Innocent Intentions 2

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This week marked the 20th anniversary premiere of the movie Cruel Intentions. It dawned on me just how long it had been since 1999, when I saw the banner on the wall. I marveled at how young the actors looked on the poster, side by side with my own reflection on the window, much changed since my innocent introduction to the film many years ago.

I was too young then to see it in theaters, but I at least caught it on video a few years later. I went to see it again this week to recap the story. I didn’t quite remember what happened, since I was pleasantly occupied the last time I watched it.

I viewed the film with a sense of wonder and excitement. But then, I began to daydream in the theater about other things. Soft hands on my body. Her arms wrapped around me. Her wetness.

It was still a good show, but I began to realize why the movie was even important to me in the first place. It was my experience of not watching it that made it special.

I saw Erica in my head the entire time. I wondered what she was doing, if she was somewhere watching this in another city. If she was also thinking of me.

I decided to take a trip up north for Spring break. I drove to my old neighborhood, to the exact house that hosted all those fond memories. I smiled, noticing the massive amount of tiny rocks accumulated in the alley, right below our old bedroom windows.

I parked on the side street and began writing a letter to Erica. I knew her family still owned that house, so it would get to her eventually. It would also omit the awkward situation of an ex-girlfriend calling out of the blue. That’s not my style, anyway. A handwritten letter says so much more than a voicemail or text message.

As I put the paper in the mailbox, I sensed some commotion. A frenzied multitude of cars pulled in, blocking me from leaving. Everyone looked distraught, all dressed in black. I waited a while to let them pass, but there was no exit.

I stood there a little longer to see what was going on, and that’s when I saw her. My Erica, still just as gorgeous as I remembered. A more mature version of herself, in a thin black dress and tall black heels. My, how she’d blossomed. She spotted me instantly and headed in my direction.

“Jesus Christ, Kat? Is that you?” she asked, holding her arms out in an embrace.

“Yes it’s me,” I smiled, taking her in my arms. I felt the warmth of fresh tears press against my cheek as she wrapped her arms around me. It didn’t take but a moment to figure out what had happened.

Her father had just passed away and the family had gathered at his place to mourn. I learned that he had left the house to her, which meant she was now responsible for settling his estate. Although it was wonderful to see her again, it saddened me that it was under these circumstances.

“I’m so sorry about your dad,” I said solemnly, “and for just popping up like this.”

“Never mind that,” she said sweetly. “He loved you. I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded…and I loved you, too.”

A small tear trickled down her face, and instead of letting it fall, I instinctively caught it with my finger. That gentle brush made her smile.

“So, what have you been up to? What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I was taking a trip down memory lane,” I replied nervously. “I didn’t know what to expect but I just had to come back here…to see…”

“See what?” she asked, “…me?”

“Yeah,” I nodded shyly. “I know it’s been a long time but something told me to come. Honestly, I never stopped thinking about you. What we had… it meant everything to me.”

There was silence between us. Thick and heavy. Silence that screamed a thousand words between her thoughts and mine.

Suddenly, Erica pulled me close and kissed me deeply. The heat of her lips, instantly liquifying my insides. The sweet taste of them, even better than before. It was as if no time had passed between us. We kissed as if we’d never been apart.

She took my hand and led me inside. I paid my respects to the rest of her family and had a brief meal. Slowly but surely, her company trickled down in number, until it was just the two of us left in the house.

The emptiness and sudden quiet filled me with anticipation. I knew she felt it, too. Erica stood at the door awhile, after letting the last person leave. Then, her eyes turned to me. Her gaze was like a magnet pulling me closer.

There was a strange calm between us, like we were standing in the eye of a storm. And at any moment, we’d both be swept away in its winds and spiral out of control.

I surrendered to it and slowly leaned in, kissing her lips softly. That kiss broke the calm, quickly elevating into a rapid of lust. My body pressed hers against the door. Our fingers entwined above her head, thighs clamped together. Our gentle languid kisses turned into fiery presses, full of longing and passion.

These same luscious lips were the first to ever touch mine. It was these hands in mine that delicately paved the road to my sexual journey. I felt so blessed to feel them again.

Erica was the old flame that never blew out. The one I should have never let go. This was my chance to show her just how much she’d been missed.

I wasn’t a shy little virgin anymore, and neither was she. It would be interesting to see how much we’d both learned about sex after all this time. The suspense thrilled me.

I reached behind her and unzipped her little black dress, letting it fall to the floor. I took a moment to admire her delicate frame and softly kissed her skin.

Then, I stepped back and went up the staircase. I undressed slowly, beckoning her to follow me. She grinned seductively as she kicked off her heels. We moved intricately, kissing and fondling, leaving trails of bras and panties, messily up the stairs.

She pulled me up and we hit every wall like little pinballs, until we finally made it to the closest bed within reach.

The house was so quiet, I could hear every breath, and every sexy whisper. Our skin sliding, lips smacking. It was a beautiful tune, especially composed just for this moment.

She lay me down on the bed and pressed her breasts to mine. I wrapped my legs around her waist, softly thrusting on her pussy.

