The Insatiable Female

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Standing here at the train station, imagining her awaiting my arrival, a lifetime it seemed had past. She would have kept herself playfully distracted with the bath bubbles that crowned the surface of her warm bath. Her body comfortably submerged to her neckline, inhaling the lightly rose scented mist now infusing the bathroom’s air as she moved her left hand in a circular manner about her face. With her right hand, hidden below the waterline, she massaged herself gently, in preparation for her anticipated very special visitor.

Eyes closed, periodically circling her clitoris with the lightest of touches, imagination fully engaged, she took pleasure in the squeezing of her legs together. She held her fingers tightly in place for a moment, releasing only to repeat several times the very same motions.

With the final release of her leg gripping action she pictured my arrival. She imagined watching me admiring her from the open bathroom door. She would pretend to have no knowledge of my standing there, tub now emptied of its water, my eyes transfixed on her blushing womanhood. After several rotations of her fingers circling her clit, squeezing her legs tightly as if to punish herself for being so delightfully excited, she would open her eyes, her expression one of surprise, a pretense of seeing me there for the first time.

However when finally I arrived she would exhibit no such surprised expression but one of contentment, no, more a sigh of satisfied confirmation. Confirmation upon witnessing that I had begun to touch myself, shamelessly and purposefully so. Her expression now reflecting a look of permission granted to me to be excited. Her openness was her not so subtle signal to me, to watch intently as she continued, now more aggressively massaging her vulva.

I could see it in her eyes, the commands of, “Watch me! Look at me!”

With a gentle shifting of her hips towards where I stood mesmerized,
yet another series of commands, “I want you to see me wide open! I want you to see where I need you to be!”

Overcome with anxiety while still standing on the platform, awaiting what had just become my very late train’s slow entrance into the station — final destination, my secret lover’s bed — I could feel the urgency of boarding annexed with the side effects of having waited so very long. It manifested into a sudden urgency to pee. As the train slowly made its way into the station I was making every effort to push away the urge to release the pressure from my kidneys by squeezing my legs together; doing so not wanting to miss this, the final train to ecstasy. Having waited so long and so patiently, I dared not now risk a bathroom trip and miss this last train to paradise.

Added to the excitement was the image of my secret lover, waiting for me, spread-eagled on her bed, having just exited her long, sensual bath. A new wave of sensual sensation arrived; it came between the very blurred lines of peeing myself openly and climaxing while doing so. But I knew I must maintain the utmost of control so I tried to think of every possible distraction to calm myself.

The train’s arrival at its destination soon found me standing at the doorway of the bathroom. I stood there, inhaling the aroma of her body infused with the amber rose scented mixture of sensuality, brought on by her constant rubbing and squeezing of her vagina. My body began to show signs of sporadic movements, triggered by the urge to release my built up arousal, and she knew exactly what she had done.

She calmly reached out, not a word spoken, beckoning to me to come closer. She pulled at my belt and again, not a word spoken, squeezed my cock, aware of her magical influence upon my urinary tract. Looking me in the eyes, not a word spoken, she instructed me, “Do not squirt out a single drop, not now, not yet…”

With one hand still firmly on my cock, with her free hand she continued to rub herself, stopping briefly to move the moisture from deep within her vagina towards to the tip of my exposed cock. Not a word spoken, she pulled me in still closer. My pants — no underpants, as per my captor’s earlier request — fell to the floor.

Closer! Again she commanded but this time with a whisper, bringing me within a breath from her face. Continuing with her free hand to moisturize the tip of my cock with her sexual juices, she opened her mouth, yet showing no intention of taking me in. One last time she moistened me and then this time cupped my balls, firmly admonishing me with yet another command, “Do not wet me!”

With mouth wide open, she bent slightly forward; moving her free hand from her clit, she cupped her breast and pulled the nipple into her mouth. As she slowly, very gently sucked her nipple, her eyes were transfixed on me as if to say, “I know you want to do this.” She lowered her face and made one final pull on my pulsating organ towards her mouth, bringing it to meet her nipple, and both, at once, went into her warm open mouth. I felt as if I could explode my entire sperm sac at the very touch of her mouth upon my cock; but just as quickly she released it from her mouth and stood upright. It was all just a tease. Just an appetizer!

Her silhouette, full bodied, large breasts and fully engorged pubic area seemed to all say the very same thing: pleasure me. She reached up and pulled the large towel from atop the shower rod and placed it in my hands as she released her grip on my cock. I knew that it was time to begin the process of drying her. She turned, slowly, not wishing that I should miss a solitary wet spot.

