Razor’s Edge

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We are taking a shower together in the resort in the mountains where we are celebrating our version of Christmas. She has my new bamboo razor in her hands and is shaving me. She begun with my face, but now she is carefully shaving the tiny hairs on my balls. Yes, that’s the level of trust I have for her.

We are showering after a wild lovemaking session. It started on the train to the mountains, where we were making out in the seats. We were lucky to get an early connection and there were hardly any other people traveling with us. After two weeks of not seeing her I was longing for her touch. At one point we had the whole train compartment to ourselves. She was wearing her new comfy dress, black stockings and her snow boots. She looked extremely sexy in her outfit, in a mountaineer kind of way.

It all started with an innocent kiss. The kind of kiss that can express our longing for each other. Then she told me she wanted to lie down and place her head on my lap. I covered her legs with her jacket as she got comfortable. My wandering hands could not stay away from her gorgeous body. I could see her eyes looking up at me expectantly as I was busy with her nipples. As I moved my hand down to her crotch, she opened her legs to make space for my fingers.

The train was winding through the Alps, as my fingers were busy discovering her geography. Under her dress I found the valley of desire, and I hovered above her panties, her damp source of lust. She moved up a little, just to let my fingers get in her underwear and reach her fountain of pleasure. Her labia were soft to my touch and as I moved down I was surprised by the wet oasis waiting for me.

She moved her head up to kiss me as I moved my fingers down into the now sticky wetness of her entrance. It was a different kiss. Wide open mouth but no moving of lips. Just her wetness on my wetness. At the same time, my finger got stuck into a circular motion at the entrance of her vagina. Her fluids flowing generously, her hips moving to maximize contact. We were at a razor’s edge. Someone could have walked in on us at any moment. And there were the cameras. But it was probably this danger that had our hearts racing and our emotions building.

I have never met anyone who is so daring with my body as she is. She will start fondling my privates in public, playfully placing her hand on me as I am sitting. She will tell me she is trying to figure out where my tip is, as my shaft is contorting in my underwear, bulging to a hard position. She will ask me to mouth fuck her, as she is lying on the bed with her receptive lips ready for me. I will get on top of her and she will raise her hands to grab my hips or my nipples as I am pumping in and out of her mouth.

She told me she could taste the bitterness in my cum. She asked if I had name for my manhood, and when I answered that I didn’t, she insisted on calling it “Angel.” She was telling me how she liked its shape. Normal length, large girth. As she was giving me a blow job she told me how she liked its color, and even the shape of my balls.

As she was shaving them I realized that this girl really has me by the balls. Not only when she is shaving them, or when she is licking them. She’s got power over me that no one else has ever had. It is a feeling of danger and vulnerability to give yourself away as I have done with her, living on a razor’s edge.

And I would not have it any other way.

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