Self Love

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Lesbian Vampire Erotica

Yvonne opened her eyes and let them adjust to the near pitch black. Mere human eyes wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the scant photons in the lightproof bedroom, much less the illumination provided by an ultraviolet light source near her bed. Her inner sanctum was empty and as silent as a tomb. She had no need to breathe and without a heartbeat, there was only the sound of air moving through secured vents in the ceiling.

“I’m safe.” She reassured herself, a mantra she repeated every evening upon waking. Her internal clock confirmed that it was indeed evening. She reached out to the bedside table and retrieved a box of matches. Striking one, she lit the pillar candle’s three wicks, providing a warm glow to the well-appointed bedroom.

The only exit was a rotary door, similar to the ones used in darkrooms. Otherwise, the rectangular space looked a little different than any other space used for sleeping. The color scheme was taken from a palette of warm earth tones. It only lacked a mirror and any sort of TV or radio. An armoire stood to the bed’s left holding a blend of clothes suitable for seduction, lounging, or hunting. The king-sized bed was appointed by the finest cotton sheets and soft down pillows. A makeup table was well organized with the tools needed to help her change facial features to represent a broad range of appearances. Aided by a selection of wigs, there was no need for her to look like the same person on any given day for as long as two weeks.

Yvonne stretched, preternaturally powerful muscles rolling under alabaster skin. She let her fangs extend from her lower jaw and opened wide. Anyone watching her would no doubt be struck by the unique blend of terror and lust only her kind could produce.

She reached out and pressed the button on a small electronic device that rested near the candle’s base. The only electronic device in her boudoir, it called out to its twin in a more normal room just a few yards away.

Standing, she began her night with stretches. As powerful as her body was, she maintained most of the curves she’d had in life — perky breasts topped by dusky rose nipples and hips that provided her lovers more than enough to hang onto. Short auburn hair framed her face and irises that were so pale green as to almost be transparent could twinkle or menace with equal ease.

After a few minutes, there was a series of knocks at her door.

Yvonne padded over to the opening and unlatched it, letting it spin. She stepped back as her near-twin entered the room.

Yvette was her height and everything from the shape of her body to the color of hair and eye matched perfectly. The only difference between them was the other woman’s coloration — that of a normal, healthy white female. Yvette wore a pair of plain white cotton panties and a modest bra.

Yvonne smiled and hugged her doppelganger. Their embrace was that of sisters or old friends, genuine and platonic in spite of their relative nudity.

“Good evening, goddess.” Yvette kissed Yvonne’s cool cheek with warm lips, exuding equally torrid breath. The double was human in every way that mattered. A creature made of magic and science, she provided for Yvonne’s needs in every way a traditional ghoul might, with the added advantage of providing an alibi on occasion. “Your evening is clear. Do you wish to go out or will you be staying in?”

Yvonne considered briefly. She didn’t need to feed. She had no engagements which required her presence. “I believe we’ll be staying in.” She turned her head and pressed her lips to her copy’s. This had been the one area in their relationship that had gone unexplored. It was one the ancient creature had often thought about in the few months of Yvette’s life with her.

Initially, Yvette pulled back a little from the kiss, but then her whole body softened and melted into her mistress’s embrace. Her tongue flicked the vampire’s human teeth and when their tongues touched she moaned.

Yvonne smiled into the kiss. After they broke it, her light eyes shimmered with lust. “I take it you approve?”

“My approval doesn’t matter to you. I am yours to do with as you will. But yes, mistress, I enjoyed it.” Yvette’s right hand moved around to her creator’s ass and cupped the firm cheek. “I’ve thought about this before.” She blushed, something only she could do.

“As have I.” Yvonne leaned in to kiss her double again, this time with more hunger. The vampire’s body didn’t work exactly like a human’s but she could experience a level of physical arousal that was nearly equivalent. For her, though, sex occurred more in the brain. She bit and sucked Yvette’s lips and tongue. Fangs stayed retracted. She didn’t want to taste blood, yet. She grabbed a handful of silky, auburn hair and pulled the clone’s head back.

Yvette let her head fall back easily and groaned as teeth and tongue trailed down her jaw to her neck. She shivered from head to toe.

Yvonne continued pulling her mirror image’s hair with some force. She had made sure the woman’s design included a level of strength and resiliency that a mere human wouldn’t have. It wasn’t with this in mind, but it would be useful. She could still kill her creation with a fair amount of ease, but not accidentally.

“Yes, mistress.” Yvette gasped as Yvonne’s left hand flicked the tightening nipple. Soon, the two sets of nipples were brushing against each other as the vampire ravished her neck without breaking the skin.

“I can smell how wet you are.” Yvonne reached between them and slid her fingers into the wet heat of the other woman’s sex. It was her turn to moan. She was always amazed at how hot the inside of a human could get. It had been too long since her own body generated anything like that, even directly after feeding.

“All for you, my goddess.” Yvette began panting and mewling as Yvonne found the hard nub near the top of her slit. This was where their being twins for all intents and purposes came in handy. Their bodies reacted the same to any stimuli.

Soon, Yvonne had the human woman’s pussy clamping around her cool digits. She brought the essence to her mouth and sucked them clean. This again was an area where she was experiencing something new, yet familiar. Centuries ago, she had enjoyed the taste of her own arousal, but it had been so long. Was this really how she tasted? Sweet, clean, and with a hint of salt.