Her body now properly dried, she placed her right leg on the side of the bathtub and patiently awaited the act of drying. Right leg completed, she stepped onto the bathroom floor’s cushioned rug and brought her still wet left leg to rest atop the bathtub. Once again, she waited, for the sensual drying of her left leg. This time however she did not move her foot to the floor.

Nervously responding with a look of concern, I thought I had somehow disappointed her. She made the smallest adjustment of widening her stance. That rather insignificant adjustment, with her left hand resting on her thigh, immediately made it clear that there remained one very important section to be cared for. I gently moved the towel to her pubic area, our eyes having made brief contact with each other’s, not a word spoken; I knew not to rush this last area’s requirement for the most tender of care.

Job done, she relieved me of the towel, throwing it over her shoulder, and gently grabbed hold of my now slightly flaccid cock, leading me in the direction of her bedroom. As if the short stroll was not already a powerful stimulant, my manhood, as visible by its restored erection, was taken with an even sterner grip as she entered the bedroom and pushed me backwards onto her awaiting bed.

Now, as I lie flat on my back, she purposefully throws the towel over my scrotum area, temporarily hiding from view the cause of the towel’s oddly pointed area of levitation. Why any grown man should be nervous is without reason, but as she smiles mischievously I feel a minute sense of a schoolboy’s nervousness, resulting in a blush slowly moving across my cheeks as reflected in the mirror on the wall beside the door.

She turns and faces the door, first closing it then locking it. As if that would not hold me in, the dresser that stands against the wall just a few inches to the right, is pushed to block the door frame. Not a word spoken, I feel the sensual power of this love goddess quickly becoming my sexual interrogator.

I have become the focus of her sensual tension. Standing at the foot of the bed she removes the towel, this time tossing it directly onto the bed just inches away from where my body lies motionless. Slowly, oh so very seductively feline in her movements, she climbs onto the bed, coming to rest in a standing position directly above my face. With her hands on either side of her vulva, she pulls the lips apart, not a word spoken, and lowers herself onto my face. She sits with all her weight at first but only for a fraction of a second. Rising quickly, only to a height that makes it possible to create an airspace between the moist wetness now blanketing my mouth, nose, face and that of her slightly dripping vulva, she stares downwards, deeply beyond my face as if peering into my sexual soul.

Now a few words spoken, “Suck me hard this time” — spoken authoritatively, as she again lowers herself onto my face. With the lowering of her body she separates even wider the lips of her vulva, releasing them only after her wetness is firmly air locked onto my mouth. Almost as if on springs, her thighs collapse around the side of my cheeks, making possible an even more sensual, deeper penetration of my tongue.

Her vagina firmly in place onto my face, she begins the slow, purposeful rocking motion that brings the curve of her ass to rest upon the area between my chin and lower lip. On the return downward motion, she slides with a more forceful controlled action. She slides her fleshy, swollen, fully engorged, opened vagina downward along the facial ridge from the tip of my nose until her clitoris comes to rest on my lower lip. Once here she sits for what feels like an eternity, shaking, pulsating her clit into my lower lip with a series of short rhythmic thrusts and then just as suddenly she stops! Shakes, groans, lowering her tone with each change in her vibrations. One, two, three seconds, repeating her rhythmic thrusting several more times.

She breathes, loudly, rapidly, then quietly she whispers, “You fucking beautiful man!” As if not convinced that I was completely under her control, once more she stops, seemingly for an eternity, only to repeat the entire process, a second, a third, losing count. “Oh my sweet lord,” a few more words spoken, she commands, “take a deep breath, I am going to be here awhile.”

I reach up with my hands, at first trying to grab her ass firmly, if only to hold on to something as a way of stabilizing my passively laid out body. It is an attempt to not make even the slightest wrong movement of my body that would bring any lowering of her heightened pleasure. However the thought no sooner reaches the directing of my hands when I realize these minor actions are all pointless. She alone controls the movement of her ass and she alone knows the timing of its tightening to a point of rock hard, so much so that an iron grip would not take hold. Reaching higher I am able to grab hold of her bouncing breasts. Her breasts having less rigidity, making it easier to take hold, keeping a semblance of rhythm with the gyrations of her body. Words spoken, this time her eyes move directly to focus on mine. “It is all about me,” she says.

