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You sleep in cradled innocence
and give me time to know
soft feelings of humility
that you can entrust to me
your inner urge to suffer at my hand
such torments through timeless hours
to reach your brink of ecstasy.

The marks of cords now left untied
that you fought against while bound
are record of the wild desire
and need that takes my hand
forcing you to take me deep
screaming how you need it so
to fill your moist demand.

Your now softly close’d eyes
hide trust that only I may know
that suffering is part
of the desire that burns within
knowing you will wake to be
the wild thing that demands my all
and want my torment yet again.

What dreams are stirring there
of fresh desires being formed
that will in due time bestir
to set you apart from now?
Are they some fantasy that you
will want to be made real,
restrained in ways that set you free?

The look of sleeping chastity
that shows to all but me.
Is that the real you
or are you in truth
the raging animal that
will gift yourself again
in subjection to my bonds renewed?

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