A Husband’s Sexual Inadequacy

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Embracing the Cuckold Lifestyle

Most husbands can’t deny the voyeuristic urgency that captivates them towards watching their wives enjoy having sex with another man — especially when that man is more capable than the husband’s inadequacy in bed when it comes to arousing the wife’s sexual orgasm in ways her husband cannot achieve. Such a voyeuristic tendency is bound to arouse powerful and conflicting emotions in the husband’s mind as he soaks up the unforgettable images of his wife’s wanton display with her lover in his presence. This image achieves its satisfying conclusion when the wife displays no hint of regret and even goes as far as declaring — to her husband’s dismay — her newfound love and desire to be with her current lover and nobody else.

Such an unusual viewpoint does quite humble a husband’s mind towards accepting his diminished role in his wife’s eyes of no longer being the one to please her sexually. In the eyes of society this cuckold lifestyle might be imagined as challenging and repulsive to the outlook of modern married life. However, behind closed doors, where there’s guaranteed safety from the eyes of the modern world, many husbands are attracted towards desiring this lifestyle with their spouses. For many unaware of having succumbed to such conflicting desires beforehand, the thought of witnessing such actions happen to them personally is bound to arouse their eroticism to extremes.

As furtive as the urge might be when it initially starts setting off alarms in a husband’s head, once such an idea harbours in his mind and heart, it attains a perplexingly fast growth that he simply can’t ignore.

The urgency that afflicts most husbands desiring to see their wives assume the sexualised role of becoming a certified ‘hotwife’ is bound to proliferate alarmingly to a point where the husband is apt to question their sanity.

Most men would love to comprehend such a thought as an anomaly or standard reasoning. Whatever would be the causative reason afflicting their imaginative impulses to the point where they can’t seem to deny themselves the motivation of envisioning their wife locked in the arms of another man? A man who is deftly capable of arousing, seducing and dominating their wife’s mind and body in ways that they cannot even dream?

The quest towards resolving this urgency is bound to manifest itself upon the husband’s outlook. His desire for masturbation will definitely increase; he will become most appraising of his wife’s choice of underwear, and how delectable her clothes look on her. As the desire becomes a yearning thought, for some husbands, it is surprising that they’re able to function without some measure of erotic clumsiness. Or that they still retain the essentials of being a loving husband, when in actual fact they’re well on their way towards shredding their sense of masculinity as they face the reality of their inadequate self.

Does the realisation come as a shock to some husbands? Yes, surprisingly it does. For some, however, it provides a summation of answers to questions that have long plagued their subconscious. The fact is that they very much love their wives and would do just about anything to be a loving provider to their needs, but when it comes to matters involving sex, they will always consider themselves lacking. Seen under this new perspective, the idea of the husband submitting his wife to a credible lover becomes a sublime alternative to heal the discord that’s wrestling in his heart: of finding a suitable lover for the wife. But not merely one that’s suitable, but hopefully one that is dominant over her.

But does it end there? Not exactly. The suitable lover should also be willing to dominate the husband. Not just willing, but in the case of most couples, he should even be forthright about it.

By dominating the husband, he gets to remain settled in his submissive state of mind that the only way to let his wife enjoy the best sex is when he is out of the picture. His sense of masculinity will inevitably shrink in size compared to her lover’s supernova sense of sexual entitlement.

All over the world right now, more and more husbands and boyfriends are coming to terms with the realisation of this innate desire, this yearning that has befuddled plenty for decades. This submissiveness that guides them to indulge the realm of their cuckold nature might push them towards submitting to the wife’s lover.

As they become more enlightened and accepting of their cuckold desires, they understand that they must acknowledge their submissive approach towards their wife. As they learn to put their wife’s sexual needs and pleasures before their own, knowing that she deserves to be the sexual property of someone else, so too, their inadequacy allows them pleasures yet to come.

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