She got to her knees, unused to a position of supplication. But she had to taste directly from the source. She began licking and sucking at Yvette’s slit, the plump lips now filled with blood and slick with juices. It was tempting to break the skin. Her wickedly sharp fangs peeped from their sheaths, but with an effort of will, they were kept in check.

Yvette’s hands twisted in her hair. There was no pain, but plenty of pressure. She had lost her words, merely keening with pleasure as fingers, tongue, and teeth brought her over the edge. She came again and again as the woman after whom she was made fucked her faster and faster.

Ready to move to the bed and try a few more things, Yvonne picked her clone up with ease and carried her like a limp, twitching doll to their bed. Yes, their bed. She would require her creation to sleep with her every night from now on unless the situation demanded otherwise. Was this masturbation or incest or both? She wasn’t sure, but regardless of what they had, they were both soon drunk on the shared passion.

“May I taste you, goddess?” The request was a little soft and weak in tone.

“You’ll find I don’t taste quite like you.” Yvonne reached into her bedside table and pulled out a container of lube. “And you’ll do well to use this when you fuck me.” She smiled and her teeth shone in the candlelight.

“I’m sure you’ll taste delicious.” Yvette rolled to one side and managed all fours a bit shakily. She kissed Yvonne’s delicate feet, taking time to suck each pale toe into her mouth.

Yvonne hummed with pleasure as the hot mouth and nimble tongue treated her flesh like morsels of the finest sweets. No one had ever treated her feet with such attention.

Yvette massaged her goddess’s arches as she continued exploring the spaces between the toes and kissed her way up the feet to delicate ankles and then muscular calves.

Hums soon became moans of pleasure both from the scalding kisses and the firm pressure on her feet. “You’re quite good at this.”

Yvette looked up through her lashes, her more jewel-like irises shining with lust. She didn’t let her mouth stray from its work. She did soon have to move strong fingers to Yvonne’s calves, as she wouldn’t be able to kiss any further up without the change.

Yvonne parted her legs and reached down for the reddish-brown locks that tickled her thighs. She wanted to pull the woman’s head up quickly. To feel that delicious mouth on her pouting nether lips. While her body wasn’t precisely living or dead, parts of her almost worked as they should. With an effort of will she could produce a slick of moisture, but for the first time in ages, she didn’t need to. She gasped in surprised pleasure as she felt herself grow damp.

Aided by the rare slickness, Yvette tongued her mistress’s lips apart and tasted what so few had. She sighed deeply. “So lovely.” She did take the opportunity while she explored every ridge and nook to open the unflavored lube and apply it to her fingers.

Yvonne watched her servant plying the flesh between her legs like someone who was in a neighborhood both familiar and foreign. When fingers, whose pulse she could feel, sank inside her, she groaned deeply. It was usually her who was doing the fucking. Yvonne liked to be in control. To take everything a warm body had to give. Was the usual lack of response on her own body’s part simply a result of a lack of giving herself over to another?

Yvette added a second finger and finally a third before settling into a rhythm. She would occasionally rub her mistress’s clit. “Your pussy is amazing. So strong and beautiful.” Kissing the mound and biting the crease between mons and thigh, it was clear how enamored she was with what she was doing.

“Yes, my girl. Almost as beautiful as yours.” Yvonne thought hers literally paled in comparison to the other woman’s.

“More. Like it was carved from the most exquisite rose marble. And yet soft and supple.” Yvette replaced her fingers with her tongue and tried to explore the depths.

It began as a fluttering low in her belly. It had been so long since she’d felt a true orgasm, Yvonne didn’t quite recognize it at first. By this point in any encounter, she was likely to be experiencing the unique euphoria brought on by feeding.

“Don’t stop.” Yvonne grabbed her clone’s hair in both hands and began moving her hips, fucking the woman’s face in earnest. She arched her back and let her head fall back. Her mouth opened and fangs extended. “Yes!” she hissed with glee as she came like a thunderstorm, suddenly and with a great clamor. She wrapped her legs around Yvette’s head and crossed her ankles over the woman’s spine. “Fuck, yes!”

Yvette moved to suck her mistress’s clit once the orgasm began to subside and she soon had the hood and flesh surrounding it pulled into her mouth.

Yvonne’s head thrashed side to side. She howled at the ceiling of her boudoir cum tomb. Just when she thought it couldn’t get more intense, she felt something she’d definitely not experienced since she walked the earth. A fullness in her ass alerted her to the presence of one lube slicked finger. Her servant had filled both of the vampire’s holes while she continued paying attention to the protruding clit in her mouth.

The vampire’s back arched as she came again and again.

Finally, her servant vacated Yvonne’s lower half and kissed her way up to the hungry mouth.

The pair kissed with utter abandon until Yvonne tasted blood. She’d nicked one of Yvette’s lips and tasted the not quite blood for the second time in their relationship. It was a bit unpleasant by design. It warned her that this had gone far enough. Exerting her will, she came out of the lust-filled fog and held Yvette in as soft an embrace as she could.

There were bruises but they would pass in hours. The clone healed more quickly than a normal human would. Still, it was shocking to see where fingers and lips had marked the resilient flesh. The look in Yvette’s eyes said she didn’t mind.

“Thank you, my pet.” Yvonne breathed softly. “That was… unexpected and amazing.”

“You’re welcome, goddess. I’m glad I could please you so well.” Yvette lay her cheek on Yvonne’s still breast. “I live to serve you.”

Yvonne smiled and kissed mussed hair and warm scalp. Yes, this new level to their relationship would work nicely.

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