Something about Charlie

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We have a neighbour who lives next door to us named Charlie. He is in his forties, a former Marine turned software entrepreneur, athletic and a very affable type of guy. He has a Ferrari in his garage that he refers to as his pride and joy. He was once married, but that ended several years ago. Since then he has remained single, and according to him, isn’t thinking about getting hitched for the foreseeable future.

Charlie has his seductive peculiarities, and I suspect these are what attracted Amber, my wife, towards him.

Amber never failed to gush over him. It was all done innocent-like, but there were times when I couldn’t help speculating about the reason she never ceased talking about Charlie non-stop. If she even saw him in his yard washing his Ferrari, she’d be bound to give me an earful about that. It was irritating at times listening to her frequent yapping about Charlie like he did something magnificent. I couldn’t help feeling jealous sometimes. But I tried to ride the wave and not complain, until it eventually got to the point where I couldn’t think straight anymore.

“Amber, for fuck’s sake, what is it with you about Charlie this and Charlie that every goddamn day?” I complained one evening while we were having dinner and she was narrating to me Charlie’s latest acquisition: a statuesque blonde he had begun dating.

Amber glared at me from across the table and for a moment I thought she was going to hurl her fork at me.

“Well, I’m sorry my talk has put you in a foul mood, Jeff,” she said sulkily. “Let’s just continue with dinner then.”

I felt relieved that evening when she didn’t mention Charlie’s name anymore, nor the following day or the day after. It was like we were back to being ourselves before Charlie moved into our lives. Except now and then I’d run into Charlie and caught the way he smiled at me. It looked more like he was sneering and I began suspecting something odd was going on that I was unaware of.

Charlie was a womaniser. He had women flocking in and out of his house almost every day of the week. He had introduced Amber and I to several of them. Each one looked as beautiful as the next, from gorgeous blondes to sexy brunettes and redheads. Each time I’d speculate that this would be the one to ensnare him back into monogamy, and each time I was wrong.

One afternoon I returned home early from work. The house appeared quiet at first; Amber had left a note saying she had taken off to the gym. I went into the kitchen to see about getting something to eat but stopped when I heard a strange noise coming from upstairs. It sounded like something bumping against the wall. I forgot everything I had in mind and went up the stairs to investigate.

The noise was coming from our bedroom, the door of which was left ajar. I approached it and took a peek inside. My eyes widened with shock at what I was seeing: Amber was lying in bed naked and a man — a black man who resembled Charlie — was on top of her, fucking her. It took some seconds for me to ascertain for real that it was my esteemed neighbour. That took me off-guard and my feet remained rooted behind the bedroom door beholding what was going on in my bedroom, telling myself that in no way was this a dream. I even pinched myself just to make sure. No, this was real.

Charlie had Amber’s feet propped on his shoulders.

I could hear his cock slamming into her hard.

Amber gasped and groaned and pleaded for more.

“Uhh . . . Uuhh . . . yes, yes, yes! Fuck me just like that! Ohh . . . Charlie, I fucking love your cock!”

I rested my back against the wall, feeling my spirit drain from my soul, telling myself I hadn’t just heard what she said. They went silent for a moment and I went back to peeping through the doorway and saw he had turned her over onto her elbows and knees and was fucking her doggy style. I heard his cock slam into her like thunderclaps. The way she groaned in response, the expletives that flew out of her mouth told me she was having the time of her life.

“Oh yeah . . . that’s it. babe! Fuck that pussy, babe! Aaawhhhh fuck that pussy!”

Then I heard Charlie say: “You want me to fuck your pussy hard, don’t you, bitch?”

“Aaahhhh yes, babe! Fuck my pussy with that big black dick! Uuhhh . . . fuck me like those other whores you bring to your home.”

Charlie smacked her ass. Amber yelped aloud. I bit my finger to keep myself from making a sound. He went on fucking her harder.

“You want to be one of my whore-bitches, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, babe!” Amber hissed. “I want to be your next door bitch. Please, make me your bitch.”

