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When He Knows That I’ve Been Naughty

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“Where have you been?” he demands as I hurry through the door. “When I call you to come home, I want you back here right away.”

“I understand,” I reply meekly, trying to surreptitiously straighten my blouse, which is not quite buttoned right. “I got here as quickly as I could when I got your text.”

“Your clothes are rumpled and this is buttoned all wrong,” he comments, fingering the edge of my blouse. I can feel the heat of his hands as they ply the material and my body responds automatically, longing for those warm hands to trace my bare skin instead. “Were you off fucking someone?” he says with a glint in his eye. It’s not jealousy or real anger there in that glint. It’s more a bit of playfulness; the taking on of a role.

“No,” I insist. “I wasn’t fucking anyone.” I avoid looking him in the face when I say this, however.

“You won’t get off on a technicality,” he says.

“Are you going to punish me now?” I ask, imagining myself pulled across his lap, lying naked, while he spanks me repeatedly with his bare hands, stopping only now and then to squeeze and fondle my ass or to insert a finger into my dripping slit. When my ass is stinging and the heat is rising up off of it, only then will he fuck me — deep and hard from behind so that he can get a good view of his handiwork while he pumps me. My pussy is starting to throb with the anticipation of it.

“I want to know what you did first,” he tells me. “Then I’ll know just what kind of punishment you deserve. So, you didn’t fuck him, but your blouse was unbuttoned?” I nod. “Show me,” he commands, and I unbutton it all the way, fumbling with the places where things aren’t lined up right. My black demi-bra barely covers my nipples, which are standing at attention, both from being exposed to the air and from the excitement that is rising in my body as he interrogates me further. He looks at me pointedly, and I let the blouse shrug off of my shoulders and on to the ground.

“That bra doesn’t cover much,” he comments. “Did you leave it on?” I nod again as he reaches a hand to tweak one of my now very erect nipples. “Did he do this?” he queries, and without waiting for an answer, puts one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking hard, and then twirling it with his tongue in a way that sends an electric current straight to my pussy. I am hot and wet and my whole body is starting to vibrate with the sexual energy. I want to lean into him and run my fingers through his hair, pulling his face in harder to my breasts, but I don’t dare. I wait to be questioned further.

“What else did you do when you weren’t fucking him?” he asks after playing with my nipples for a while, trying to be stern but clearly very turned on himself. I want to reach for the bulge in his pants, but I know I’m not allowed to touch him without permission. “Were your panties off?” When I answer no, he says, “Again, I think that’s just a technicality.”

He bumps my foot with one of his, effectively sliding my legs wider apart. When he runs a finger along the edge of my underwear I gasp a little bit as he pulls it to the side and begins to stroke and tease my pussy, running his fingers along my labia and circling my entrance provocatively. When he inserts two fingers into my hungry cunt I melt into the wall behind me with a sigh. When he probes my clit, I go a bit weak in the knees. Continuing to stand up in the face of this is becoming its own kind of punishment.

“So, you didn’t fuck — but did you cum?”

“No,” I say breathlessly, as he continues to rub my engorged love button. “I didn’t have time. You called me home before that.” I am very close to the edge now but just before the waves of release begin, he stops and removes his hand.

“That’s your punishment then,” he says, that glint returning to his eye as he steps back even further from me. “You don’t get to cum until I say so. Take that skirt and underwear off, and follow me. Leave the bra on — I quite like how it showcases your tits.” I do as I’m told and follow him into the playroom at the back of the house, naked but for my high heels and the black lace demi-bra.

He opens up a cabinet and finding what he was looking for turns around to face me. He’s holding a dildo that suction cups to flat surfaces. I think he’s going to stick it to a wall, but instead he pulls out a straight back chair and sticks it to that, near the middle of the front of the seat.

