The Fortune Teller’s Itch

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As a woman waiting on a fourth date, Jo had been feeling lost and heartbroken. She secretly held someone in her thoughts, and was dying to know if they thought of her, too. The answer was somewhere in a tarot deck – and Jo knew exactly how to find it.

She drew a couple’s card, randomly from the middle.

“The Fool,” she placed it down and revealed the next card. “Rebirth.”

With a reshuffled deck, she drew out another two pairs. Four new cards warmed between the Rebirth to the Fool. Jo leaned closer to the compliment, a promise that he might actually call — but fell back against the seat cushion. Tarots readings are never straight and narrow; each card can hold many possible meanings. Therefore, it’s always best to check messages against clarifying cards: to bring realised definition, nuance and key — especially if the same card is seen twice throughout the spread.

Jo brushed her cheek against her shoulder and drew from a separate deck. There was that electric feeling again, fluttering within her fingertips. The cards released and threw her into an unblinking stare. The table’s wooden grain slowly dissipated into a less familiar room, one that smelled like someone had just let the rain in. Jo’s consciousness wondered towards the valley of phosphene stars ahead and fell, steadfast, through a bright bold flash of light — she’d left the physical world.

Uneasy eyes cast around the watery light to a bedroom, where a stranger undressed down to his boxer briefs before waiting on a bed. She turned and the image followed. A shorter woman in a loosely wrapped towel sat beside him, closer to the top of the bed. Jo walked ahead of an incoming tide and wandered through a swirl of shower scents that leaked into the bedroom.
Even standing in front of the couple on the bed, she still struggled to make out their conversation. Sound was what allied Jo and her subconscious together: always speaking when she believed it to be silent. Now she felt lost, and searched for something solid to pull her from the mire.

Her feet lifted from the carpet and hung loosely over the edge as she joined them on the bed. With a sharp breath of air, Jo sat bolt upright and watched the two. It seemed the man answered every question and the woman showed an equal need to nurture him. Not a single word and yet the two spoke clearly; Jo felt all traces of judgement wash away. The man reached forward to the woman’s face. Her nose was so low-profile that it was barely there at all, and had the same honeyed hue as the rest of her skin. A button nose that was just a bump above her dusky pink lips, with cheeks so cute: all there was to do was work up the nerve to squeeze them — until she did.

A warmth seeped out into her less than perfect world.

Even in the slow time-bubble, Jo felt her hand retract quickly. She turned her head, and dropped into an unsteady gaze that suddenly felt several inches further from the floor. Gangling at an unusual height, she noticed that her lap looked nothing like it did before. Instead of wearing a two-sizes-too-big bathrobe, Jo was barely dressed and sat in a pair of blue boxers — which were filled, very nicely, too.

At the risk of being uncovered, she staggered up to the other woman’s gaze; noticing a very particular beauty spot by her mouth, a curve to her bottom lip, a certainty within her eyes…

Jo recognized this woman, and stared at her like a mirror of equal length. Surprisingly she was still in shape, more or less, a few more kilos really; but that was all. Forgetting the water on the floor, Jo jumped off the bed — had she just met herself? Her mind began to shut down, unwilling to think anymore. But all she knew was that whatever happened next would be a matter of choice.

The unsuspecting woman took a bottle of lotion to the center of the bed. Her towel draped and spread out as she lay flat on her stomach; she held out the bottle to Jo. A strange longing feeling arose as she lurched forward after the cream. She was eager to discover how much of this dream she could control — but derailed from the moment and accidentally worked too much lotion into her hand.

With long thick strong strokes Jo rubbed the muscles of her back, then up to the base of her skull. The woman’s indifference made her eager to touch everywhere, but because she kneeled over their legs, it was easier to work downwards. Her hands continued a deep circular motion around the curve of their hips, every now and then gripping and grabbing to pull them into a doggy position. But the deeper she went, their hips thrust further into the bed. She’d never thought of herself as sexy, but after watching how they ground their hips and teased her like a cat-and-mouse chase, Jo realised she’d been licking her lips lustfully. These movements were almost like stimulated sex, baiting to go lower. It looked too hot to be accidental, and Jo knew better than to give in to her own tricks.

If this woman was really her: she knew exactly what she wanted, and neither of them would have to beg any longer.

It was more passionate than before. Jo’s fingers grasped around her thigh and finally between her legs — but, she wouldn’t call it fingering just yet. Circled around the labia, Jo made her wetter without pressing in too hard. Then, like love’s deity, she arched her back to show it off. Jo never gave thought to all the time that had passed and began to worry whether this all would vanish, like a magician in an act. She paused, upset. How long did she have until her vision was completely drained?

Not thinking, not breathing, Jo was not going to stop moving forward and whispered in her ear; easing two readied fingers slowly inside her. Her expression eventually turned into something utterly serious. She pushed herself up in front of Jo and pulled them together — their lips needed little introduction. She was far more superior, and proved she knew Jo’s body perfectly; touching in all the right places. Even though at times Jo was slightly awkward, she steeped in with a primal desire that lived in them both; engaged in an odd stare — as if it were a silent argument.

Up until that moment, Jo lost control of the man’s body and had nothing to do with their legs moving slightly apart.

The tip of her, sorry, his, penis peeped out from under the boxers and felt a drop of precum soak into the fabric. But a new world soon opened up, the moment Jo was met with a more intent pleasure.

Going down, the woman’s mouth pleased… in a different way.

Her lips and tongue skillfully sucked up and down, and engulfed without tripping. Now this, Jo thought, this was amazing. For the first time, she had felt what it was like to be inside someone’s mouth. The fucking tension begged inwards instead of letting go outwards. A sensation jolted through their pelvis, and took turns relaxing and tensing — like, easing into a hot bath after being chilled to the bone. Jo was close to cumming.

The woman, not the slightest bit aware, eased to a more relaxed rhythm and gasped for air. Jo took this opportunity to reach down and hold her head up and out of the way. The idea of filling their mouth was terrifying. Not to mention, Jo wondered if cumming in there was where they drew the line, and, what if she came too much — would they swallow? Jo really needed the release or else she’d burst.

But if she knew anything about herself, it was that she always swallowed.

The woman murmured as she sped up and down, encouraging a forceful stream to course from the base of the dick. Not letting up once as Jo grew closer and closer. What the actual fuck was happening, she thought to herself. She was getting blown. Sucked off. She was going to come in a girl’s mouth — correction, her own mouth. Everything went numb for Jo and sat completely hypnotised. A ripple of fine muscles contracted in their throat — they were swallowing it. The hottest thing that could’ve ever happened to Jo, was also the hottest thing she’d ever seen!

But the full sensations of a man’s body had no place in Jo’s reality.

She came awake in the light of her living room. Cum dripped down the back of her legs as she let out an orgasm, loud enough to confirm she’d fully returned to her original body. Her hands grabbed the edge of the coffee table and waited for her skin to finish cracking. Somehow the clarity cards had themselves turned over and lay companionably with the others. Jo rubbed her eyes again, and attempted to get a better look. But there they were again: The Fool and the Rebirth.

When she tried to speak, her mouth dropped into an unhinged smile, a habit as she’d been mute for so long. Instead the words pushed at either side of her stillness, How could the cards say such a thing?

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