Pulling Taffy

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To say that the lanky young woman who walked into Helen’s Sweet Treats was tall would be an understatement. Her short, spiky brown hair nearly touched the bell that announced new visitors.

Bren looked up and smiled, bright teeth flashing in contrast to her dark skin. The co-owner of the little candy shop usually wasn’t the one to work out front, but her wife Helen was out of town at a small business symposium.

“Welcome to Helen’s Sweet Treats. What can I interest you in today?” Bren let her soft brown eyes take in the much younger women’s features. High cheekbones and full lips would have been at home on any magazine cover. Her deep hazel eyes looked a little haunted, but that could have been an effect of the expertly done eye makeup.

“I’m very interested in taking advantage of your off the book special?” Her voice was a pleasant alto and there was a lilt that sounded Irish.

Bren nodded. Candy wasn’t all they sold here. “I can certainly help you with that. My partner is out of the shop for a few days. Did you want us both?” Bren and Helen had started sex work in part to experience new things together, but they had agreed early on to accept clients individually. She imagined kissing those full lips and having the tall glass of milk all for herself.

The indecision in the woman’s eyes as she moved closer to the counter was delicious. “I was kind of hoping to have your help tonight. So I don’t suppose it’s a problem if I don’t get both of you.”

The shop had been slow all day and it was near enough closing time. The methods they used to communicate with potential clients told them to come around shortly before the end of the business day anyway. Bren walked around the counter and locked the door, pulling the shades and turning off the OPEN sign next.

“What’s your name?” Bren turned to look her client.

“You can call me Taffy.” The young woman giggled. “It sounds like a dreadful stripper name, I know, but it’s a nickname my best friend at Uni gave me.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Taffy.” Bren held out her hand for her new client to shake.

Taffy’s grip was strong and cool. Her nails were short, but manicured. “Nice to meet you, Bren.”

The niceties over, Bren walked around behind the counter again. “I will need your driver’s license and some other information.” She pulled out a form they kept under the counter. It looked very similar to a job application, but it served to get all of the client’s personal information, sexual preferences, and any medical information they felt comfortable sharing. She directed Taffy to have a seat at the counter. She was used to hesitation, but was a little shocked by the tears she saw at the corner of Taffy’s eyes.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Bren touched Taffy’s hand.

Taffy shrugged. “I just wish I had my new ID.” She slid the license over and began filling in the paperwork.

Sure enough, Taffy’s gender was listed as male on the license. Bren patted her client on the hand. “Doesn’t matter what that slip of paper says. All that matters is who you are.”

Taffy smiled up at Bren. “I’m glad you understand. It’s not a problem, is it?”

Bren shook her head. “My partner and I are more or less Pansexual, though we each have our personal tastes. None of that matters as much with our clients. We’re here to help you however you need to be helped.”

As Taffy continued filling out the paperwork, Bren processed a payment via her cell phone. “So, Taffy, how can I help you?”

Taffy looked up from her paperwork. “I’ve never felt comfortable in… intimate situations. Before I transitioned I wasn’t comfortable enough in my own skin. Since I’ve been ‘Taffy’, I’ve had a few opportunities, but I’m always too nervous.”

“It sounds like you just need some confidence.” Bren smiled. “I love nothing more than to help people feel more confident in the bedroom.” Once Taffy was done, Bren took her hand and led her to the door marked “Employees Only”. The stairs beyond took them up to a small loft apartment.

“Have a seat. I’ll be right back.” Bren watched Taffy sit on the loveseat, smoothing her pencil skirt over long thighs. “Get as comfortable as you like.” Bren winked.

By the time she came back, wearing a deep crimson silky teddy, Taffy had unbuttoned her white blouse down to the navel. Underneath she had a pale, lacy bra cupping small but perky breasts.

Bren took her place beside Taffy and cupped the young woman’s head in her long fingered hands. She pursed her thin lips and pressed them to Taffy’s fuller pair. The warm, slightly chaste kiss soon became something sweeter and hotter, like one of Helen’s chilli infused truffles. Bren’s dark red tongue was the first to breach the paired lips to search Taffy’s warm mouth.

