The Chase

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Evie ran through the forest on a beautiful spring day, pushing herself to run faster and harder. This wasn’t an ordinary jog though. Someone pursued her. Behind her, somewhere in the woods, her She-Wolf hunted her, looking to capture the Evie Rabbit and pin her down.

Meghan was up to the chase. They were both experienced in the woods and tracking. And, if Evie Rabbit made it too difficult, there would be no catching and fucking and screaming. And that would be no fun for anybody. Today’s chase was unique since it was public. Panting, Evie stopped beside a stream, hands on her knees.

She was dressed for this run, khaki shorts roomy, but nevertheless hugging her curvy ass. Her breathable camo shirt and the sports bra keeping her girls under control. The hiking trainers molded to her feet. Still, she sweated profusely and her heart beat like a triphammer.

The thrill of the pursuit was on her, and her pussy positively dripped at the thought of what might happen when she got caught. She checked her wrist compass and got her bearings. She’d go due north for a mile. Once she got to there, she’d circle back for their camp. If she made it without being caught, Meghan owed her a new bracelet.

They’d still have vanilla sex. The question was, did Evie want to be pinned and made to come until tears ran down her cheeks or not? She kind of did, but Megan really didn’t like it if Evie threw the hunt. There would be repercussions.

So, she broke into an easy jog. After a half a mile she stopped again. Her She-Wolf was a fucking ninja. Literally. She could be feet away and Evie wouldn’t know. She couldn’t resist tweaking one nipple through her shirt and sports bra. They were already semi-erect thanks to a combination of lust and stimulation from her nipple bars and bra.

She ran her other hand between her legs; the sensation dulled by shorts and underwear. Her cunt was wet, no doubt, dark brown ringlets of hair clinging to her full lips. She wanted to reach into her shorts, but getting caught playing with herself would earn her a few licks of Meghan’s belt. Growling, she broke into a run again.

A tent stood in the distance. Shit. That meant people camped around here. This was not the place she wanted to get caught. Granted, the possibility of being discovered thrilled her, but she wasn’t sure how she felt about the near certainty of being watched while she and her dom fucked.

“Helloooo, Rabbit.” Meghan’s voice came from somewhere behind Evie.

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. There was nowhere to run. Evie turned to see her She-Wolf standing behind a clump of bushes.

The redhead stood nearly six inches taller and was all lean muscle. “Hello, She-Wolf.” She backed away. Meghan’s tight fitting khakis hugged her and her gray tank top looked painted on her perky breasts. The shirt had a trail of sweat down the front and likely a matching one down her back.

Her pale, freckled skin glistened. “Are you ready?” She patted the sling bag. The bag held a powerful battery-operated vibrator and at least five meters of rope.

“I’m not going down that easy.” Evie’s eyes darted left and right. No escape. She took a low stance. “You’re gonna need to make me. This rabbit has teeth.”

Meghan chuckled. “We’ll see.”

She came around the bush in a relaxed stance. The only tension Evie could detect in her body was around her eyes, narrowing to try to track any movements her prey might make.

Evie was a little bulkier than her dom, but in some ways, she was faster and more agile. Or so she liked to think. Though escape was unlikely, it wasn’t impossible. She moved to keep a clump of bushes and a tree between them. This dance between and around trees went on for several seconds before Evie realized she needed to make a break for it.

She turned and dashed back towards the stream she’d passed a while back. Hopefully, she’d be able to hop it at some point and fingers crossed Meghan would get caught up in the water. It was a slim possibility, but her only chance.

After a few steps though, she tripped on a branch or a stone and went down into the leaf litter. It knocked the breath out of her, but nothing more.

The trip was all Meghan needed. The lanky redhead grabbed Evie’s foot before she could get back up.

Evie turned and swept her other leg around towards Meghan’s hold. The kick lacked any real power, though and it too became trapped. Evie grunted and worked her legs to pull free. Her legs were powerful, but Meghan’s fingers had snagged in the laces. “Damn it.”

Meghan chuckled. “You’re slippery, inside and out I bet, but I’ve got you.”

Evie sat up and grabbed her lover by the straps of her tank top.

Perhaps thinking Evie had given up, Meghan moved with it and a look of surprise crossed her face when one of Evie’s legs came up as well and she threw her dom over her body. A thump and an explosion of air signaled her coming to rest.

Evie would have asked if Meghan was okay, but the loud growl answered that question. She got to her feet and tried running. The tussle had oriented her towards the tent. Avoiding tripping yet again, she was almost to the campsite when she heard Meghan put on a burst of speed.

