Sexual Tension

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photo: SexArt

The bar was loud and crowded. Laura and I made our way through the bodies to two empty stools in the corner of the room. It was our first time at this particular spot and my first girl’s night out in longer than I’d like to admit. My buzz was starting to wear off so I immediately ordered a drink and a shot. We’d enjoyed a nice dinner and a bottle of wine earlier in the evening but now it was time to let loose. Laura was a regular here and so was half the town. I tried to avoid local bars but on this night, Laura convinced me to tag along. I’d already seen at least ten people I knew. Acquaintances. Town lushes. Husbands cheating on their wives. MILFs looking for trouble and underage girls wearing slutty tops hoping for a free drink.

I downed my shot with ease. The liquid burned my throat. Laura was flirting with the bartender, one of her favorite past times. She was blonde, petite, and uninhibited which made it pretty easy for her to attract male attention. She twirled the thin red straw between her fingers and bit her bottom lip. I smiled at her skills and took another scan of the room. A large group of people gathered near the far side of the bar where the band was playing. A woman wearing a sash and crown was clearly celebrating her bachelorette party. Her friends cheered her on as she took what looked like her fifth shot. I smiled, remembering my own bachelorette party. A spa day with my closest friends and mom. I was never a party girl and lead a pretty reserved life, which was part of why my husband married me. What he didn’t know at the time was that there was a bad girl inside me just dying to get out.

Lack of sexual experimentation in my twenties left me curious and perpetually horny. And once I had some alcohol in my system there was no telling what might happen.

“Behave yourself,” he’d told me with a sneaky grin before I’d left that evening. I knew what he meant and intended on doing the exact opposite. “And don’t forget to bring me leftovers,” he added, laughing and giving my ass a firm slap before closing the door behind me.

As I settled back onto the stool, my gaze traveled across the glass bottles and beer taps to the seats on the opposite side of the bar. I felt someone staring at me. It was Jason. I wasn’t surprised to see him there. In fact, I’d secretly hoped he would be. I knew he liked to come here and unwind after work. He knew my husband. I wouldn’t say there were friends, but they’d worked together on a few projects. He was engaged to be married. I didn’t know his fiancée and didn’t really care to. He was alone tonight and that was all that mattered.

He lifted his glass in my direction and smiled. I waved and smiled back.

“I’m totally gonna fuck the bartender tonight.” Laura’s giddy voice broke my concentration.

“You’re crazy,” I told her. Not surprised by her proclamation.

“You can get an Uber home, right?”

Why was I not surprised that halfway through the evening she was already ditching me? I nodded. It was fine. Let her have her fun. She squeezed me tight and planted a wet kiss on my cheek before hopping off the stool to meet her one night stand out back.

I glanced back across the bar and was disappointed to see Jason was gone. Damn it. Not like anything would’ve happened anyway but he sure was fun to look at. I finished the last drop of my cosmo while scheduling an Uber pick up. It was nearly midnight and I was about ready to call it a night but not before hitting the bathroom, which was inconveniently on the other side of the bar, near the band. I wiggled off the bar stool, tossing a few bucks down for Laura’s stud.

The crowds of people were so tightly pressed together it was hard to navigate across the floor but somehow I managed. The bathrooms were behind a door and down a short hallway — one person occupancy for both the men and women and both doors were locked. I stood patiently waiting my turn. Just then, the main door to the hallway opened. It was Jason. I straightened up in my stance and instantly felt a flood of warmth fill my crotch. What was it about him? Just looking at him turned me on.

“I thought you left.” The words escaped my parted lips before I could stop them. Great, now he knew I was keeping tabs on him. Idiot.

He smirked. “Nah, not yet.” He leaned against the wall beside me. Just then the men’s room door opened and an older gentleman stepped out, giving us a curious smile and nod before exiting. Jason held the door open and gestured for me to go in.

“You can go first.”

I shook my head. “No, that’s okay. I can wait for the ladies.”

He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” And just as quickly as he entered the door and pulled it closed, it swung back open. He grabbed my wrist, pulling me into the small room and closing the door behind him, sliding the lock into place. He had me pinned up against the wall, one hand on my hip and the other on the wall above me.

“What are you doing?” I was confused and a little nervous. But my nerves quickly subsided when Jason smiled at me and brushed the hair from my forehead.

