Suds and Sex

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photo: SexArt

The sounds of slow jazz fill the room as I look out over the frozen landscape that surrounds Lake Superior. The sun is just sinking below the horizon and the cold winter night is creeping at the floor-to-ceiling windows in the bathroom as the steam from the Jacuzzi starts to fill the room. I finish lighting the last candle and the low yellow light casts a glow across the room as the scent of warm rich vanilla fills the air.

I wrap my hair up and slip off the black silk and step into the steamy hot water as he walks in with a glass of red wine. He kneels next to the tub and gives me a slow kiss as he hands me the glass. His lips caress mine as he slowly slips his tongue in my mouth and deepens our kiss. My breath quickens as he stirs my insides with wanting.

He pulls away and smiles that wicked grin and slowly starts to unbutton his shirt. I sip my wine and drink in the sight of him, tall with a head of thick black curls, chiseled jaw line and thick broad muscular shoulders that lead to a washboard stomach and a deep v that makes me always want to trail my tongue along it. He meets my gaze as he slides off his slacks and moves toward me completely naked, his thick erection taunting me. He slides in behind me and I lie back against him, slightly in awe of the way our bodies mold so perfectly together.

His hands slide up my arms, bringing the suds with him as he starts to rub the knots out of my neck. I feel my head roll back as he deepens the kneading and I completely relax in the space and let out a sigh. The stress of the day leaves my body as his hands slide back down my arms and he pulls me close. I feel his lips on the nape of my neck as his hands find their way to my nipples and he begins to toy and tease them. I gasp in pleasant surprise as I feel his cock flex against me; I set my wine glass down and turn in the tub to face him.

Wet with longing and craving his taste, I crush my mouth to his and wind my hands into his hair as the heat between us intensifies. His arms wrap down and around my ass as he lifts me up onto the edge of the tub. I look at him in surprise as he gives my lips a gentle peck and proceeds to map my body with his mouth.

He starts at my clavicle, traveling his tongue along the curve and nipping my shoulder. I lean back against the wall and let the majestic feeling of his mouth on me cloud my vision. His hands rubbing their way along my calves, kneading out the knots I did not know I had as his mouth is making its way down to my nipple. His tongue comes out cold and fast against my skin that is warmed from the tub. I moan as his mouth devours my breasts and his hands slide their way up my thighs and begin to trail along the inside of my bikini line.

Wet with wanting, I guide his thumb to my clit in invitation and I feel him smile against my stomach. His mouth moves along my stomach to meet his fingers and together they perform a dance on my pretty pink wet pussy. His tongue glides inside me as his thumb is rubbing my clit with that perfect amount of pressure. Feeling my orgasm building he gives my lips a little nip and I explode in his mouth. Orgasm racking my whole body he brings his mouth to mine and together we taste the rewards of his work.

Selfishly craving the feel of him inside me, I slide myself down into the suds directly onto his erect cock. Again, in awe at the way he fits inside me just right. I start to move on top of him as his hands reach up and around my back. Breath for breath, I hear him moan my name as I take him deeper, water sloshing over the side as I watch his eyes roll back and feel his body coil like a spring. I ride us both over the edge and we cum together, suds and steam enveloping us completely.

He rests his forehead against mine and slowly breathes out my name in a kind of comfort that warms my heart. As he curls me against him and I feel myself sigh, this is what love is I think to myself as I drift off in his arms, suds surrounding us.

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