Let’s Fuck On The Golf Green

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Bend me into the right position

The rain clouds tumble over the horizon. NY drives us to our next destination after breakfast. My tiny shorts have gaping holes in them which I want him to take advantage of. His cum sloshes around in my already overfilled pussy. It makes my inner thighs sticky.

My hand slides to caress the back of his neck. I twist and turn my fingers in circles. The texture of his soft hair greets my fingertips. I move down to his leg and I smile. There’s this brief brush I purposefully make against his dick. I swear I can feel it rise up to greet my palm.

He keeps his eyes on the road. A ghost of a smile adorns his lips. The amusement park looms in the distance like a plastic castle.

He puts the car in park and we stare at each other. We’ve been trying for this adventure in mini-golf for awhile. I lean over the car seat to kiss him. Our lips brush and press deeper against each other. He tastes sweet and like the sex we just had. I could fuck him again in this car. Crawling over him, straddling him between the steering wheel and my insatiable pussy.

We pull away from each other. There’s this moment of sizing up as our competitive natures take hold. We grin like kids looking to be put in detention deliberately.

“Ready to get your ass kicked?” I inquire.

He smiles at me. That delectable smile I can’t help but return. It says everything without his lips speaking a word. There’s a glint in his brown eyes that match my hazel ones.

“It’s you that’s going to get beaten.”

“Oh, really now? We’ll see about that.”

I would normally wager sexual favors to be won by our games. Our problem is an unusual one. I want to fuck him in every position. I want him to have me in every which way he can contort and twist me. Doggy style, cowgirl, contorted missionary pose, any and all ways I want him to plunge, plunder, and empty himself deep within me.

We hop out of the car. I trot over to the door and he opens it for me. The inside of the Game Center is like a carnival on crack. Lights flash like a technicolor dream. He and I both are overgrown children so it works perfectly for us. We get in line to grab a club and ball for mini golf.

“What color?” the woman behind the desk asks.

NY chooses blue, a favorite of mine. I hem and haw about my color. The young woman behind the counter grabs a bright, fluorescent pink ball. I scrunch my nose at her selection.

“Oh no. Not pink. I’m not that girly. How ‘bout red?”

She retrieves a red ball from the round cylinder. We get score cards and I see him writing down our names. When he shows it to me I laugh at what he’s done. We’re called by our pseudonyms, ‘MD and NY.’ There’s a part of me that finds it surreal, and wonderful, to see our other sides written on a plastic scorekeeper.

We enter the gargantuan mini golf course and I prance in front of him. I’m better at the game than I guessed I’d be. He curses and throws his hands up at missing the hole. I make sure to wag my ass at him. We grab each other and kiss between holes. I can still taste my flavor on his lips. The remnants of him finger fucking me until I squirted.

The golf course is abandoned except for us. Rain clouds threaten to torrentially pour but never follow through with their threat. The air is heavy with the scent of rain. That aphrodisiac aroma of wet earth and the skies becoming too heavy to hold onto the moisture.

We climb up the steps to one of the holes. I make sure to be the first to step up them. I want NY to have a perfect view of my ass as I make the trek to the top. We come across a tunnel to mini golf through. Somehow we have the same speculating look on our faces.

We can fuck in here. I’m grinning at him like a minx ready to play. He goes to the end and back. Surveying the situation of our somewhat secluded public space. The cave allows light inside and a passerby to potentially see us at the front. We choose the middle of the fortress. The clammy air clings to our skin.

Our putters are tossed aside and he grabs me close. Our kisses become more impassioned with our ability to hide within this space. He grabs my hair and pulls it to the side. I spread my legs for him to have easier access. His fingers crawl inside of the wide legs of my shorts.

His hand pulls out my tit from my black, unlined bra. It’s heaven to feel him sucking on it while he fingers me. He bites my right nipple and I gasp. The next second he runs a ring around it. Our bodies are slick with sweat.

He easily moves aside my barely there thong. It slides to the side and his index finger plunges into me. I lean into his body weight and give into it. My teeth bite his T-shirt and hold onto it. I realize that my shorts, though flexible, aren’t giving him the right angle.

I undo the buckle of my shorts. My panties come down with them. I swear I hear voices outside but they still sound distant. He goes back to fingering me. My body builds up as he plunges quicker, deeper within me. He has that perfect angle to hit my spongy G-spot.

“I’m cumming,” I whisper against his skin.

He keeps fucking me with two fingers now. Relentlessly as I cry out and try to muffle the sound. I bite his shirt and whimper pathetically. He removes his fingers and offers them to me. I lick my taste from his fingertips like I’m servicing him.

“Delicious, aren’t you?” he asks me.

“Mmm, yes, even better mixed with your cum.”

My legs are still shaky and wobbly from my orgasm. I lean against him with my head on his shoulder. We eyeball the area. The jagged rocks of the mini-golf’s cave don’t give us the best positioning. I try to lean up against the wall and present my ass to him. NY stands behind me. His jeans hit his ankles and I can feel his dick.

It brushes up against my puckered asshole. Then, moves down toward my pussy. I’m so incredibly tight standing up I don’t even think he can squeeze in. We both freeze when we see silhouettes outside of our cave entrance.


He pulls up his pants and belt. I kneel down in front of him. My eyes stare blatantly into his. I rub my face against his crotch like a hidden promise. I mouth his boxers, seeking out his erection. The cotton flavor enters my mouth while I feel for his dick. He groans above me and guides my head deeper against him.

I hear the people outside come closer. It’s a family of five. Their shadows flit in and out of the light. I internally grumble at the predicament.

“Better get back to it unless we wanna get caught.”

NY pulls me up from my kneeling position. I throw my arms around him. My hands grab my tiny thong panties. They are slick with my juices. I smirk at him and shove them into my pocket.

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