The Emotional Cuckold

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Watching your wife get fucked by another man is a real thrill, there is no doubt about that. But there are some cucks who want to take it even further. How can you go further than fucking? Cucks like me, we don’t just want our wives to cheat on us with their bodies. What we long for, more than anything else, is for our wives to develop real feelings for the bull.

It is called emotional cuckoldry. And it is not for the faint of heart. It is for people who are willing to really test their own inner strength. Maybe you suspect that it would be nice to watch your wife falling for another. I mean, it brings the excitement of competition to the surface, after all. But then, your heart gets kind of stamped on as she reveals to you the truth — that not only does he have a bigger cock than you, but he has also managed to awaken a real heart connection in her. Yes, that’s exciting too. But it is also incredibly scary. It means she might leave you.

And this is the real juice.

We emotional cuckolds must have had some abandonment issues in the past. And this fear of abandonment somehow is fused in our psyche with eroticism. So when the idea that our wife might leave first presents itself, the lump we feel in our throat is like nothing else. It unearths a desire and an excitement in us that is reckless — almost unlawful. Certainly taboo. We are not supposed to enjoy this. We must be masochistic, though, because we do. It hurts so good. So good.

It first happened to me with Ben, a guy that my wife had started fooling around with at work.

I knew she had a crush on him, that much she had confessed to me. But she hadn’t told me any of the details. I had assured her it was OK for her to pursue this crush, but she didn’t trust me, I guess. But finally, we had a date night, planned a week in advance, and I was able to get some of the details out of her.

It was dinner at The Corner Place, our favorite casual but awesome Italian. I waited until we had both ordered and had sipped a little red wine. Then I hit her with it.

“So, Lexy,” I said. “I’ve known you for a long time. You know, three years before we even started dating. Three years of dating. One year of marriage. That’s seven years.”

“Uh huh. Good math skills.”

She’s funny, I’ll give her that.

“I know you honey,” I said. “You can’t, you know…”

“I can’t what?”

“Well, I know you. And I would know if you weren’t, you know, telling me everything…”

“Oh, can we not talk about Ben tonight,” she said. “Can we just have a date night, me and you. Without Ben.”

“Of course.”

Shut down.

She shut me right down. Now I had to sit with these feelings. She was totally cheating on me. I mean, I knew she was cheating on me. But even this, being totally cheated on by the person who was cheating on me, by her withholding the details. Even this, I loved it.

It was a tortuous but lovely feeling.

We got through the whole date night. Got in bed, and I started making love to her. And as I was going down on her, I said, “Mmm, this tastes so good.” And then I just coyly asked her, “Has Ben tasted how good this tastes?”

“Mmmhmmm,” she murmured.

“I’m sorry,” I said, between licks of her clit. “Was that a yes?”

“Mmmmhmm,” she said.

“When did the lucky boy taste that?” I said, coming up for air.

“A couple days ago,” she gasped; she was almost ready to climax now. “We went back to his apartment at lunch. He wanted to fuck me. But I couldn’t.”

“So he just ate you,” I said.


“Did you cum?”



“Oh shut up, I’m going to cum!”

And I concentrated on my work and made her cum real well. Then she went down and started reciprocating on my cock.

“Ah, and has Ben been as lucky as me in this regard?” I asked.

“Oh Jesus,” she said. “I’m trying to suck a dick here. Are you going to interrogate me or do you want a blow job?”

“Just nod or shake your head. Have you sucked his dick?”

She nodded.

I felt so good then. We were complete again. We weren’t holding anything back.

“Was it a nice dick?”

She shrugged her shoulders, then she nodded. I guessed it was a pretty nice dick.

“Bigger or smaller than mine?”

She made a kind of sing-songy noise. I didn’t hear it at first. But when she repeated it, I took her to be sing-songing “a little bigger.”

“A little bigger?”

She nodded.

“That’s good. That’s very good.”

It was so good in fact that I shot my load right then.

She was pissed.

“Josh!” she said. “I wanted to get fucked! I really wanted you to fuck me on our date night. Damn it.”

She got in bed next to me. But she wasn’t the one who should be pissed. It was her fault. She’d never told me this. And then, to find it out this way, through my subterfuge, it was all so exciting, I couldn’t help myself when I finally saw her nodding and admitting to a blow job. I just came like crazy.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I said, finally asking the question that had been hanging between us.

