Mr. E

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My son’s father was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. The moment I laid eyes on him, I knew right then I wanted his baby.

Yes, that was a crazy thought and an even crazier stunt I pulled this fine April night, precisely 10 years ago. Still, even now, I have no regrets.

Ok, maybe a strip club wasn’t the best place to pick up a guy. It’s a bit unusual to share lap dances with your future sperm donor.

Ah, yes. I wanted to make that clear. It wasn’t him I was after. It was his genes. He was the most genetically perfect human I’d ever met and I wanted all of it inside me.

At the time I met him, I had a girlfriend. We’d been together for a few years and wanted to start a family together, but I wasn’t comfortable with doing things the scientific way. It was my body on the line, so I made the decision to physically choose my own partner.

He was perfect! Tall, dark, and handsome. Sexy dimples and arms that could break chains. I was also impressed with his demeanor and wide vocabulary. He was a Biology major and former military man with a certain softness about him. That was the exact package I was looking for.

I explained my situation thoroughly. Without hesitation, he mentioned his family history that was a bit risky. But I took a chance. I wanted his genes…dancing inside my uterus in the most reproductive way possible.

That evening, I took him home to meet my other half. We made him comfortable and took another moment to recheck my ovulation. I knew it was time. We were going to make biological magic!

We shall call him Mr. E. My prized vessel through my journey into parenthood who will always have a piece of me in him and a piece of himself in my world. My God, was he beautiful. I couldn’t wait to play with him.

I came into the bedroom in my tight black silk robe, open at the chest. No panties. He was already naked, sitting on the bed. And I swear, as soon as he saw me, I saw his cock instantly rise to attention. I bit my lip, impressed by the gesture. As gorgeous as he was, he was actually a bit shy with me. His first instinct was to cover himself. It was like trying to hide a bottle of water from someone dying of thirst.

I took his hands in mine and carefully straddled his lap. I let his cock rest on my stomach, right over the knot on my silk robe. I gripped his broad shoulders and kissed him softly, my hands trailing to the sides of his thick neck. I pressed my breasts to his chest and danced on his thighs as he held my bottom firmly. As soon as I felt his precum leak on my skin, I lifted my hips, and guided his cock inside me. I was already wet. My little oven had been preheating all day, and I was ready to bake.

He thrust smoothly into me, instantly reaching my deepest core. I wound my hips in circles, stirring his cock inside me. I felt my walls tighten around his shaft as his cock grew harder. His long thick lashes fluttered wildly on my collarbone as he groaned in pleasure. His muscles tensed and his strong arms held me tight. I whirled my hips faster, cradling his face to my chest. And with a low growl of pleasure, he burst inside me. His thighs shuddered then relaxed.

Something told me not to move. I looked into his eyes and smiled. There was a sensual expression on his face that I couldn’t ignore. So, I kissed him softly. Then suddenly, he lifted me up and lay me down on the bed. He pressed his gorgeous body to mine and held my thighs firmly over his arms. His cock had yet to come out of me, demonstrating his exquisite control.

He fucked me in a graceful rhythm, like his cock was a thick drumstick pleasuring my pussy in cadence. I was pinned to the bed. The weight of him making me breathless, as my pussy melted from the inside out. He found this sweet psychedelic spot inside me that made my vision blur. His cock felt like morphine dripping through my veins. My body reached a height of pleasure that confused my pussy into coming twice, when it was only mentally prepared to pop once.

He just stayed there. A variation of sexy patterns but always there in my zone. He was deliberately performing for me. I must’ve cum three more times before he came again. I could feel it. He made me feel it. His cock swelled like a balloon inside me, staying deep, never stopping for even a breath away from his goal. His body curled into me, his abs pressing delightedly, cumming hard, filling me to the brim with his hot juices. I had enough semen in me to make triplets.

At that very moment, I felt new life inside me. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever felt. We created life out of nowhere.

It really is miraculous. No matter how many books try to explain the making of a human being, it’s not something that can ever be fully understood. It can only be felt by something inside you that you never knew was there. And it happens in a moment of beauty combined with fear. That moment changed my life forever.

I grew quiet and looked at my Mr. E with tenderness. I was so grateful. He gave me something so special, so sacred. And he knew it. He looked into my eyes just as searchingly, probably wondering what would happen next.

Possibly… my only regret in this situation was not asking him to stay.

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