Taffy moaned at the kiss and her own tongue became bolder.

Bren smiled as she got to know the twenty-something’s hot mouth. Her fingers traced down Taffy’s jawline. She shivered when the young woman lightly scratched the back of her neck.

Their arms tightened around each other’s body and Bren swung one leg over Taffy’s lap. She enjoyed taking control. She watched as Taffy’s eyes nearly closed with pleasure at the kisses they shared. She broke their lip lock for a moment. “You’re quite a good kisser, Miss Taffy.”

“Thank you. I’m a fast learner.” Taffy filled her hands with Bren’s larger, firm, silk covered breasts.

Bren nodded and leaned down to kiss Taffy again. She groaned as Taffy found her nipples. Her client’s movements were a little clumsy, but earnest. The shop owner loved having her nipples tweaked and pulled and so she guided Taffy’s hands with her own.

Bren broke the kiss as Taffy kept fondling her. “Don’t be afraid to show or tell your partner what feels good.” She finished unbuttoning Taffy’s shirt and pulled it down, moving her attention next to the front clasp of the other woman’s bra.

Shrugging out of her clothes, Taffy nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” She smiled and pulled Bren’s head down to her chest.

Taking the hint, Bren sucked one dark pink nipple into her mouth. Taffy’s nails scraped lightly at her scalp as she pulled the sensitive flesh between her teeth.

“Oh God, yes.” Voice thickened with lust, the Irish in her accent began creeping in. “That’s lovely.”

Continuing to use teeth and tongue, Bren’s fingers moved to the waistband of Taffy’s skirt. She unbuttoned and unzipped it, and with the Irish woman’s help, slid it over slim hips.

The lacy white panties underneath strained under Taffy’s arousal. A large wet spot had already formed on the front.

Bren got to her knees in front of her client. “You’re so beautiful.” She kissed down to the wet spot and tasted it. “And you’re delicious.” The tastes and smells had Bren’s pussy tingling.

Taffy moaned as Bren made love to her girl cock through the lace. “That’s nice.”

“Can I take off your panties?” Bren looked up, her eyes full of honest desire.

Biting her lips, Taffy looked down through hooded eyes. “Please?” The single questioning word was drawn out as she shifted her hips to make removal easier.

Slowly, Bren dragged the lace down over smooth, lean flesh. Once she had it off, she brought it to her nose and sniffed. “I might have to keep these.” She placed them to one side and turned her attention to Taffy, stroking the woman between her thighs. “You know you’re beautiful. Right?”

“People say that, but most of them don’t know what I hide.” Taffy’s soft voice trembled.

Bren’s hand moved up and down the long but slender shaft. She wasn’t lying to her client when she’d said Taffy was beautiful. The uncircumcised cock was as every inch as lovely as the rest of the pale beauty. She smiled when Taffy’s breath hitched. “I know your body more than most and I say you’re beautiful.” She kissed the tip and tasted the salt. “So beautiful.”

Bren reached between her own legs, pushing aside the gusset of her teddy and stroked her full, wet lips. She moaned at the combination of the sensation of Taffy’s silky length against her mouth and her own fingers brushing her clit.

She rained kisses on either side of Taffy’s shaft. She especially loved the tender skin on the inside of Taffy’s thighs. Every inch of Taffy was smooth and hairless. Bren flicked her tongue against balls tightened with arousal. Then she ran it up and down the foreskin in little circles. Finally, she pulled the foreskin away from the now glistening purple head and filled her mouth. Soon her head bobbed up and down over Taffy’s thighs.

“Oh. Oh god.” Taffy’s fingers cradled Bren’s head. “Oh, god, that’s so good.”

Bren’s hand moved to the base of Taffy’s shaft and worked in counterpoint to her slurping mouth. She moaned around the generous mouthful. It wasn’t often that she got to experience this sensation. Girl cocks were rare in her world. She let her free hand stroke the skin of Taffy’s stomach and up to her breasts.

Taffy’s feet drummed the floor and her cries became high pitched rhythmic “ooo”s.