There is a notable change in the frequency of her movements. She reaches down, grabbing both sides of my head, and with each upward stroke of her vagina she forcefully pulls my head forward as if wanting to engulf my entire face. The heaving of her breasts coupled with the rapid change in her breathing becomes the first indicator of something powerful, something guttural, something indescribable sensual about to erupt. With each downward stroke of her vagina against my face comes a greater sense of urgency as she increases the pressure. Then with each upward slide she tightens her grip on the sides of my head. But just as quickly as she arrives at the pinnacle of her upward glide she gently loosens her grip on my head, relaxing the pressure to the sides of my face. The pressure released is replaced by the pressure of her slow downward slide. A slide seemingly intended to engulf my entire face, as if to push my full face into her vaginal ecstasy.

Again! And yet again! Another few words spoken. “Suck meeeeeee harder!” Having now lost all control of her breasts, my head being used as a sexual rag doll, I resign myself to my fate, allowing my face to be drowned into her sexual abyss. My hands now find the only harbour of refuge, the bed sheet. My arms are spread wide as if they were stabilizers steadying the ship. I grip the bed sheet on either side of my body and hold on as if being ridden through her volatile sexual storm.

My only focus now is to keep that precious window of air available as the pressure is released from the sides of my head with each downward slide. Skilfully with each down-slide that seems determined to inhale my entirety into her vagina I take that life saving breath before she begins her ride up onto my entire facial structure. Again! Once more and then again! My fight for precious air, more air! And then, she squeezes out a long, low, almost baritone in its frequency, “Fucking suck meeeeeeeeeee!” Then she stops! Silence! For me, euphoric dizziness from an oxygen starved feasting.

Seconds pass, still not a word spoken. No movement. Suddenly and without warning, a series of spontaneous vibrations. Followed by just as unexpectedly a volley of forward thrusting motions into my face, her entire body shaking void of her earlier controlled measured movements upwards or downwards. This time nothing is controlled. Then slowly like a race car dropping from its driverless 200 miles per hour race, coming to rest under its own ever slowing speed, so too her vibrations slow, coming to rest as she slides downwards along my stomach, leaving a well marked wet trail that ends with her resting her vagina onto the tip of my fully erect cock. There, she rests as her legs slowly stop their spontaneous shaking.

Not a word spoken. She does not want my cock inside her, she just wants it there, just there where she has rested her wet still slightly pulsating vagina atop. Yes, just right there, sitting there like a bird of prey atop its lookout perch.

Her earlier very rapid breathing, as if taking its command from the slowing pulsations of her body, slows to something more recognizable as normality of the heart’s rhythm when at rest.

She kisses me softly yet firmly on the lips. Not a word spoken, she reaches for the towel and cleans my face, gently, simultaneously she kisses as she wipes. She wipes away all evidence of having just played there. Massaging my lips with her tongue, kissing my cheeks very softly, once more, then she returns the towel to its place on the bed besides me. She lifts her upper body so that her nipples now tease my face and continues by pressing her wet self onto my cock. Not a word spoken, she begins a slow, gentle at first, circular motion of her vagina onto my cock.

Now she says, “I want you to fuck me with your cock like you fucked me with your face!”

At first I try focusing, hard, doing everything I can not to allow the most fantastic mind fuck to make me come prematurely. The image of her pussy fully laid out over my face, her breasts bouncing out of control just beyond the reach of my tongue but within the reach of my hands; her beautiful, voluptuous ass, spreading wider on each downward slide over my face, then quickly, muscularly contracting, tightening with each upward stroke as she brings the curve of her ass to massage against my chin. I can still feel the burning of my ears where she grabbed them with such force, leaving me feeling like the last precious breath was being seduced out of my mouth by the suction of her pussy. Then as she grinds down on my cock my thoughts shout out: Control! Hold it! But I know I must pull out of her now, if I am to hold off that orgasm. Still I am fully aware pulling out will anger this goddess. Disappointing my goddess could result in her feeding on me like a female praying-mantis’ willingness to consume her sexual mate’s useless head.

A window of reprieve as she begins her verbal seduction to the rhythm of her ever increasing circular forceful gyrations. “You wanna lick my clit, take it in your mouth and roll it, you wanna suck it! You wanna pull it into you like your last meal, you wanna roll your tongue around it and taste it! You wanna fuck it making me come all over myself, sooooo much wetness!” She rolls over onto her back and says, “So now it’s your turn to fuck it anyway you like it!”

End of Part one~
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