Marked by Love: why do love bites turn me on like crazy?

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I was reading in bed when she came into the room, fresh out of the shower. The summer had been brutal, so the most I had worn at home in weeks was my favorite sports bra and boxer shorts. I glanced at her above the pages periodically as she dried herself with her towel. She looked over at me and smiled. I kept reading for a moment and glanced again. She smiled even more brightly as she came closer to the bed. I was at an exciting part of a chapter when she straddled my thighs.

“What are you reading, baby?” she asked sweetly.

“Just some old Anne Rice,” I answered.

“The Vampire Lady?” she asked in an adorably naive tone.

“Yes.” I smiled. “The Vampire Lady.”

I was reading through the bottom of the page, but was losing concentration rapidly as she kissed her way down my stomach. Her soft lips dragging down my skin made my vision blur.

“I like vampire stories,” she said, positioning herself between my legs.

“Oh, yeah? What do you like about them?”

“I think it’s really hot how they… suck,” she replied, as she suctioned her lips over the sensitive skin of my waist.

I turned the page as my lips curved into a smile. She was not letting go of this spot. My nerves shot through my skin as she sucked harder. Each time she let go, she aimed just a little lower and sucked again. She was already at my belly button. My concentration was now completely shot, but I kept my book in front of my face as if I were reading.

She sucked lower. Each motion of her mouth made me weak with desire. I finally tossed my book aside and saw her beautiful face concentrating over my flesh. She was making a perfect line of bruises all the way down my stomach. My mouth fell open in excitement as her eyes met mine. So many sensations flowed through me. The cool of her freshly showered hair gliding over my hip along with the warmth of her mouth over my skin sent my arousal through the roof. My thighs began to tremble as she marked another bruise — right above my mound this time, her delicate fingers inching below the rim of my shorts. I was impressed by how precisely each cherry oval bruise was aligned.

Finally, she pulled my shorts all the way off and threw them behind her. She wrapped my legs over her back and pressed her lips to my pussy, which was now drenched. I knew it wouldn’t take more than a few licks to set me off to explosion. Knowing her, she didn’t care. She would keep to the same pace no matter how much I begged. She stuck her tongue out over my clit and rested her arms over my hips.

“I want you to fuck my face,” she purred.

My hips bucked up and down on her tongue as she held her head perfectly still. She reached for my hands and entwined our fingers together as I pressed my pussy against her mouth. I was so close, I could feel every slight breath and movement over my clit. My wetness leaked over her tongue as I ground my hips on her face. As soon as she felt that I was at my peak, she suctioned her lips over my clit and whirled her tongue around and around. I gripped her hands harder, moaning. My entire body shivered as my pussy exploded into orgasm. My juice streamed to her lips. I could feel her gasp over my flesh as she drank it down.

Suddenly, a burst of energy ran through me. I sat up, grabbed her, rolled her over on the bed, and pinned her arms down. She was so wet. I pressed my pussy over hers and went straight to her neck. I sucked so hard on her flesh, I could feel my teeth sink in. I marked my first spot and ground my pussy hard against hers. Her hands broke free and held me tight. She ran her hands down to grab my ass as I fucked her, my mouth still circling her neck. I bit lower to her collarbone as she held on tighter. I slid my hands under the pillow beneath her head and hung on, grinding deeper over her pelvis. I could feel pre-orgasmic tremors thump through her flesh as I pressed closer. Her body began to shake involuntarily as she moaned in my ear.

“Yes, right there!” she whined. “Fuck, please don’t stop!”

I could feel another orgasm rising within my own body. Just the sound of her sexy voice pleading for me to keep going turned me on like nothing else. I sucked another spot on her neck as I ground down at her pussy. My stomach muscles burned intensely. