Sex-laden coffee

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I picture her in the throes of orgasm. She is a prolific writer of erotic stories on Medium. And she is mercurial. If she fancies you, she will give you the blowjob of your life. And if she doesn’t like your style, she will give you a look that will make your penis shrivel up into a pathetic little mass. Or that is the impression I get from her stories and comments. Let’s say her name is Belle.

We have communicated by email, but never met in person. I am due to visit her city for a conference. And dying to see the person who writes these smoking hot stories. She is not keen on meeting. I suggest we just get some coffee, then we can split. No touching, no sex and no baggage. And no names. She agrees reluctantly.

The coffee shop she has chosen has a rustic ambience with tall chairs and bamboo tables. She looks sultry with golden blonde hair, bedroom eyes and juicy pink lips. Tight yoga pants cling to her firm round ass and dip right into the V of her crotch.

“Hi, Belle,” I say, trying to stop gaping at her crotch.

“Hi,” she replies.

I fight the urge to run my fingers through the silky-smooth hair tumbling down to her shoulders. Cool is the name of the game and desperados are a turn-off.

“Look Belle,” I start the conversation. “I am going to fuck you with my words. You can fuck me back with yours. Let’s talk about anything and everything sexual. If you are having fun, we go on. If not, we finish our coffee in silence, and get the fuck outta here asap. Works for you?”

She smiles. A warm, genuine smile. This is how our sexual conversation over coffee begins.

Me: What’s your favorite erotic book?

She: The Sexual Life of Catherine M. Have you read it?

Me: No. What is it about?

She: It’s the memoir of Catherine Millet, a French art critic — an unapologetic depiction of her outrageous sexual exploits. She loved group sex and would fuck countless men in one night. It has a staggering number of descriptions of cocks in all their turgid glory! I identify with how shameless she is…

Me: Wow!

She: What’s yours?

Me: The Celestial Bed by Irving Wallace.

She: How come?

Me: I find the concept of therapeutic sexual surrogates intriguing. I fantasize about myself as a surrogate who helps women sexually. My lifetime goal is to pleasure women.

She: What’s your fave hot movie?

Me: Body Double.

She raises an eyebrow.

Me: Hardcore porn looks so mechanical after a while. I am a lover of lingering subtle sexuality. The part that really gets me hot is when Jake Scully sees Gloria Revelle trying out new panties in the store’s changing room. Then how he picks up her discarded panties and what he does with them! I try to appear cool, but I am a bit of a despo myself.

She: Do you like to watch people fucking?

Me: I confess I do have voyeuristic tendencies. I wouldn’t mind watching you in action!

She (smiles): I will decide whether you can get a ringside seat during my performance.

Me: Which non-sexual parts of the body do you like to have touched most?

She: The nape of my neck for one. The lower part of my back, my inner thighs, calves, the inside of my ankles. God, I could go on and on! My body is a minefield of erogenous zones…

I groan.

She: What?

Me: How I wish I could get blown by those mines! I fancy myself an expert in arousing these same zones.

She: Bad luck! I guess we’ll never know.

Me: What color is your underwear?

She: I don’t believe in undergarments. I have to force myself to wear clothes. I am Nature’s child.

Me: Do you like your pussy bald, trimmed or bushy?

She: My secret garden is a piece of art! It is well-trimmed and heart-shaped.

Me: What is the maximum number of orgasms you have had in one go?

She (fuck, what a smile!): When I am going off, I lose count!

Me: Who’s the oldest guy you have ever fucked?

She: A sixty-year old guy from Pennsylvania. Man, was he a screwdriver! He had a long thin dick and just went on and on. He fucked for a straight twenty minutes. I came multiple times. He touched all the right spots.

Me: If you had to choose between this old guy, a hot Latino and a black guy with a jumbo cock, who would you choose?

She: If it’s a fucking hypothetical question, why should I choose one? I will take all three!

Me: Just close your eyes for a minute and think of the hottest, wettest encounter of your life. I want to see the expression on your face.

Her eyes are closed. Her hands are under the table. I sense something is going on. I drop my napkin and as I bend to pick it up, I notice her hand is tucked right into the top of her yoga pants.

She opens her eyes and asks: Like the view?

Me: Let’s just say my cock is hitting the table top.

We have some more hot conversation. What amazes me is that this hot chick with such a huge sexual repertoire is enjoying verbal sex with me.

After a while her body tenses, there is a sharp intake of breath, and her eyes glaze over briefly. The look is pure ecstasy! I shift position so the head of my dick abuts the wooden rod on the underside of table. I press my cock harder on the rod, looking at her face. Soon I feel a familiar warm, sticky fluid running down my thigh.

As I regain a semblance of composure, I manage to say, “Belle, thank you. I will never forget this coffee date.”

“Let me make this coffee more memorable,” she says as she dips her wet, slick fingers into my coffee and then licks them dry.

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