Bren slowed her pace a little and after focusing attention on the bulbous head and the salty juices leaking slowly from it, Bren stood up and took Taffy’s hand. “Come with me.” Her hips had a little more swing in them, thanks to the wetness leaking from between her legs.

Shakily, the much taller woman stood and followed Bren over to the luxurious bed. She lay down on it and Bren started kissing her toes and then worked slowly up to calves and inner thighs, pushing long legs apart.

“Hand me that bottle of lube from the bedside table.” Bren then began sucking the skin just above where Taffy’s ass began.

Twitching and moaning, Taffy managed to grab the bottle without dropping it and sat it on the bed beside her right hip.

“I’m going to fuck you with my fingers, if that’s okay?” Bren looked up and over the still considerably hard member protruding from Taffy’s pubic mound.

Nodding furiously, Taffy smiled.

“Say it.” Bren growled softly as she sat up and filled one palm with lube.

“Fuck me please, Bren.” Taffy’s voice was husky with lust.

“You’re beautiful and it will be my pleasure to fuck you.” Bren used her lube slicked palm to stroke the gorgeous Taffy’s equally beautiful cock.Then, thoroughly lubing her middle finger, Bren pressed it between Taffy’s cheeks.

There was some initial resistance as she found the puckered skin and rubbed around it in circles. Then she felt Taffy reach down and pull her cheeks apart. That helped Bren press into the hot passage. It always amazed her how delightful it felt to be grasped by such slick warmth.

She wished for just a moment that she had a proper cock to fuck this girl’s ass with. Perhaps she’d see if Taffy wanted to be fucked with one of the dildos Bren kept in the bedside table. For now, Bren didn’t want to give up the tactile sensation. She explored Taffy’s ass, looking for that P spot that she knew waited for just the right pressure and manipulation.

“Oh, g-god d-d-damn,” Taffy stuttered. Her whole body shivered as Bren worked her magic. Taffy’s hips worked and the movement served to fuck Bren’s hand and then impale herself more on the long slender finger.

Bren sucked one of Taffy’s balls into her mouth and pushed a second finger into the accommodating passage. While her tongue and fingers worked she felt the sticky warmth of Taffy’s pre-cum touch her knuckles. It wasn’t much more than a trickle. Bren shivered as she felt her pussy clench. She was close to her own orgasm and had barely even touched herself.

Taffy wrapped her legs around Bren and kept pumping her hips. She was shivering and raised up slightly to clutch the sheets. “Fuck yes, don’t stop.”

Bren sank her fingers in all the way and massaged Taffy internally. She opened as wide as she could and used her tongue to coax more of the flesh into her mouth. All the while her hand didn’t stop moving.

Taffy’s groans became high pitched squeals and her body clenched Bren’s fingers. “Cumming.”

It was a whole different sort of full body orgasm and Bren heard Taffy fall back onto the bed. The girl didn’t stop keening as her arms and legs scrabbled at the sheets.

Bren slowly worked her fingers out and back in, picking up speed until soon she was fucking Taffy’s ass in earnest. Taking her mouth away, she looked at the shining flesh in front of her and licked her lips. Settling her mouth over just the tip, she sucked hard and used her tongue to probe the slit.

“J-j-j-f-f-f…” Taffy was beyond words.

The sticky salty spend on her lips and tongue was delicious. She pulled her fingers out and slid up the bed to spoon beside the Irish beauty. Taking the pale woman’s mouth with her own, she passed the treat between trembling lips.

They kissed and slowly Taffy came down from the high. “I don’t know what just happened, but I want more of it.”

Bren wasn’t sure if she meant the orgasm or the snowball, not that it mattered. “Ahhh the elasticity of youth. Don’t worry, my love. In this place, you get all of the time you need. I want you to feel desired and appreciated. I want you to feel well fucked for days.”

Taffy nodded her head vigorously. “There’s no doubt I do. And will.”

Bren kissed her client again, savoring what was still on their lips. While Taffy was in her boudoir, she might just see if the woman wanted to return the favor — no matter what she used to do it. Bren hadn’t had her own ass fucked in too long. It could wait, though. For now, Taffy’s needs came first.

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