Spin the Bottle

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Her first bout with the silly game. Her first for other things, too…

Jane was a little nervous. It was her first sex party and here she was sitting in the circle about to play her first game of ‘Spin the Bottle.’ She felt pathetic. Here she was, 24 year old and she had never played the adolescent game. She supposed it would be a good icebreaker. However, she was used to lame small talk and short introductions to break the proverbial ice. Not lip to lip contact.

Chris had nudged her shoulder when the announcement had been made. Whoever wanted to play was being called to join the circle of people on the floor.

Jane had been inclined to say no. She was a little shy and could not wrap her mind around the thought of kissing other people while her partner was watching her every move. She wasn’t even sure if she could stomach the thought of his lips meeting any other but her own.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’m not going to play. But I think you should. I just want to watch…”

So, Jane had joined the circle of strangers and enrolled herself to play.

Her heart was thundering in her chest. She swore if anyone looked at her, they’d be able to see her lacy lingerie top shift with each contraction of her heart. She swallowed hard and watched the bottle spin. She wasn’t quite sure if she even wanted to kiss these people. She had never kissed another girl before, and Chris knew it. It was — she was sure — part of the reason why he’d wanted her to play.

She definitely didn’t want to kiss the males sitting in the circle. The thought repulsed her. Kissing was weirdly intimate for her. She didn’t want to kiss another man.

But the rules were made clear. Nobody needed to do anything they’d feel uncomfortable with. It consoled her a little. As did the reassuring squeeze on her shoulder as Chris took a seat on the couch behind her — his front row seat to the show.

Round and round the bottle spun.

Thankfully it didn’t land on Jane until her nerves had somewhat settled. She was supposed to kiss a girl. A sweet, cute, bubbly little thing who’d made an effort to make Jane more comfortable. She wouldn’t mind if this was to be her first girl on girl kiss.

Not at all.

Jane turned to Chris and winked before standing up and meeting her match in the middle of the circle. With a deep breath in, she raised her hand to the slender neck of the girl and pulled in closer. She didn’t have time to think about it as her match leaned in and met Jane’s lips with her own.

It was…different. A little magical in all honesty. Her lips were so soft. Smooth. Supple — a stark contrast to the rough beard she was used to feeling rub against her chin. The girl was gentle. Her tongue teasing, nudging against Jane’s lips. Asking for an invitation inside.

Jane gave it to her, and couldn’t help her roaming hands. She was enraptured. Captivated.

She wanted to explore this woman’s body. She wanted to know what it would feel like to make her moan. Wanted to know how she would taste.

Jane entangled a hand in the girl’s hair as the other ran down the curves of her body. She felt — really felt — the gentle curve of her breasts. They were quite a bit bigger than Jane’s own, but she didn’t feel insecure. Not in the least. She wanted to know what the weight of them would feel like in her hands. Wanted to know how her mouth would fit around the nipples that were almost peeking out from the sheer top with the plunging neckline.

The crowd giggled as the two women put on a show. Not intentionally. Both were equally intrigued. Both were equally enjoying the attention.

And when the girl’s hand found its way past Jane’s waist and underneath her short skirt…Jane wanted nothing more than to make their way to the bedroom at the other end of the house.

She wanted Chris to follow, and wanted him to watch as she made love to a woman for the first time. She so badly wanted to take her time. Make it slow, sensual, romantic.

They would lie on the bed, their lips never lifting from the other’s body. They would taste each other. Lick their skin as they lay tangled on the sheets. The sheets that would eventually be soaked with both sweat and arousal.

The scene flashed in Jane’s mind.

Her panties were getting wet.

Both their panties were getting wet.

The slender fingers found their way between Jane’s legs. Finding that puddle of arousal.

A moan filled Jane’s mouth, stoking the fire of heated desire.

“Fuck, ladies. Let’s move this party into the bedroom and let us all join in, huh?”

A fierce blush bloomed across Jane’s cheeks. She reluctantly broke the kiss and gazed into the eyes staring back at her. The eyes that were holding the same spark. The same flame as Jane’s own. She wanted it too. Wanted to take Jane and satisfy her. To please her until she was shaking uncontrollably. Until she was screaming out her name. Until she was too exhausted to move. Too exhausted to think.

Jane’s lips were still wet with traded saliva as she turned back to her seat, trying to calm her sporadic heartbeat.

“That was fucking hot, babe. How was it?”

Jane couldn’t answer him. She was enthralled. Taken aback at how much she loved it. Taken aback at how quickly the fantasy had formed in her mind.

“It was…good.” She answered quietly, reaching over to spin the bottle. Watching it turn, wondering who it would land on — excited about who it would land on.

“It was good.”

She whispered once more and grinned at the woman the bottle pointed at. Ready to relive the same experience again, and again, and again.

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