Hands grabbed the waistband of her shorts and hauled backward. Evie collided with Meghan’s body having been yanked backward. Long arms wrapped her up. “You’re mine.” Meghan bit at Evie’s shoulder.

Yelping and then moaning, the temptation to give in was strong. Teeth on her skin sent shivers down her body and into her cunt. She reached her hands back and grabbed Meghan’s hair. She tried to turn it into a throw, but Meghan’s feet had worked in between Evie’s and she had a solid stance.

Meghan reached one hand down the front of Evie’s shorts and grabbed her tit, continuing to gnaw on the tender flesh of her shoulder.

The hand was the weak point. Evie grabbed it and pushed her thumb into the pressure point near the base of Meghan’s thumb. If she could get in control of the little wrestling match, she might turn the tables on Meghan.

Cursing, Meghan shifted her hand away from Evie’s breast and moved it down to the rounder woman’s shorts. “So that’s how you want to do it?” She dropped and yanked down in one motion.

Evie found her shorts and panties down around her ankles. The warm air and light breeze on her sweaty skin was delicious. The feeling of suddenly being exposed thrilled her. When Meghan bit her on the ass and then jerked her feet out from under her, she squealed in a mix of excitement and outrage.

The next thing Evie felt was Meghan’s weight on her back. “Now, my little rabbit, let’s see how wet this all got you.”

When Meghan’s long, slender fingers slipped inside Evie’s soaked pussy there was no resistance. She hissed in pleasure into the grass and leaves. The pressure and sense of fullness nearly made her cry out, but she was still aware on some level that there might be eyes on her. “Goood.” The word was a mix of praise and sacrilege.

It locked her feet in place while Meghan pulled the rope from her sling bag. She ran it around Evie’s calves and tied them off so she had something to hold on to. Two more swats on her ass made Evie cry out. “You lie there while I get these off.”

Evie wanted to say “get me off” but there was no need. That would happen all too soon.

Meghan pulled shorts and panties off roughly over Evie’s hikers, popping stitches. Then she ran a few loops around Evie’s legs and with practiced motions had the rope around her hands, hogtying her. Satisfied with the rope work, Meghan flipped her prey over and gloated while she stood. “Not a bad run, rabbit.” She pulled the gray tank top and sports bra off over her head, freeing her delicious looking tits. Topped by rose colored nipples, already stiff, the pair were a little less than a handful for Evie.

Now that she had been caught and tied, all the fight was gone out of Evie. She loved this helpless feeling, knowing Meghan was her protector as much as she was a hunter. She reveled in the muscles now on display as her She-Wolf came over and pulled Evie’s shirt and bra up.

“Such pretty tits you have.” Meghan smiled, tweaking one of the dark nipples now on display.

“The better to please you with.” The refrain was common enough between them. Evie glanced over towards the tent and was shocked to see someone leaning up against a nearby tree. The lady had dark skin and her short braids were done up into a topknot. She wore blue jeans and a long-sleeved gray shirt. The look on her face was anything but shocked. An intense feeling of shame at being on display warred with a sudden increase in desire, opening the floodgates between her legs and making her skin color and grow hot.

“Who’s she?” Evie whispered.

“Never you mind.” Meghan whipped the ropes around to the front of Evie’s body, framing and squeezing her tits, and then drew them tight between her legs. She used them to help keep Evie’s lips drawn back from her clit and dripping hole. Satisfied with her knotwork, Meghan drew out her wand and brought it buzzing to life.

She knelt near Evie’s legs and slapped her thigh. “You keep your eyes on hers and keep your legs open.”

“Yes, She-Wolf.” Evie looked up at the stranger, finding her dark brown eyes as commanded and locking gazes. She opened her legs and the sensation of the ropes sliding against her skin made her moan.

The bulbous head of the vibrator touched her above her hood and she had to fight to keep her eyes open. They wanted to roll back into her skull as the delicious, powerful tool sent waves of pleasure through her. She groaned at the sensation of being fucked while tied up and watched by someone whose name she didn’t know. It felt like a pool of volcanic heat was forming just under the skin of her stomach.

“You’re such a darling little rabbit. I love your pussy glistening in the sunlight.” Meghan’s voice was low and rumbly. “Isn’t it a pretty pussy? Don’t you want to come closer?”

The dark skinned woman nodded and moved so she could get a clearer view of the tool at work between Evie’s legs and the soaking slit itself. She had slid the knuckle of her right index finger between her teeth and chewed on it.

