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You made me choose a single word
yet now I cannot make that sound
or end the torments drawn from you
so I lie here securely bound.

my body is now stretched out full
forcing me to know myself
tightly tied to this your rack
where suffering claims me for itself.

Why should I stay in this place with you
when just that single noun
would end all of this for me
no pain but yet no pleasure too.

Screaming as you stand and watch
and make tortures increase steadily
the forcing of my inner self
to admit to my own ecstasy.

I cannot bring myself to say your word
so you go on with your tortures and
drag from me the screams of want
that leave behind a life so bland.

Now suffering here at your command
an inquisition of my very soul
the only word I can confess to you my love
that your torment now makes me whole.

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