To think that I would hear my wife utter these words to another man — a neighbour who at the moment was fucking her in our bedroom! — was inconceivable to me. But I was there listening to it, hearing her plead for him to fuck her, make a whore-wife out of her . . . hell, I was fucking watching it! I even listened as he climaxed. That was when I returned down the stairs and left the house.

I got back in my car and went for a drive around the neighbourhood. When I returned an hour later the house was as I had left it in the morning. Amber was in the kitchen making supper; Charlie was nowhere to be found. Amber inquired where I’d been. I gave her a pathetic lie about getting lost in the city. She didn’t bother to question me further; like she really didn’t care.

The days went on. But now I wasn’t the dumb fool that I had been prior to what I’d discovered was going on between my wife and my neighbour. We went on like nothing was amiss. Amber didn’t often bring up the subject of Charlie when we were together, but I tried to take note of her irregularities. I did try to be home as early as I could make it.

Twice so far I’ve caught Charlie fucking her in our bedroom.

One weekend she practically chased me out of the house with a list of edibles to buy at the deli. Charlie had waved at me as he was mowing his front lawn at the time. I hid in a clump of bushes across the street and watched as Amber came out through the back door and signalled him over. I watched Charlie switch off his lawnmower and go over to join her. I gave them five minutes before going across, ducking as I passed the living room windows where I thought I caught a glimpse of them together. I made it to the back door and let myself in as quietly as I could. They were in the living room making out. Amber sat astride him on my favourite couch. I tried not to breathe too much as I listened in on their kissing and moaning.

Charlie asked: “How long do you think it’s gonna take cuck boy to get back home?”

“Maybe an hour,” Amber answered. “But let’s not bother about him. I saw your latest catch last night through my window.”

“Oh yeah. She’s a marketing executive from out of state.”

“I don’t care who the bitch is or where you hooked up with her. I would have preferred if you were fucking me instead.”

Charlie laughed. “You jealous, babe?”

“I am,” Amber cooed as she slid down on her knees to free his cock out of his shorts. “I’m jealous that some other bitch is enjoying this cock of yours when I should be having it instead.”

She sucked his cock.

He propped her on the couch and fucked her.

She squealed and afterwards he came in her mouth.

I sneaked back out of the house and went and bought the bread and it was like nothing happened at all. Just another typical weekend for us.

Halloween arrived and Charlie threw a party and invited us to come over. Amber dressed up as a Scarlet Witch; I went and bought myself a Freddy Krueger sweater and hat, but left out the face mask and the knife gloves. Other neighbours had been invited as well. It was past nine in the evening and through the bedroom window I could see other couples coming over, all of them dressed in their eerie outfits. Amber was applying some last minute make-up to her face.

“How do I look, honey?” She turned to me and struck a pose.

“Looking great,” I said. “So, how long have you and Charlie been fucking?”

I meant to surprise her with the question, but I was unprepared for how she responded, without a hitch or tense moment.

“Been going on about a month now,” she said as she applied more lipstick. “About the time you told me to quit talking about him. You remember that?”

“I do. You don’t sound surprised that I know.”

“I’ve known since that first time you caught us, darling,” she laughed. “Since that day you came home early and found us fucking. You thought you were slick, but you made more noise than a stampeding herd. Charlie and I figured already that soon you’d know. He wanted me to tell you. But I suggested instead that it’d be best you find out the hard way. It’s why I’ve been bringing him over here to fuck.”

“You wanted me to find out the hard way?” I repeated her words, stunned by how unconcerned she was. “Is that all you have to say?”

“What else would you expect me to say, Jeff?” she snapped, to which I gave no response. She set down her lipstick then went about cleaning her vanity table.

“We’ve fucked plenty of times at his place, darling. He’s such a beast in bed. He’s everything I can ever possibly want from a real man; you’re too much of a sissy to understand that. The first time we fucked, I realised then why plenty of women love flocking to him. Come on, let’s get going. Maybe you can get a chance to iron things out with him. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from him.”

She picked up her cell phone then switched off the light and walked out of the room with me following behind.

This story is inconclusive and could be the beginning of a longer piece. For now, it’s too early to make that claim. Either way, hopeful you’ll enjoy it. Do show your appreciation by clapping for it.

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