“Promise not to masturbate until Friday?”

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She likes it when I’m like that. My chest flushed, my breathing erratic, my thighs taut. On the verge, tantalizingly close to a body-racking orgasm but unable to do anything about it.

My hands aren’t bound, but you see, it’s that I promised her.

“Promise me something, babe?” she had asked me three days ago.

“What would that be?” She’d looked at me square in the face with her lovely grey eyes.

“Promise me not to masturbate until Friday.”

“O-okay…” I had stammered. I would never admit it to her, but I love it when she gets like that with me. “What if I do?”

“I’ll punish you,” she purred, a finger lazily tracing up and down my arm.

“Well, maybe I want to be punished?” I answered.

“You’re a bad, bad girl,” she had said with a little smirk.

“You knew that when we got married. What are you gonna do about it?” I wanted to know. I couldn’t help it. I knew it would backfire but I love to taunt her like that. All part of our game.

Fast as the boxing champion she is, she put her hand under my skirt. Her eyes lit up. “No underwear,” she said. Of course, no underwear. The better for her magic fingers… and goddammit, speaking of her magic fingers…

“Maybe if you disobey, I will suck your toes. Would you like that? One after the other in my mouth?” she asked, playing with my pussy like she owned it. And right then, she did. I nodded. “I’ll keep that in my mind,” she said, and as abruptly as they had come in, her fingers were as quick to come out. She can play me like a fine-tuned cello, that one.

She closed her eyes and put the finger that had just been inside me in her mouth. “Mmmm,” she murmured, smacking her lips. “Tasty.” God, when her voice is low like that, every word dripping with sex, she drives me mad.

She left the room leaving me hanging, a taste of things to come, smiling at me with genuine affection. “Don’t forget, babygirl. You can’t touch yourself for three days. Think you can manage that?”

Breathlessly I answered, “I could do it and lie to you.”

“But you won’t,” she said with confidence. And she was right. A promise is a promise, after all.

And I won’t lie, it was tough as hell to keep to. After all, I’m used to jilling off after a hard day’s work. Something to look forward to. And my angel likes to watch, so I knew it had to be hard on her too. But she’s got a strong will, one of the things that attracted me to her.

So here I am now, three days later, sprawled on the bed, tingling all over as I look at my angel. Though right now, straddling my leg, my foot to her mouth, she’s much more like the devil I know she can be. She moves around on my leg and I can feel she’s already as wet as I am.

“You’ve been a good girl, haven’t you? You haven’t touched yourself the last few days.”

“No, ma’am.”

“Good girl,” she says. My pussy tingles. What can I say, I’m nothing if not a pleaser.

She bends down to give me a long French kiss, and we spend a few minutes just making out, as if we were a pair of horny teenagers again.

I can feel her fidgeting. “She’s as horny as I am,” I think.

Usually, she has more control. She likes to watch me masturbate and not lift a finger to touch me. Just thinking about it, how she keeps her hands folded while I scream out in bliss, gets me even hotter.

“I’ll tell you what. I’m going to count from five to zero and then, I want you to come. If you come earlier…” She doesn’t have to tell me the rest of it. I’ll stay like this, wired but unable to do anything about it because I promised her. I’m only able to nod.

“Five…” She has a wide grin on her face as she takes my big toe in her mouth. It’s like an electrical current flowing from my toe through my calf and up my thigh. She pauses to pepper my leg with little kisses. Her lips are so close to my pussy but she doesn’t touch it.

“Four…” She takes the second toe in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it. She bends down, her middle finger about to enter me. She searches my face; she has her best poker face on, but I know those eyes almost as well as I do my own. She knows that if she touches my clit, it’s over for me. I think she’d like to punish me. She’d like to bend me over and slap my ass, maybe slide in a finger or two, pull my hair… And she can plainly see I’d love for her to do that to me, so at the last moment she pulls her finger away.

“Three…” The third toe in her mouth, this time she sucks it like a dick, and I almost come from the sheer hotness of the visual. Seven years together and she can still do that to me.

Now she uses her tongue to explore my feet. The sole, the heel, nothing escapes her tongue as she traces it around. I tingle all over, as sure a sign as any that the orgasm is about to come. And it’s going to be a huge one.

“Two…” For her final trick, she takes the two last toes in her mouth, just to show me she’s still able to surprise me. I almost laugh. I finally get it when guys talk about their dick throbbing, because that’s exactly what my clit is doing right now.

She looks at me, and with tenderness in her eyes says, “I love you,” and bites my neck. She whispers in my ear, “Now come, baby.”

I do. It must have been intense because the next thing I remember is her face. “Damn girl, seems like you needed it!” She wants to hop off my leg but she’s underestimated me. Now I’m in charge.

“Babe, what are you doing?” She’s not used to my more assertive side. Not used to me grabbing her hips and sliding her up and down my leg. I can see it in her eyes, she needs it even more than I do and she’s too far gone to care.

I bite her ear and whisper, “Somebody’s gonna come.”

Just a few seconds later she throws her head back and lets out a guttural scream, the kind I thrive on. I let loose as well, and for the first time in our life, we come together. It’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.

We’ve become a mess of limbs, waiting for our hearts to calm down, hands stroking all over each other’s sweat-drenched body, murmuring sweet nothings. I’d never tell her but in a way that’s the best thing about fucking.

“Happy birthday, babe…” she whispers, giving me a tender kiss before she drifts off to sleep. I watch her awhile, counting my blessings.

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