes you. I don’t know if you can tell already, she’s super-horny and wants to spend some personal time with you, if you’re free, that is. I mean, if you’re not then we can reschedule for another time…”

I don’t know why I said that, like I was concocting some clever reason so as not to get them together. Tibbs shot down my intention and said he had nothing else happening. I finished my soda, then we got up and left. He had come with his car and I told him to follow us as I went to mine where Amber sat in the passenger seat waiting. She looked at me anxiously as I got into the vehicle.


“I told him to follow us,” I said before keying in the ignition. Amber was all glee and even kissed me as I then reversed out of the parking lot.

I watched Tibbs from my rear-view mirror while I drove us home. Amber was so excited all through the ride. We got home and Tibbs parked in our driveway behind us and together Amber and I welcomed him into our home.

Amber turned into the dutiful host. She went into the kitchen and returned with two bottles of beer, for herself and Tibbs; I sighed and went into the kitchen to get one for myself. Returning to the living room, my bottle nearly dropped from my hand at what I saw. The beers stood neglected on the coffee table as they were busy grabbing each other and kissing.

I sat on the couch and drank my beer while I watched them. Amber was all over him, grabbing at his arm and shoulder while kissing him. Their kissing was frantic, like they wanted to suck air out each other’s mouth. Tibbs caressed her thigh and slid up her skirt to reveal more flesh. Amber sat back and pushed down her dress, enabling him to suck on her tits while simultaneously probing her panties. I watched with a hard-on knocking in my jeans. I was eager to see what Tibbs was packing. I sipped my beer and waited.

I got my wish when he rose to his feet and unzipped his pants before my wife. His cock slid out and I leaned forward and saw it was rock-hard. Amber’s eyes grew bigger as she grabbed hold of his rod and stroked his shaft into her mouth.

My hard-on kept pushing, pleading for release. My beer felt tasteless in my mouth. Watching my wife about to have sex with another man was all I wanted to enjoy.

Amber sucked his cock good enough then stood up. She hiked up her dress and showed him her ass as she got on the sofa. She yelped when Tibbs suddenly ripped off her panties then got into position behind her. I watched his buttock muscles tense as he entered my wife. I heard Amber groan: “Aahhhh… Aauuhhhh… Ooouuuhhhh,” as he thrust inside her.

My penis was in my hand and I stroked its foreskin while watching Tibbs poke my wife. Amber grabbed the sofa’s headrest and wailed as Tibbs tore into her.

“Ohh God, you’re so fucking big! Ouuuwwhhhhh, fuck me! This is what I’ve wanted so long.”

I shut my eyes and jerked my penis harder. I was gasping hard as I listened to Amber’s moans:

Tibbs slammed repeatedly into her harder: SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Amber gasped from each thunderclap: “Aahhh… Yes, fuck yes… Ohhh shit!”

I exhaled through my mouth while jerking off: “Ouuu… Ohhh!”

I sighed when finally I ejaculated string of semen on my hand and jeans. Too late, I realised my neglected beer had spilled its contents over my thighs.

I looked over and saw Tibbs pull out of Amber, gasping and stroking his huge snake. Amber slumped on the sofa and took a moment to recover from the bout of fucking before turning to him.

“How about you finish me upstairs?” She grasped his cock to lead him out of the room. Tibbs stopped to extract his feet from his pants before dutifully following her.

I watched them walk away, too dumbfounded and drained to rise from my couch. Eventually I did and I got out of my beer and cum-stained jeans and went after them, not wanting to miss any of the action.

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