The Best Sext of My Life

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photo: SexArt

I’m too tired to read anymore. I place the bookmark between the pages and lay my book down on the nightstand. I begin to set my alarm before remembering that tomorrow is Saturday. The clock reads 12:20 in the morning. She isn’t home yet.

I switch the lamp off and lie down, adjusting the covers to ward off the cold. I close my eyes. I’m drifting.

The quacking noise cuts through my impending unconsciousness. She’s messaging me. I reach through the dark for my phone, thinking I really need to change that fucking notification sound. I hate it.

“U up?” she had typed.

“Sort of where r you?”

“In a hotel room.”

What? She’s supposed to be out dancing with her girlfriends. I’d rather she were in bed with me, keeping me warm. Preferably with her hard nipple in my mouth and her moist pussy wrapped around my cock. I’ve been waiting all night for her to get back home.

“Why?” I type.

“Bumped into my lover at the club.”

“Oh. R u coming home tonight?”

“Prolly not.”

I’m thinking I’m on my own getting the kids ready for school in the morning before realizing — once again — that tomorrow is Saturday.

“K. Have fun. Be safe.” Why do I always type that? It’s a stupid thing to say. She’s the most responsible person I know. After a beat, I type, “Luv u” and pick out a kissing emoji. She sends one back.

I turn the phone off. My hand momentarily wanders to my cock. It had gotten hard at the thought of her being with her lover. But I’m too tired and I’d rather wait.

Quack, quack!

She’s texted me again: “Laying on my belly. He’s got my cheeks spread open and his tongue is buried in my ass!”

Then: “He wants you to know!”

I stare at the phone. At those words. What. The. Fuck?

“It’s really long, baby. He’s in soooooo deep OMG!!!”

Never once, since we decided she could see other people, has she ever texted or called while she’s being fucked. Not one single time. I’ve hinted. I’ve begged and cajoled. She always replied that she doesn’t want to “ruin the mood.” Real-time updates were never part of our agreement. Frustrated but respectful of her wishes, I’ve gotten accustomed to waiting for her “debriefs” while we have sex afterwards.

But now this.

I sit up. My cock is rock solid and in my hand. The other hand is holding the phone. I’m waiting for another message. Shit! Nothing.

“More?” I hit send.

“Can’t. Hands busy mouth full.”

Oh god. I stroke myself while imagining her soft, wet lips wrapped around someone else’s cock. Pumping her mouth up and down from the tip to the base like she’s done countless times with me. Precum starts to well from the head of my shaft and dribbles down to my balls. Fuck! Slow down…

“Stay tuned,” she types.

Stay tuned? For what? I’m so close to the edge. I let go of my cock and take a deep breath. I never realized how hot this would be. But I need to calm down. I have no idea where this is going. Time passes slowly. The phone screen starts to fade. After a few seconds, it turns off and I’m in darkness once more. I think about turning the lamp on but then that damn quacking noise goes off again.

It’s a picture message. Fuck!

She’s handed the phone to him. She’s on her knees looking up at the camera, her bright blue eyes filled with joy. And need. Both hands are wrapped around a cock that’s as thick as a beer can. Both hands! Side by side! The rest of the monstrous thing is buried in her mouth, her lips stretched taut and thinly around its massive girth.

The photo is so clear and so sharp I can see where she’s left bright red lipstick smears on the tight flesh and thick veins. I drop the phone as I feel my balls clench and the cum welling up from inside me. I pump my cock like a man possessed.


I let go of my convulsing shaft to frantically grab the phone again. This time it’s a three second video clip. She’s still looking up, but she’s somehow managed to get every inch of that beast all the way down her throat.

But that’s not the thing that finally sets me off.

That amazing feat of blowjob mastery isn’t the visual that makes me groan in ecstasy and catalyzes my cum to finally explode out of my cock in a wide arch over the bed.

It’s the smallest of details. A simple yet intimate gesture meant solely for the man she loves — who happens to be miles away. The man she always comes home to.

With her lover’s magnificent cock filling her mouth, all I can focus on while I’m having one of the most incredible orgasms of my life is this…

She’s winking at me.

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