Thaddeus Black Stops By

Thaddeus Black cruised into Sherman Oaks in his custom-made Coupe DeVille. He lounged with one hand holding the wheel and the other reclining out...
Damien Dsoul
9 min read

Master Shango and his Women

Black Master Olu Shango had finished his lunch nearly an hour ago and right now he was having his dessert. Dessert, however, consisted of...
Damien Dsoul
13 min read

Temptation Comes to a Wife

“Where are we?” Ellen asked. “This is my crib,” Gerald said with relish, much the same way a king would indicate his castle. He pointed...
Damien Dsoul
6 min read

Down the Rabbit Hole

Noon, the following day. I’d been watching Heidi and her niece as much as I could and realized they stuck to each other like...
Damien Dsoul
10 min read

Black Negligee part two

Mya’s POV It was a good thing I caught up with Becky before she went out. I was glad I rescued my high heels...
Damien Dsoul
4 min read