It was hard for Evie to keep watching the woman, especially as the first orgasm struck. Usually, she could sense how close she was, but this one hit her like one of Meghan’s patented sneak attacks. The ninja-gasm took the breath from her. Just as she was about to let the world know about it, another presence made itself known. Meghan had pulled a dildo from somewhere and drove it between Evie’s lips. The prone sub assumed that was the case since she was still trying to do what she was told.

“Fuck. Oh my god damn, what are you doing to me?” Evie’s question was barely audible without the wind to make it a yell. She took as deep a breath as she could and tried to move her legs to open her cunt up to more sensation, but Meghan’s ropework kept her immobile. Her thighs quivered and tensed. Legs pulled on the ropes which in turn squeezed her tits. Meghan had learned a new trick. “Fuck. Fuck. Oh shit.” She panted the words out.

The stranger had moved one of her hands to fondle the nipple now poking at the gray fabric of her shirt. She continued chewing on her knuckle as she then began to pull on the erect flesh.

Meghan pumped the dildo in and out of Evie while she moved the vibrator slowly south. “One of many, my rabbit. I’m going to make you come until you can’t stand it. Then maybe I’ll see what my new friend would do to you. What do you think about that?”

Evie didn’t have time to think. Just as the first orgasm crested and she began to come down, Meghan shifted what she was doing to keep her on the top of that wave. The She-Wolf knew how to play her lover’s body. “Unnnnn.”

“Was that a ‘yes, I’d love for her to use my tongue as her fuck toy?’ Answer me.” Meghan’s tone wasn’t cruel. It wasn’t exactly playful either.

Even in the throes of passion, Evie knew her lover was really interested. They’d talked for a long time about adding a third to their relationship. Was this it? It had to be. Evie nodded. “God yes.”

“Say it.” Meghan fucked her harder and faster and kept the vibrator right on Evie’s clit as she turned up the power.

“I want her…” Evie panted. “Fuck. I Want her to use my fucking tongue as a fuck toy, She-Wolf. I want her to sit on my face and ride it.”

The woman moved to unbutton her jeans.

Meghan growled low in her throat. “I didn’t tell you to do anything.”

“Yes, Pack Leader.” The woman’s voice was lower than Megan’s, almost a feminine baritone.

Pack? Fuck. Evie trembled to feel her juices leak down the crack of her ass and mix with the leaf litter. She thought about being circled by a pack of powerful women, each wanting to take their turn reducing her to jelly. Maybe even fucking each other for top status while they waited.

That thought and the continued skilled use of the wand brought her over the edge again. She found her voice, a high pitched keening as she came. Her head thrashed and she could no longer maintain the eye contact she’d been ordered to. “Huh. Huh. Huh. Fuh. Fuh. Oh, guh…”

Branches crackled under the dark-skinned stranger’s boots. She closed in on Evie. “I see what you meant, pack leader. She comes so beautifully.”

Evie felt Meghan pull the dildo from her, letting a rivulet of liquid stream from swollen lips. She passed it to the gorgeous third party who took it and sucked on it like a lollipop.

“Can’t. Please.” Tears streamed down Evie’s cheeks. It was a struggle for her to breathe. The mingled sensation of pain, shame, lack of control, intense pleasure all heightened her desire to a razor’s edge. She was at the top of a cliff and felt like she’d fall at any moment as her mind shattered.

“I hear you, my little rabbit. I’ll let you come down soon, but you led me on such an amazing chase.” Meghan eased the vibrator to a less sensitive area and got on her knees. She put her head between Evie’s thighs and slurped juices directly from the flow. “You taste so good. Come for me one more time.”

The last thing Evie heard as her world went white was the vibrator being turned up yet again. She howled as she went farther up the mountain than she ever had and when she woke up it was to find herself cuddled by Meghan in a sleeping bag in the very tent she’d seen earlier that day.

Her She-Wolf was bathing her face with a warm damp cloth and smiling down at her. “Well done, Evie.”

Evie smiled weakly. “Thank you, Meghan.”

The tent flap unzipped, and the stranger came in with three mugs of steaming tea. It was darker outside. She handed Meghan one of the mugs and set the third aside for Evie.

“This is Jay. She will be staying with us this weekend. We’ll get to know each other. Then maybe we can show her how our little game is played.”

Evie snuggled down into the sleeping bag, her body aching blissfully from the exercise and their loving. It would be an amazing couple of days if this was how it would start. “That sounds awesome. Welcome, Jay.”

The two doms smiled down at her and then shared a thorough kiss, growling and moaning as their lips and tongues played.

Evie enjoyed watching them as she let her free hands wander over her body. Amazing indeed.

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