Temptation Comes to a Wife

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Where are we?” Ellen asked.

“This is my crib,” Gerald said with relish, much the same way a king would indicate his castle. He pointed at the apartment building beside where they were parked to indicate which it was. “I just need to get something and then I’ll drop you off. Come along.”

Seeing no harm in that, she stepped out of the car and followed him into the building, up the stairs to the floor where he lived. He unlocked his door and pushed it open for her to enter. Gerald’s apartment was modest and tidy. It was the kind of home fit only for a bachelor. He led Ellen past the living room through a corridor that led to the bedroom.

“This is my kingdom, Ellen. And you’re more than welcome to it.”

He came to her from behind and Ellen gave a slight jump as his hands cupped her breasts. He pulled her backwards towards him and started nibbling on her earlobe. Ellen felt herself getting weak-kneed, suddenly melting like an ice cream to his kisses and touch. Her body was finding it hard to resist, and yet her mind was screaming at her that this was wrong . . . very, very wrong.

“Wha . . . what was it . . . you said you wanted . . . to get?” She moaned the question.

“That will have to wait,” he whispered into her ear. “For now, it’s time I take care of that hot body of yours.”

“I . . . I can’t . . . I can’t . . .”

“Yes, you can. Just let me take care of it for you.”

His fingers were already working at the buttons of her blouse and in no time had freed them halfway. Her bottom was bumping against the apparent bulge in his pants. He spun her around and his lips started kissing her neckline while his hands pushed up her skirt from behind and grasped and fondled her panties-clad ass. Ellen was torn between fighting herself away from him and answering to her deepest urges. Urges she’d never before thought she possessed.

“Please . . . don’t . . . let’s not . . . Uhhh . . . take me home,” she mumbled.

“Oh yeah, I’ll take you home,” he said. “But first, let me give you what you want.”

Their lips met and Ellen felt herself let go as his tongue began probing the interior of her mouth. Her arms went around his neck and their kiss deepened passionately. He pulled her body firmly towards him, inserted his hand into the back of her panties and impatiently it slid between the crack of her ass cheeks for whatever buried treasure it could find. Ellen became wet instantly. She felt like she’d just been hit with a high dose of electricity as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around her boss’s waist, still having her lips interlocked with his.

Gerald held onto her, now probing her cunt with two fingers. Together they fell to the bed and continued squirming against each other. Gerald had her blouse open. He freed her tits from her bra and wrapped his mouth upon one of them. Ellen moaned and squirmed under him. He had one hand under her head which then went to pinching her free breast while his mouth engulfed the other, and his other hand probed the wet interior of her snatch. Ellen was on fire. Her hips catapulted up and down; her cunt made love to his finger while he bit down hard on each of her tits. Then he looked at her and grinned.

“See what I told you. You’re nothing but a hungry white slut, and I’m going to give you what you seriously need.”

He finger-fucked her hard and rough. Ellen couldn’t stem down her cries from exploding. Her pussy muscles contracted against his fingers and her body started to shiver when he rubbed his thumb against her clit and resumed nibbling on her nipple. Ellen’s breath came out in harsh gasps and her hands gripped his shoulders hard when she felt herself explode into an orgasm.

“Ohhh my God! Ohh my God!” she moaned aloud, still reeling from her climax. It had been a long time since she’d had a climax that explosive.

He kissed her roughly, shoving his tongue down her throat as far as he could before pulling away from her. He stood up and began removing his clothes. Ellen was still on the bed, gasping, asking herself — what just happened to me?—when Gerald roughly pulled her skirt from her legs and ripped off her panties. He spat on her snatch opening and then started eating up her pussy. This sent Ellen high up the stratosphere once again; her hands caressed his head while her hips kept on pushing her cunt up to his probing tongue. A moment later he got up and inched forward until he was on top of her with his erect cock leaving a trail of pre-cum over her chest until it was a few inches from her face.

“Now, open your mouth and take that black cock, bitch!” he ordered her.

Ellen surprisingly didn’t hesitate. She raised her head up from the bed and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him off. Gerald held her head up with his hands while she went on sucking and stroking his shaft at the same time; her mouth could barely get past four inches of his cock. He leaned forward over her and jerked his hips forward, giving her more meat to swallow.

“Yeah . . . that’s it, Ellen. Go ahead and suck that cock,” he muttered encouraging words at her. “Keep sucking that cock like you’re in love with it … roll our tongue around my knob . . . Ohhh yeah . . . that’s it. You’re a real slut, you know that. Go on suck that cock like the white milf slut that you are . . . suck that cock, bitch.”

