Face Down, Ass Up

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“Now that’s a sight to wake the dead… you face down, ass up, just begging to be fucked…” His voice turns gravelly, a sure sign all the blood in his body is rushing to his cock. Seeing as my booty has his undivided attention, I give it a little wiggle, just to hear him groan with lust.

I’m naked except for my G-string, the merest scrap of white fabric covering my silky-smooth pussy. I can imagine the sight I’m presenting to him, the white string nestling between my tanned cheeks, stretched tight to cup my plump mound snugly.

I wasn’t actually trying to start something; I’m just reaching over the side of the bed to retrieve my watch — tossed carelessly to the floor last night in a moment of passion — when Tony walks in the room. My best friend and favorite fuckbuddy has come to escort me to a black tie event and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s showed up early deliberately, planning to catch me in a state of undress. He’s a man of uncomplicated and prodigious appetites. It suits me fine; if I’m going to have to behave myself for the next few hours I’d like to to burn off a bit of energy first.

Of course I have to tease him though.

“Don’t start, Tony, or we’ll be late again. I need to get dressed…”

“Oh, don’t you dare move,” he laughs. “I’m enjoying the view.”

I hear the rustle of clothing and sneak a peek. He’s actively enjoying the view all right, tuxedo pants bunched around his thighs, erection in hand, stroking slowly.

“Tony! You’ll crease your suit,” I admonish him, somewhat half-heartedly. There’s something very appealing about this lovely man, all elegant and sexy in his smart tux but with his cock out. Can’t deny I’m tempted.

“I could stare at that gorgeous ass all day,” he murmurs, stroking his thick shaft firmly. “If we haven’t got time to fuck, at least take your panties off and let me jerk off to your pretty pussy.”

It turns me on that he just asks for what he wants so blatantly, no shame. I wriggle out of my skimpy G-string and shimmy over to his side of the bed, still face down, ass up, so he can inspect me at close range.

“Do you know how hot you look right now,” he says, and I hear the telltale sound of flesh on flesh as he jacks his cock. “That luscious little cunt all naked and plump, ripe for me to stick my dick in… so sweet and succulent…”

I half expect to feel him do precisely that, but instead he leans in and takes a long, slow lick. And in that moment, I’m his entirely; he’s an oral master, and plays my responsive pussy like a virtuoso. I’ve learned some of my best moves from him. A little moan escapes my lips as I settle my head down on my folded arms, ass tilted up to him wantonly, letting his tongue work its magic. One hand still stroking his cock, he uses the other to squeeze and tug on my ass cheek, peeling me open so his tongue can delve deeper.

Lapping with broad, firm strokes over my clit and swirling around between my lips, he wrecks my composure. I’m soon grinding back on his face, craving harder, deeper contact, all thoughts of going out forgotten. I want his cock in me, right now.

Reading me like a book, as always, Tony senses the exact moment when I’m ready to beg for him to fuck me. Straightening up behind me, he glides the smooth head of his cock up and down the groove between my pussy lips, slick with saliva and my juice. He eases just a little way inside, and I wriggle around impatiently, wanting more. That elicits a groan from him — he’s been hard as a rock all this time — so I thrust back on him, slowly, relishing the delicious stretch as his cock opens me up. He holds still and I circle my hips, stirring it around inside me, feeling it stroke against my sugar walls, so hot and tight.

It’s a beautiful sensation, but we don’t have all day so I hit a steady pistoning rhythm, rocking back and forth to make his cock slide in and out of me. He loves to watch me fuck myself on his dick, and he must have an insanely hot view of my pussy wrapped tight around his shaft, glossing it with my juice on each out stroke. The thought of it suddenly pushes me over the edge; I tilt my hips up so the head of his cock jams against my G-spot every time it plunges in, and my pussy quivers and clenches spasmodically around his shaft as I cum.

He can’t hold still after that, and starts driving in to meet my thrusts, the aftershocks of my orgasm rapidly building to another, even more intense explosion. Head down, I’m seeing vivid streaks of color against my closed eyelids, my whole body shaking as he plunges in deep. Eventually I slide forward until I’m stretched out face down on the bed, Tony moving with me so he’s on top of me, impaled to the hilt.

He’s still thrusting into me but with slower, shallower strokes, struggling to maintain control.

“Can I cum inside you?” he asks.

“Only if you’re going to lick me clean, I don’t have time to shower,” I say.

His whole body stiffens, like he’s seriously considering his options, and then — what the hell — he commits and starts slamming in hard and fast, pelvis bouncing off my ass cheeks with each thrust, until with a yell he buries it deep and I feel his hot load pumping into me, triggering another cascade of orgasmic shivers.

We lie there gasping until he’s caught his breath enough to ease his still-hard cock out of me, his cum gushing out to follow it, soaking me and the bedcovers. I was only kidding about not having time to shower, but he goes down to lick my pussy again so enthusiastically I just lie back and enjoy it — as I said, he’s a man of prodigious appetites. I’m so sloppy wet with his cum and my pussy juice that he has to shove a couple of fingers into me to create some friction, sucking on my clit as he rubs my sweet spot until I cum again. And by then he’s diamond-hard once more.

Luckily I told him a time two hours before we actually have to leave, so there’s still time for him to undress properly, and fuck me again, and shower, and even iron his tux, before I really need to get dressed. Maybe he can read me like a book, but I can read him too…

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