Back of House Shenanigans

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Single mama gets her groove on

The morning after Matt, Ted and I played our sexy game of strip poker, I woke up a little confused and a lot hungover. Matt’s arm was draped over my breasts in such a sweet way. He groaned in his sleep and traced his fingers over my nipples. I leaned in to kiss him and tasted the tang of my juices on his lips. The night before felt like a dream. Two gorgeous younger men sliding all over my body. Matt going down on me and easing his fingers into me while Ted sucked on my nipples.

I felt that familiar hot tingle in my pussy, and despite my hangover, I was less stressed than I’d been in a while. A good round of orgasms will do that to a single mama.

I didn’t want to get up, but I had a busy day planned with a grocery store run and getting the house organized for the week. Our Sunday shift started at 5pm, so I had to get a move on to get everything done.

Maybe just a few more minutes in bed.

I slid two fingers into my pussy and gasped at how wet and ready I was. Matt was still sleeping, so I feathered my fingers lightly over my clit with one hand as I used the other to stroke his gorgeous cock. It was smooth, curved and just the right size. I definitely wanted a quickie before heading out.

He groaned as his cock instantly went from soft and sleepy to rock hard and eager.

“God, what?”

“Shhh, just lay back.”

I was almost ready to orgasm before I even climbed onto his gorgeous dick. I hovered for a minute with just the tip inside, moving ever so slowly for a few seconds before sliding him all the way in. I almost lost it with that first plunge as the cock of my dreams hit the sweet spot and took my breath away.

He jerked his hips up with a jolt of electric heat; definitely awake now. I ground down and circled my hips just twice and then it hit me. The tingling became an unbearable pleasure as my pussy pulsed and gripped his cock. I arched back into the orgasm and circled my clit at the same time. Matt shuddered and came almost instantly.

“Well, good morning to you too,” he nibbled gently on my lower lip. “Can you stay for breakfast?”

“I wish, but no, I have a ton of stuff to do before our shift.” I reluctantly pushed myself off of his hips. “Can I grab a quick shower before I head out?”

“Sure, I would join you, but that’d slow you down sexy mama.”

“Yeah, that would be amazing but I gotta go.” I wrapped the sheet around me and tiptoed quietly to the shower.

Ted was sleeping on the couch and the sight of him made my face flush. How did a single mama like me manage to have a threesome with two hot younger guys? I showered quickly and headed out to get my chores done.

Usually, I dreaded the late-night Sunday shifts because they signaled the beginning of my hectic week, but I always looked forward to working with Matt. I hoped he didn’t regret last night and get weird with me.

I pulled on my leather skirt, a silk thong, and my thigh-high leather boots. I gasped as the thong slid over my sensitive clit. “Great, I’m going into work like a raging nymphomaniac.”

I got to the bar a half-hour early to get my thoughts in order and stock up for our Sunday “in the biz” crowd. The storage room in the back was a mess, so I started reorganizing and stocking. I put some Rolling Stones on the jukebox.

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes, well, you might find
You get what you need

It seemed like the perfect song to suit my mood.

I quickly organized and stacked the beer and sat on a couple of cases of Coors light for a quick rest before the shift began. I heard the doors open and Matt’s familiar steps as he traipsed across the hardwood floor. He stuck his head around the corner and whistled. “Damn.”

He looked at his phone. “We still have 10 minutes and no one is here yet.”

“Everything’s ready to go.” I started to get up but he stepped into the stockroom and closed the door. He got down on his knees and gently pushed my thighs apart. “Is this ok?”

“Wait, what if management sees us?”

“Nah, it’s Sunday.” He hooked a finger in my silky thong and slid it to the side.

He lifted my right leg onto his shoulder and tongued my clit while rhythmically pumping three fingers inside of me. I clutched at the blond curls on his head and pushed up on my left heel, grinding into his face.

“I want you to fuck me.” My stomach tightened as he shook his head and put a finger over my lips. Someone was out in the bar.


He nodded towards the locked door and whispered, “You have to cum now.”

I closed my eyes and focused on his tongue and the knuckles of his fingers pumping in and out of me. Outside, the steps came closer. I ground into his face and spread my legs as wide as I could. He flicked and circled my pulsing clit and pushed four fingers inside of my wet cunt. Then everything in my body stiffened as my pussy tingled with the rushed, hard climax. I could feel every ticklish nerve between my legs tightening and pulsing. The sensations intensified as I held my breath and didn’t make a sound.

Matt quietly pulled my panties back into place and tugged down my skirt. I handed him a cloth napkin to clean up with and he started moving and stacking cases facing the wall as I opened the door and stepped out to greet the night crew. It was going to be a great shift after all.

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