That Time I Had An Orgasm at a Nail Salon

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I am a normal person. I get up every day at 7:00 am and go to work at a respectable organization. I have a career that I enjoy. I cook dinner for my family and friends. I own a dog who has launched me into a passion for the outdoors. I watch sports movies but I love wedding shows.

And for some reason I feel that I have to preface this story by establishing my credibility as a person. Something happened to me that sounds like it’s a fabricated cheesy porn. But it’s not. It actually happened. I am aware that it is not typical for people to go around having orgasms in places they shouldn’t be having orgasms. But I live to tell you that: yes, porn stories can happen in real life to real people.

It was a Thursday evening and our city was under winter weather warning. I was scheduled to go to a high-end spa in the north end of the city to get my monthly Brazilian wax. I like to go to fancy places to have the hair ripped off my vagina. There’s something about being pampered with candles and tropical spa sounds that makes the experience a bit more tolerable. I was planning a weekend with my boyfriend and waxing was an essential so I was forced to find an alternative spot to receive treatment. There was a last option shady nail salon around the corner from my house. They had a few waxing treatments on their menu so I popped in to see if they could offer me a quick fixing.

I have always loved the feeling of having my hair brushed and other pampering. It gives me the tingles, being touched by someone I barely know, regardless of gender.

The nail salon isn’t the first place a girl chooses to have her waxing done but it is an option many of us have had to pursue in moments of desperation. From behind the counter a petite young woman emerged to greet me. She was about my size and very sweet. I could tell she was new. She reached out to shake my hand. Her hands were soft, which is often the case with spa workers, perhaps because they are working with lotions all day. She took me into the back. It was a poorly lit room. There was a towel and waxing materials sitting on top of the bed. She closed the door and asked if I would like everything waxed or just my bikini line. I told her I wanted everything off.

I perched on the treatment bed. I was wearing a skirt so I pulled it up exposing my underwear as I slipped them off. As I lay down she offered to put my panties on the chair beside me so I handed them to her.

I could tell she was new because she seemed a bit nervous. She asked if I was comfortable and if I get waxed often. I told her I do them monthly but they are still painful. She asked me if I had tried numbing cream before and if she could apply it on me.

“Sure,” I smiled. I’ll take the pamper. She placed two fingers inside a jar of cream, swiped a dab and started rubbing around the outer area of my vagina. Perhaps it was the softness of her hands, or the sensuality in the rhythm of rubbing, but I found myself immediately aroused. I was getting wet. Embarrassingly wet. I don’t if she recognized the change in my clitoris area but I was trying my best to keep my hormones under control.

As with any good sexual experience, my head was so far out of the picture that I had no time to think about whether or not this meant anything. (The part where I was being sexually aroused by a woman. And also whether or not she was aware of what she was doing to me.)

Simply put: I was turned on and it didn’t matter who it was.

She placed an applicator into the hot wax and applied it just above my pussy. She pressed a waxing strip down on the wax with one hand, ripping it off quickly with the other.

She continued efficiently until she got down to the softer, more sensitive lips around the outside. Typically, this is the last area waxers will focus on. She was wearing latex gloves and some of the wax on her gloves had rubbed off on my inner labia. She touched me gently and felt it was sticky. I felt my clitoris tug against her glove as she lifted up. I was getting wetter and my cheeks were beet red. She apologized for getting wax inside and went to grab the removal cream.

She removed her waxing gloves and dipped her naked fingers in the cream. She began gently applying it inside my vagina.

I was throbbing and my mind was moaning. I had never been this close to climax so quickly. It was that feeling of someone playing with my hair… on steroids.

She bent over and blew on the area where the cream had been applied. I think she was just trying to make the cream dry quickly but the gentle air was so unexpected that an abrupt and overwhelming rush came over me.

She looked up at me and said she was sorry for getting wax on me.

I… had just orgasmed in my wax appointment.

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