Seducing the Hot Male Nurse

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photo: SexArt

“Do you need help with that?” I say, reaching with my hand to touch the bulge in Hugo’s scrub pants. His cock stiffens even more; it feels hot and rock-hard under the thin fabric. He’s going commando. He knew that I would be ready for him.

I undo the ties and release the hard rod, rubbing the tip with my thumb, then stroking him slowly. He grabs the back of my neck and kisses me hard, the other hand fumbling with the fly of my jeans, releasing it and sliding his fingers to find my slit. The feeling of hot wetness makes him moan in my mouth, and he uses both hands to pull my pants down.

“Good morning, Diana. How are you today?”

The deep voice snaps me out of my daydream. The object of my desire stands in front of me, making me want to bring my fantasy to life.

Spending the days at the hospital as my father recovers can get pretty dull. Luckily I have found something to keep my thoughts occupied. Hugo, the nurse in charge, is a sweet, hot guy with a Latin-lover air about him that is driving me crazy. Every time he says hello, my panties get soaked. Lately, it’s been worse because I think he is trying to find time alone with me. Every day I’m left by myself in the room while they take my dad to do his physical therapy. And like clockwork Hugo shows up, pretending to organize things around while making friendly chat. Yesterday I made sure to slip that I’m single and bored, and his interest seems to be growing. But today, I’m out of patience. I want him to fuck me. Right now.

“Good morning, nurse Hugo. I’m fine, thanks. Just trying to find something to pass the time while I’m alone here,” I say, leaning forward in my seat, discreetly loosening a button of my blouse. It works. The button opens, and my lace bra peeks out.

“Anything I can do to help?” he asks, eyes glued to my chest. I think the outline of my nipples is visible.

“You can come closer, keep me company,” I coo.

In a swift move, he closes the privacy curtain and steps to stand in front of me. The bulge I dreamed of is pointing at me. I reach to touch it with my fingers.

“This is nice,” I say, looking up while my fingers caress the contour of the enticing hardness. I move them all the way down to tease his balls over the pants, then back up to the tip. Wetness seeps through the fabric: his dick is oozing precum. He reaches with his fingers to brush the tempting breasts that are barely covered by my bra.

“These are very nice,” he responds.

I smile, glad that I thought of wearing a bra with a front clasp. I pop it open, and my tits bounce free. Hugo grasps and massages them, teasing the nipples with his fingertips and giving them soft pulls. I quickly undo the tie of his pants and pull down. The cock that snaps out is magnificent, engorged, and pulsing with desire. I open wide and take as much as I can in my mouth. Hugo has to make an effort not to scream in pleasure. My head bobs up and down, one hand playing with his balls. My wet core soaks thoroughly when he grabs my hair and pushes himself all the way to my throat. I hold it until it makes me gag, and when I push him off to catch my breath, he cups my face.

“You are so fucking hot. I want to fuck you right now.”

I stand; we switch, so he takes my place on the chair while I take off my jeans and panties and straddle him. In one move, I align his cock to my entrance and impale myself. My pussy gets so stretched I start to scream in pleasure but get quickly muffled by his hand on my mouth. I moan into it and take a finger to suck. My hand finds my clit. I start a slow, rocking motion. His cock slides in and out, putting pressure on all the right places. My mind is a blur.

When I’m able to control my moans a little, he pulls me close to kiss hard. Then he speaks in my ear: “Fuck, let me suck those tits.”

I oblige, letting my head hang back. He latches eagerly, sending waves of delight straight to my core. I run my fingers through his hair, guiding him from one to the other and holding his head where it gives me the most pleasure. He is so eager to please that I want to make him crazy.

“What do you want?” I ask in his ear.

“Ride me hard, gorgeous,” he responds, leaning back on the chair and using his hands to help me lift my ass up so I can bounce up and down his cock with abandon. The rhythm is fast and hard; it brings me close to the edge. I want to make sure to get the orgasm I’ve been daydreaming of.

“Tease my asshole,” I whisper in his ear.

“Fuck yes,” he says, and moves a hand to soak his fingers with my libations, then rides them up between my buttcheeks, finding the tight hole. The feeling of that finger massaging and poking makes me mad, and when it slides all in, I come hard, squeezing cock and finger. Hugo buries his head in the crook of my neck to muffle a growl, and I see his neck muscles tense while he holds me down hard, that thick dick pulsing inside me, hot jizz filling up my pussy to the brim.

I slide off him and run into the bathroom. Trying to put myself together, I feel the delicious pulsing in my crotch and smile while cleaning the mess that spills between my legs. This guy is a fucking stallion. I need more. I need to watch that cock spill all over me. When I walk out, he’s leaning back on the chair, a satisfied smirk on his face.

“What are you doing tonight?” I ask.

“You,” he says without missing a beat. “Your place or mine?”

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