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It is as hot and dry as it gets in Provence. Surrounded by rosemary and thyme, the laundry line drawn between two tall olive trees springs with each new wet piece attached. Two short sets of brick stairs to be climbed from our summer home. I am rushing to help Bunny hang the laundry.

As I lift up an armful of towels I am greeted by the back of her slender figure, standing tall in her white linen dress. She is reaching up, searching for the next available spot for her pink socks.

“What?” She catches me idle, admiring her.

While she is hanging the last one of the towels my freed hands grab her waist from behind. She is so light, so pure. And… I realize she has no undies on. She leans into me, and as if reading my mind she reaches down for my hand and places it on the small tie holding her dress just under her chest. I brush against the hardening nipple on my way to freeing her bronze skin from the white linen.

She turns, her chest bare and kisses me, keeping me at a distance as she sizes up my crotch. The restraint I have to exercise makes the urge unbearable. I have to lean against the tree to control myself, left to watch helplessly as she unbuttons my shorts and frees my dick. On her knees, she takes it in at a painfully slow pace, covering me in hot wetness all the way, over and over. My knees start shaking and the next thing I know she has her hands against the tree, presenting me with her beautiful round ass. Her hips are in my grasp, her dress on the ground and my shorts down at my ankles. My dick slides along her warm lips, and I cannot wait anymore, I close my eyes and enter her in one smooth thrust.

I hear the initial moan of pain and pleasure. I grab her by her hair and pull. Her back arches into a beautiful shape, presenting her ass to me perfectly and so I keep driving my cock deep inside of her without stopping.

My bunny starts jumping up and down in the grip of pleasure and me. We are literally rabbit fucking in the woods. In a primal urge I grab her belly and push her as hard as I can onto my dick. We are here for the deepest penetration possible.

Time seems to have stopped around us. The forest is silent, even the constant buzzing of cicadas escapes our consciousness now. I know we will be cumming soon. We’ve leaned against our tree, her back slippery with sweat rubs against my chest. I am holding her by her neck and my free hand teases her nipple, driving her wild. She turns her head towards me, and we share a glorious messy kiss as a farewell before what’s to come.

I am holding her tight when she begins to shake. The tree and the laundry line disappear and we lose balance in an intense orgasm.

Collapsed, she turns around and we laugh at the sight of ourselves. We head to the pool and dive in naked. Household chores have never been so much fun before.

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