“I’m sorry honey,” she said. “I just…I just didn’t feel like…you know, going through the details…I wanted it to be something…private, between me and Ben. Just this one private thing. I mean, I think that’s all it’s ever going to be. I don’t think I can bring myself to fuck him. So he ate my pussy and he made me cum and I sucked his cock and I made him cum, but–”

“Did he cum in your mouth?”

“See,” she said.

“See what?”

“This! I mean, I thought we could do this, Josh. I thought you could be…cooler about it. But maybe you can’t…handle it, I don’t know. I am going to call the whole thing off.”

“No! I can handle it!” I panicked. I was anxious that she was going to call the whole thing off. That was the last thing I wanted. “I don’t want you to call it off.”

It was then that she just broke down crying like crazy. I thought it was all my fault.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I said to her. But through her blubbering, I gathered that it wasn’t my fault.

“What is it, then?” I asked.

“Oh, Josh,” she said. “I am so sorry. But…I think I’m falling in love with him. I’m sorry!”

“In love with Ben?”

“Yes,” she cried. “I’ve had a crush on him for months, yes. But now that we have been fooling around, Josh, I feel different with him, to how I feel with you. I’m so sorry. I feel…in my heart for him, something that I guess I didn’t know was there. But I think that’s what you’re supposed to feel in your heart for someone you fuck. I guess I shouldn’t have married you because I don’t feel that in my heart for you. I am so sorry. Oh God, I am so sorry about this. But it’s been driving me crazy and I’ve just got to be honest and tell you.”

“Tell me what?” I asked.

“I don’t love you, Josh,” she said, through a river of tears. “I’m sorry, I just don’t!”

When I woke up, she was packing a bag.

“What?” I said. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing? Did you not hear what I told you last night? Were you drunk?”

“No,” I said. “I heard everything.”

“Then you know, that’s why I’m packing. I don’t love you, Josh. I’ve got to move out.”

“No you don’t,” I said. “That’s the last thing I want.”

“Right. You want to be married to someone who doesn’t love you? How fucked up is that?”

“Well, you might think it’s fucked up,” I said. “But Lexy, you know…it’s perfect for me. In so many ways. I mean, you know my upbringing…you know what I’m used to. My family didn’t love me. They didn’t even want me. So this is exactly what I’m comfortable with. I am just glad that it’s finally out in the open. I mean, you don’t think I knew that you didn’t love me? I mean, on our wedding day you were practically making out with Srivanda out on the balcony. I saw that, you know? The reason I picked you, unconsciously or consciously, must be because I have never felt loved and I wanted to continue that with my adult family.”

“So you want to stay with me, even though I don’t love you?”

She looked at me in disbelief.

“Yes,” I cried. “I love you more than ever now. This is what I want. Unrequited love. I want to suffer. I love it.”

“You love it.”

“Oh my God, if I could somehow let you experience what I experienced last night when you confessed this all to me. If you had been able to feel my chest, the compressions there. It was so intense. And then the back of my throat. It was such a pressure. And in my balls and my cock. I started almost cumming in my pants as you detailed how much you had been faking it, and how you really didn’t love me at all. It was so intense. It was painful and for some reason, the most pleasant feeling I have ever felt. After you went to sleep last night I went to the bathroom and I beat off ten times, I was so horny. Looking at you now, I think I’m going to cum again, just seeing your loveliness, and knowing that you don’t want me — it gives you an unbelievable power, don’t you see. You’ve become…Cleopatra. Royal. Beautiful beyond belief. You’ve become divine. A Goddess I can serve, but never equal. You’ve become…my dream come true.”

She looked at me like I was totally out of my mind.

“Wow, she said. “I did not…expect that.”

She put down her bags.

“So you want me to stay?”

“Yes!” I said. “Please stay.”

“Alright,” she said, looking bewildered. “I’ll stay. For now anyhow.”

And that’s how I became an emotional cuckold. My wife didn’t tell me details about her sex with her boyfriend any more. She shared details about her emotional connection with him. How he made her feel all girlie and excited. She took me shopping when she wanted to buy him a special gift. She wrote me emails and even handwritten letters about what a crush she had on him, how sexy he was, and how wonderful and special a person he was. She drew little hearts. She put her name and his name inside the heart. She took loads of special selfies of the two of them hugging and she sent them all to me. She shared herself and her affair with me totally. Even more than totally. I had the feeling that she was exaggerating a lot of it just because she understood me so perfectly. She knew that the worse she made it for me, the more jealous and shut out I felt, the more excited I got. And she took me there. All the way. She gave me the ultimate thrill. She made me into an emotional cuckold.

My wife. I love her so!

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