Ellen was enjoying the name-callings he was giving her and it made her worship his cock more, slobbering and making grunting sounds as he shoved it hard and rough into her mouth. Spittle rolled down the sides of her mouth and tears poured from her eyes but still she kept on sucking him. He raised himself up and held up his shaft and told her to worship his balls. He held them out for her and she took each testicle into her mouth, rolling her tongue and lolling over them. This was an act she’d never done to her husband, and she reasoned that if Tim were ever to catch her doing this, he’d be more than just jealous.

“Alright, bitch. Time I get myself a taste of that white first-grade-teacher pussy of yours.”

Gerald came off Ellen and then he mounted her, holding his shaft in his hand and pushing it through the tight labia walls of her cunt. Ellen tightened her grip on his shoulders, shut her eyes and gave a squeezed off moan as his cock pushed through the lining of her pussy and into her wet end-zone. The feeling was exquisite. Her legs rose up suddenly and wrapped themselves over his back, pulling him to her body. Gerald gave his cock a further thrust into her pussy, going for gold.

“Ahh!” she cried out as she felt his cock strike deep. “Awww . . . shit! Oh my God! You’re killing me!

Gerald grunted into her ear. “Don’t worry, bitch! I ain’t done with your cunt yet!”

His ass went bouncing up and down, slamming his cock in and out of her cunt, taking it deeper and further than anyone had ever been before . . . His cock was taking her to heights she never knew existed . . . and inside her, though she was hurting, she was loving it.

“Yeahhhh . . . how’re you liking that cock, bitch?” Gerald sneered into her ear. “You’re loving it, aren’t you.” He grabbed her hair and yanked it hard. “Go on, bitch. Tell me how much you’re loving that black cock!”

Ellen whimpered, “Uhh yes . . . yes! I’m loving . . . loving it!”

“That’s not what I said, slut! I said tell me you’re loving that black cock! Say it!

“I’m loving your black cock! Ohh God, I’m loving your black cock!

“That’s good. Now tell me you want more of my black cock.”

“I want . . . I want your black cock . . . more!”

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted to hear. Ohh baby, I’m gonna give you my black cock real good.”

Gerald rolled on his back, taking Ellen along with him. He had her straddle him and the moment his cock slipped back inside her, he was pistoning his hips up and down as fast as he could, fucking her pussy while his balls slapped against the bottom of her ass. Ellen leaned over his face, howling and screeching her moans, being driven mad by ecstasy. She feebly beat her palm on his chest but even that didn’t slow him down. Gerald was unconcerned about her cries; all that was in his mind was him tearing up this pussy as good as he could. Ellen felt his cock slamming into her as if she were being struck by lightning. His size was incomparable to any cock she’d ever fucked before, but more than that, the way he was fucking her—so intense and so aggressive — was far from the gentle approach her darling Tim used on her. The experience was unlike any she’d had before, and it didn’t take long before she found herself giving a loud shriek of utter joy at having reached her second climax.

Gerald wasn’t done with her. He growled like a jungle animal, rolling once again to be on top of her. He prodded her legs aside with his thighs—his cock still immersed in her wet-filled pussy —and returned to pounding her hard once again. Thick drops of sweat fell from his face and rolled down his neck and their breathing sounded like hurrying train whistles. Ellen was so lost in the motions that she was barely aware of his approaching orgasm until it was too late. Her eyes came awake with what he intended to do and in that instant her brain screamed to her with alarming signals.

“No! No, no, no . . . don’t cu . . . Uhhh . . . don’t cum inside me! Please don’t!” She groaned.

Too late.

Her boss half sat up, gripped her arms—his face squeezed into a sweaty mask of intensity — his lips opened with a loud groan as he spurted his load of semen inside her cunt. Ellen couldn’t help but moan louder from the feeling, nearly lifting herself from the bed, before Gerald collapsed on top of her. He stayed on her for a few seconds before rolling off to the side; his breathing felt as if he’d just run a triathlon.

Ellen was in a state of undeniable bliss, though not for long. She lay there beside her boss, feeling her heart starting to grow calm, and also the heat that was coming from her pussy. Her reached a hand to her cunt and felt his cum pouring out of her. She couldn’t believe he’d cum inside of her . . . that she’d gotten herself drunk, seduced, and then fucked by her boss, and to top it all off, he’d ejaculated his semen inside of her.

Oh God, what am I going to do now?

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