Chasing Ass

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photo: Viv Thomas

I’m walking behind this girl in skintight yoga pants as she leaves the gym, watching her ass shimmy with every step she takes. I’m so mesmerized by the ripple effect that I barely even notice where I’m going. Does my ass jiggle like that when I walk? I can hardly grab it in the street to find out, but it doesn’t feel like it does. Now I’d like to grab her ass and feel her flesh bounce and shake as she sits on my face…

She goes into a coffee shop, and I follow, suddenly seized by a craving for caffeine (and pussy). She sits at a table by the window, catches my eye and smiles invitingly. I’m surprised I don’t recognize her — I thought I knew all the hot girls at my gym — but when I ask if I can join her, the effusive response makes it clear she’s noticed me before.

The morning’s progression is no less enjoyable for being entirely predictable. I’m in my comfort zone here, seducing cute girls being one of my favorite pastimes. Another coffee? Flirtatious chat. Her hand brushes my thigh as she leans across me to reach for the sugar, and she lets it linger there for a moment. Lunch? She lives nearby, she could make us something to eat…

I’ve been looking forward to peeling down those tight yoga pants, but as soon as we get inside her apartment she gives me a quick, promising kiss on the lips, and tells me she wants my opinion on her new outfit. She disappears into the bedroom, leaving me tingling pleasurably with anticipation; and returns a few moments later looking like a walking wet dream. Black lace lingerie, lace-topped stockings, garter belt, high heels; it might be a cliché, but it suits her hourglass figure perfectly. The panties cup her pussy so snugly I can see the hint of a cameltoe, and have a thong back that leaves her magnificent ass cheeks exposed.

Let’s find out what else makes her ass jiggle…

I soon reach the conclusion that those panties look even better around her thighs as I bend her forward over the couch and slot my tongue inside her creamy cunt. She’s so wet I don’t waste any more time with teasing, sucking up her sweetness, licking and rubbing until any hint of nervous inhibition has dissolved under my oral onslaught and she’s moaning and mashing her soaking pussy against my face. I adore feeling a girl shake apart as I eat her out, and I have a feeling I can guess what will push her over the edge.

I pull her panties right down so she can step out of them, then spread her legs — and her cheeks — wider. I was right, she goes wild as I paint her wetness up her ass crack with my tongue, lapping at the tight pucker until I feel her entire body shivering. I press deeper, opening her up little by little. Her legs are quivering, her booty quaking delightfully against my face, and as the tip of my tongue breaches that tight ring of muscle she has one of the fiercest assgasms I’ve ever given a girl, without any significant penetration.

Her legs are too wobbly to support her after that, so I lie back and pull her onto my face, sucking on her clit as I thrust a finger all the way into her ass. It feels almost impossibly tight at first, but a string of mini orgasms courtesy of my lashing tongue makes her loosen up, and then the way she squirms and squeals as I finger-fuck her ass lets me know I’m hitting the spot. But she really goes crazy when I turn her around so she’s sitting her ass on my face in a squat position and grind my knuckles over her clit as I lick her asshole as hard and deep as I can. I’m lucky she doesn’t suffocate me as she sags down on top of me, her body jerking convulsively… although it wouldn’t be a bad way to go, surrounded by twitching girl-flesh.

As first dates go, that was pretty intense. She’s too dazed (and, I suspect, inexperienced in the ways of lady lovin’) to get me off very effectively with her tongue and fingers, so I’m still horny as I go home and make what under the circumstances I can only describe as a “booty call” to my fuck buddy Tony.

I’m stripped down to my G-string, looking at my ass in the full-length mirror in my bedroom, as he answers the phone.

“Tony, does my ass jiggle?” I ask him, in lieu of saying hello. I bounce up and down a bit on the bed, watching for the ripple effect.

“No,” he replies, “your ass is a firm little peach, baby.”

“Not even when I go on the elliptical trainer at the gym?” I ask, vaguely disappointed.

“No. By the way, you know I’m at work, right? Can we not discuss your sexy ass and all the things I’d like to do to it right now, please.”

“Not even when you bend me over and fuck me from behind?”

“No, but it jiggles when I spank it, and you’d better believe you’re going to get a good hard spanking later!” he growls, hanging up.

So now I have my second challenge of the day: can I wait until Tony gets here to spank me until my cheeks are glowing and then fuck me hard enough to make them ripple like jello?


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