Podcast: Beg Me To Stop

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Blindfolded and fucked… Written by Rose MyErotica. Read by Jaiden MyErotica

The blindfold is rough against my face, my vision totally obscured. All my other senses seem sharper. I’m acutely aware of her exotic scent as she wraps her arms around me from behind, her warm breath against my face.

“Are you afraid?” she murmurs in my ear. I nod, uncertainly. The way she had described it made it sound like a game but now, naked and blindfolded, my hands cuffed above my head, I feel vulnerable.

“I can do anything I want to you,” she says. “I can squeeze your nipples until they’re rock hard and throbbing. Maybe I’ll make you cum just by sucking and biting them…” She nips at my neck for emphasis, her hands sliding around to cup my breasts. Her touch is gentle at first, then rougher as her fingers seek out my nipples and flick over them. I shiver as she bites my neck again, harder this time.

“I could eat you until you scream, and there’s nobody to hear you,” she tells me. “Would you like that? Your cunt creaming over my face, my tongue driving into you over and over again?” I’m trembling. The coarse words sound so shocking, coming from this girl I’d thought so shy and demure. I realize I hardly know her. I’d imagined I was calling the shots in our burgeoning flirtation, but in truth she holds all the power. The idea excites me.

One of her knees presses between my legs, pushing them apart. Slowly and deliberately, she rubs her thigh against my crotch. I grind down against it, hot and wet.

“Or I could just leave you here, alone and desperate,” she purrs, and now I can hear a hint of cruelty in her tone. “This dripping pussy, aching to be touched, and nobody to fuck you. Shall I leave you helpless, or are you going to beg for it?”

“Please…” I gasp, the word coming out involuntarily. “Please don’t leave me… please touch me…” The voice doesn’t even sound like mine, it’s so suffused with need.

I gasp with confusion and dismay as she pulls away from me. I feel the loss of contact like a physical pang. Without the warmth of her body pressed against mine, my skin cools rapidly. Panic floods through me. Tugging against the restraints holding my wrists, I feel close to tears.

I’m not sure how long she watches my hysteria build — seconds, minutes? — but when she finally touches me again it quietens me instantly. Now she’s in front of me, her lips brushing mine gently before moving down my neck and across my collarbone. She sucks one nipple while pinching the other between her fingertips, switching between them until both are diamond hard.

She kneels, licking and nipping down over my stomach, sucking a bite onto the flesh over my hipbone. She spreads my legs wider, licks then bites my inner thigh. I shudder, pain and pleasure tumbling through me until I can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

With her thumbs, she spreads my pussy lips open and blows cool air onto my overheated pussy. My hips start to buck but she grips them harshly, holding me still. I feel like I’ll combust if she doesn’t give me the contact I crave.

When she finally touches the tip of her tongue to my clitoris, I go wild. The noises I’m making sound raw, animalistic. She strokes the engorged flesh with the flat of her tongue, just hard enough to make me quiver but not to satisfy me. I try to rock up against her mouth but she’s holding me steady. Juice trickles down my thighs. Sweat beads on my chest.

I know it won’t take much more to make me climax, but each time the sensation builds until I think it must push me over the edge, she slows down, diminishes the contact. I feel deranged, desperate. I’m shaking, gasping, throbbing with energy that needs a release.

“Beg for it,” she says, simply. That’s all it takes to break me, a torrent of words pouring out, my primitive lust laid bare for her.

She licks me harder, grabbing my ass, and I’m cumming at last, screaming out my pleasure as I grind on her face. She keeps me there at the very peak of my orgasm, shoving her fingers inside me, licking and licking until my body goes limp and she has to support my weight.

When I’ve regained my senses a little, she stands and kisses me. I taste myself on her lips. I feel shaky, disoriented.

“Now beg me to stop,” she whispers in my ear, her hand sliding back down to my pussy.

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