Her wetness mingled with my own. Our bodies pressed so close, I could feel her heart beating on my skin. She held me tight and thrust her hips firmly on me. Friction building between us, fueled with erotic energy.

I melted like wax to a flame as she dragged her tongue down my body. My back arched as she sucked and licked my breasts. She licked all over my stomach. Then, nibbled my hips as she positioned her arms under my thighs.

My body shivered as she kissed my pussy softly. Her tongue just lightly touched my clit. The gentle teasing made me ache for more. I craved every press of her lips as they grazed on and off me. She spread my legs even wider, cuffing her arms around my thighs. Her fingers reached in between, spreading my pussy lips apart.

She gave it a long wet stripe, then softly blew on my overheated clit. She looked up at me with those sultry brown eyes. Swirling her head in circles as I thrust my hips violently, trying desperately to fuck the slightest breeze.

“You better calm down,” she warned, “or I will leave your pussy just like this.”

Erica held out her tongue, just slightly out of reach. I tried to fuck it but couldn’t quite get to it. The sudden loss of contact drove me crazy!

“Please don’t do that,” I begged. “I’ll be still, I promise.”

“That’s my good girl,” she purred as she continued to blow on my clit.

It seemed we had both delved into this type of play, as I fell right into character as her little slave, and her, my Mistress. The thought excited me. I imagined her experiences along with mine as practice, leading to this very moment. And we were merely picking up where we left off.

I felt my wetness leak down to my ass as she kissed my clit lightly. As much as I wanted to thrust my hips wildly, I remained still, just as I promised. Taking every slow wet press, and being grateful for it. She sucked my clit gently, then blew on it again, driving me insane. My poor little pussy was throbbing all over.

She looked deep into my eyes as she curled her tongue into me, then let me see my wetness dripping from her lips. My heart nearly stopped, watching her lick it up and swallow it down. I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to. I loved every minute of this sweet torture. The more my pussy swelled, the slower her kisses.

“Don’t you dare cum yet,” she whispered sexily, giving my inner thigh a pleasant bite.

Her sharp words made me obey instantly. She sucked my flesh again, smoothly sliding her mouth up and down my pussy, hitting my sweet spot. But before I got enough of her tongue, she’d withdraw again, blowing softly on my flesh.

“Please, let me cum,” I begged. “Please, I can’t take this…”

“Yes, you can baby,” she whispered seductively, “Hold it for me just a little longer.”

She smiled sexily, seeing tears trickle down my face, then kissed my clit gently again. By now, it was throbbing and hard as a pearl.

“I know you want to cum,” she whispered sexily.

“Yes,” I moaned, getting weaker.

“So…cum,” she smiled, as she continued to torment me.

My legs grew numb, holding my position, as she pushed me inch by inch into the most powerful climax I’d ever had. Juices sprayed all over her mouth. My pussy was soaked, my entire body shaking. I nearly blacked out from the hard thumping of my flesh as I screamed in pleasure. Smiling in bliss that I finally let it all go.

She let my thighs down carefully as she leaned up to kiss me. Her wet lips, warm and sweet, tasting of me. I licked and sucked my juices from her mouth and pushed her body up with my knees, letting her thighs straddle my face. Her pussy was drenched, smearing a hot wet trail up my chest.

I gripped her wrists firmly as my knees stayed pressed at the small of her back. Her pussy spread open for me, just the way I like. I swirled my tongue slowly up and down her slit, her wetness leaking to my neck. I lightly swiped it from side to side as she thrust her hips up and down.

I didn’t give her much room to move. The more she wriggled, the tighter I held her wrists, and the slower my pace. Her body shivered, glistening with sweat as I boldly reciprocated her teasing. I slipped my tongue inside her, tasting her taut slippery walls. Then, I clamped my lips tightly around her clit and hummed loudly on it. The vibration rumbled from my mouth to her pussy, causing her thighs to tremble across my face.

As soon as I felt her clit swell between my lips, I sucked it deeply, like the sweetest candy I’d ever tasted. My tongue rolling over and under until she melted into shivers. She screamed loudly, her pussy rumbling on my lips. I kissed every beat until it calmed, then finally loosened my grip.

Erica collapsed back. I lifted up to follow. I lay on top of her as we kissed tenderly. Our lips pressing in sweet apology for driving each other crazy. My fingers slowly squeezed inside her, as her thighs spread over the soaked sheets. Her fingers eased inside me, matching in pressure.

The room was spinning, the walls echoed with moans and screams as the darkness cloaked our glistening bodies. Reenacting our pleasure, making up for lost time with every powerful climax we gave each other. We went back in time to when time meant nothing, and nothing else mattered.

I felt as if I’d run around a giant circle, only to be led right back here, right into her arms. Everything I’d been through. Every mistake I made. Every accomplishment. It all tied together like an intricately woven pattern, in which she and I were merely single threads.

What a remarkable blessing to have those two threads woven together to create a beautiful story. Even when that story would also, soon, turn into just a fond memory.

If it was only for one night that I would get to touch my first love again, I would happily take it. After all, I did remember to leave her my contact information in that letter she had yet to read. Now that we had cell phones and internet, I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to reach out to each other again.

Innocent Intentions

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