“Sit on that,” he commands. “Your pussy should be plenty wet that you won’t even need any lube.” I straddle the dildo and work it all the way down, so that my pussy is enveloping it up to the hilt. It’s big and firm, and it’s hard not to ride it. I’m so turned on that I’m practically aching to fuck myself with it. The bulge in his jeans is now at eye level, and that isn’t helping matters. Once it’s all the way in, he spreads my legs wide, opening my entire pussy to the sensation of being both filled and on display.

“Stay there,” he says. “I’m going to leave you just like that for a while. No fucking yourself; no touching your clit. You just sit like that until I tell you differently.” And with that, he turns and walks out of the room. I try to be good, I really do, but I also really want to cum. I am so close already that I know it wouldn’t take long, but I also don’t know how long he’ll be gone or what he’ll do to me if he finds I’ve disobeyed. Having my legs spread wide and the dildo deep inside of me like that without being able to touch myself is torture.

A few minutes go by and I experiment with small movements of my hips. The shaft of the dildo rubs against my clit as, emboldened, I start to bob up and down with slightly larger movements. It feels so good and I’ve reached a place where I don’t care what the consequences are. I want to keep going. My legs are starting to tire a bit, so I go back to smaller hip movements and begin to rub my swollen clit with my fingers. I rock back and forth against the dildo as I feverishly rub until the waves of pleasure begin to hit. I stifle my moans, so as not to draw any attention to myself, but when I open my half shut eyes, there he is standing in the doorway watching me.

“Get up,” he commands, and I stand up with wobbly legs, both from the intensity of my orgasm and from sitting with them spread wide for so long. “Did you have a good time?” I try to look contrite and once again don’t meet his eyes, but it’s hard to hide the warm glow that is coursing through my body.

I wonder if he’ll put me over his knee now, but instead he tells me to lie on my back on the bed, with my knees bent. He clips each ankle into restraints, with a padded bar between them, so that now I can’t close my legs. He fastens my wrists as well. Each wrist and ankle is now bound together on either side of the spreader bar. While I wait there, helpless and exposed, he turns again to the toy cabinet.

When he returns he puts a blindfold over my eyes. I know he’s brought some other things with him, but I don’t know what they are so I give way to whatever sensations may come. The first thing I feel is a soft powder puff run all along my skin. It tickles and teases the curve under my breasts, the backs of my knees, the mound just above my pussy. It’s delicious! This can’t be my punishment, can it?

Next, my nipples are clamped into vacuum suction cups. It doesn’t hurt much, but the sensation is powerful nonetheless and it’s a distinct contrast from the softness of the puff. Each nipple is engorged and erect from the pressure exerted on it by the vacuum. Next I feel suction on my clit. He’s using the Satisfyer at a fairly high setting and it’s almost more than I can bear while my clit is already sensitive from just being rubbed to orgasm.

“You didn’t wait like I told you to,” he reminds me as he ups the setting again and I squirm a bit in the delicious discomfort of having my clit sucked hard by this toy. While he’s got that clamped on, he starts in teasing me with his fingers, running them all along my pussy but never going quite inside. Just a quick dart in before pulling them out again — never enough to truly meet my need. By now, I’m writhing on the bed, but can’t get very far, with my restraints. I’m panting and gasping until the rhythmic suction of the Satisfyer sends me into another orgasmic spasm. Instead of taking the toy away, he holds it firmly in place. “You wanted to cum,” he says, “so cum!”

But this time he reaches his fingers deep inside me and strokes the soft spongey area of my G-spot while the Satisfyer sucks away at my over-sensitive clit. It’s too much! I don’t think I can handle much more. But just when I think my whole body is going to explode, I cum again in a wide squirting arc. Before I can really take in what’s happening, the toy is gone and the nipple clamps are removed, but I’m still blindfolded, still locked in the spreader. He grazes my nipples, which are like flesh bullets, with his teeth and then plunges his hard rod into my gushing wet cunt.

“You were a baaad girl,” he says with a laugh, kissing me deeply as he continues to plow me, his cock thrusting deep inside me and his balls slapping against my still spread wide pussy. “I like that about you.”

“I like this game,” I say. “I think we should play it again very soon!”

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