Jingle Bells

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photo: MetArt

I’d been a brat all day. I knew I would be in trouble when we got home, but just couldn’t seem to help myself. I didn’t do anything too terribly awful, just a smart ass comment here and there. But it was plenty enough for Sir to give me the Look. But I was in a mood and threw caution to the wind and continued on in my brattiness throughout the rest of our Christmas errands and dinner, along with the car ride home. The closer we got to the house, the more my anticipation grew. I was slightly nervous about what punishment was in store for me, but also excited. My pussy was already starting to throb as we walked towards the front door.

He didn’t say a word to me when we entered the house, just left me in the living room as He stalked off towards the bedroom. I was uncertain whether He wanted me to follow Him or not, so remained where I was, standing in the middle of the living room somewhat awkwardly. He returned after a few moments; He had a few items in His hands but I couldn’t quite see what they were before He set them down on the table and quickly approached me, grabbing the back of my hair and tilting my head back so that I was looking up at Him.

“So, I assume you are well aware that your behavior today was both rude and intolerable, yes?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said in a voice just above a whisper. The look of disapproval in His eyes made me shiver slightly as I wondered just how much trouble I had gotten myself into, and felt bad about disappointing Him.

He stared at me for a moment, then stepped back, pushing me away from Him slightly.


I didn’t hesitate for a minute, not wanting to make things worse for myself than they already were. I quickly kicked off my shoes while pulling my sweater over my head. He had moved behind me. I could tell He was moving the furniture around a bit, but I was too worried about getting my clothes off as fast as possible to sneak a peek. Once I had shed all of my clothing I turned around to face Him.

He had moved an armless, straight backed wooden chair from the dining room to sit squarely in the center of the living room, facing the couch. On the center of the seat of the chair He had affixed a large dildo, already glistening with lube. My pussy immediately got wet, just imagining sliding onto it. But how was this going to be a punishment, I wondered?

He motioned me over, and instructed me to sit down. I spread my legs wide, and lined up the glistening head of the dildo with my achingly empty pussy. It was slightly larger than he usually let me have, but before I could slide onto it slowly, and adjust to it, He placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto it, smoothly but hard. I gasped as I felt my pussy walls stretch open impossibly wide as my bare ass hit the seat of the chair with a loud smack.

“Don’t move a muscle,” He said. He then quickly bound my ankles to the chair legs, ensuring that my legs would remain spread wide open. My hands were then bound together behind my back. He came back around to the front of the chair and knelt down in front of me.

“Now, no matter what happens you are not allowed to cum unless I say you can. Which I may or may not allow depending on how well you entertain me. Do a good job and prove to me how sorry you are for your behavior and I may let you. Cum before instructed and I’ll leave you tied to the bed all night with no way to relieve yourself, understood?”

I nodded, trying very hard not to think about the fact that I was close to orgasm already, just from sitting on the dildo and knowing that I was on full display before Him in all my naked glory.

He sat back on the couch in front of me and said with a smirk, “Now, give me a show.”

I started to rock slowly back and forth on the chair, swiveling my hips in small circles. It was all I could do to keep my pace slow and even. I was so hot all I could think of was riding that silicon cock as hard as I could until my cum dripped down it while He watched. But I knew I had to hold back, somehow. He watched me for a few minutes before telling me to stop. I was grateful for the reprieve, and tried to slow down my breathing and focus on something other than the cock in my pussy.

He came over to me and flicked my already erect nipples one after the other before attaching clamps to both. I looked down and saw that dangling from each clamp were small weights that tugged on my nipples with every breath I took, as well as tiny jingle bells that dangled down.

He sat back down and with a wicked smile said, “I want to hear Jingle Bells.”

I whimpered as I resumed my rocking back and forth on the chair. But the bells didn’t ring. It then dawned on me that the only way I’d be able to make those damn bells ring would be to fuck myself on the dildo, hard. His smile grew as He saw the realization creep across my face. I slowly raised myself up until just the head was still inside. I slid back down quickly and was rewarded by a small jingle. He motioned me on, and I had no other choice but to start bouncing up and down on the dildo almost frantically. The weights pulled and tugged on my nipples as they swung wildly back and forth. I was moaning in pleasure and using every scrap of willpower I had to not immediately cum. But the bells rang.

It seemed like it went on for an eternity. My head was filled only with the feel of the cock sliding in and out of my slick pussy, the smack of the chair on my ass every time I came down, the pull on my nipples and the sound of tinkling bells ringing in time with my moans.

Finally, over my own labored breathing, I heard Him say just a single word: “Cum.” My orgasm surged through me immediately as I continued to fuck myself. My back arched and my legs shook and I felt my pussy clench tight, my juices flowing out to cover the seat of the chair and trickle down my thighs.

When I came back to my senses, He was releasing my bonds, and lifting me up off of the chair.

“My turn,” He said as He led me into the bedroom, the still attached bells ringing with every step I took.

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