“Just doing what we’ve both wanted to do for some time now.” And without another word, he plunged his tongue into my mouth. And I didn’t stop him. My mouth gladly parted, stroking my tongue along his. My hands flew to his face, pulling him closer. His hands reached up, cupping my full breasts through my sweater. I titled my head back, allowing his tongue to trail down my neck, licking and tasting my skin. He shoved his knee hard between my legs, spreading them apart. My pussy was warm and eager for his touch.

He grabbed both my wrists, throwing them up above my head. I gasped in delight at his aggressive nature. He pushed his knee harder up into my crotch, finding my swollen clit through my pants. His one hand pinned my wrists to the wall while his other grabbed my hip, pushing and pulling my pussy against his leg. I followed his lead, grinding hard against the bone. I could see his erection clearly in his jeans. I’d heard rumors that his cock was gorgeous and I was eager to find out.

As if reading my mind, his quickly undid his pants, releasing his long, beautiful cock onto my leg. It was thick and perfectly straight, like a delicious lollipop waiting to be sucked. I licked my lips in anticipation. His hands found my breasts once more, pinching my nipples through my sweater. My body wiggled and squirmed under his touch. He yanked my sweater down roughly, and then my bra, exposing my giant breasts and erect nipples. They bounced free. I felt vulnerable but aroused. His tongue reached down, circling each nipple before nibbling them.

I needed his cock. I tried to pull my hands free but he resisted at first. We made brief eye contact and he released his grip. I reached down and immediately began stroking his erection. His knee was still pressed hard against my pussy. I rode his leg as I stroked and squeezed his throbbing dick. The head was wet with pre-cum, which I used to lubricate his beautiful shaft.

He stepped back, releasing my body down off his leg. He grabbed my head and shoved me to my knees. I gladly lowered myself down, taking his giant cock and balls in my hands. My mouth wrapped around the bulbous tip, flicking it with my tongue and stroking the base with both hands. He grabbed my head tightly, yanking my hair and shoving my mouth on and off his tool. I gagged slightly but quickly recovered. My lips and tongue smacked against his slippery flesh. I reached up and grabbed his muscular ass, pulling his cock even deeper down my throat.

I looked up at him from my kneeling position, examining his face. His mouth was open slightly and he was staring intently at my mouth on his cock. He scanned the room, his eyes landing on a small vanity beneath the mirror. He smiled excitedly and lifted me to my feet. I didn’t resist as he unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down along with my underwear. I slipped one leg out of my black boots and the leg of my pants — just enough to give him access to my hungry pussy. He lifted me up onto the vanity and I flinched slightly. The porcelain sink was cold against my bare ass. He threw my free leg up over his shoulder, pulling my body to the edge of the counter. I gripped the sink, bracing for penetration. My wet pussy lips were spread wide, begging for it.

He licked his palm, wetting the tip of his cock before guiding it into my slippery hole. It entered with ease, my swollen lips swallowing every glorious inch. My back arched as my body opened up and welcomed his thick, long wand. He let out a sigh of pleasure and relief as he slowly pumped his thick cock in and out of my folds.

“Fuck yeah.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of his shaft sliding in and out of my pussy. This had been a long time coming. The sexual tension between us had been insane since the first time we met. I’d undressed him multiple times in my mind and we eye-fucked each other constantly. I grabbed his neck with both hands and pulled him closer, burying his cock further into my cunt. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking him. His thick tool stretched my pussy out perfectly, filling every crevice.

He started to pick up rhythm, his balls slapping against my bare ass. He shoved my leg up further into the air, splitting me in half. My head pressed hard against the mirror behind me. I held his neck tightly, biting his lip and digging my fingernails into his flesh. He fucked me hard and fast. I whimpered with each stroke. The base of his muscular stomach pounded perfectly against my swollen nub while his shaft slammed my crotch.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck! I’m gonna cum,” I gasped as without warning an intense rush of warmth and pleasure filled my entire body. The combination of clitoral stimulation and deep penetration flooded my body. My legs shook vigorously as my pussy pumped out a thick, warm flood of sweet cum. Jason grabbed my hips tightly and continued to fuck me, never taking his eyes off my crotch until he delivered his own hot load into my cunt. The mixed cream slid out of my hole as he slowly removed his cock.

He helped me down to the floor so I could get dressed. We didn’t speak another word. He kissed me firmly on the lips and let me exit the bathroom first. As I walked to the parking lot to meet my Uber, I felt the moist mix of juices in my panties. I smiled, knowing how pleased my husband would be that I brought him leftovers.

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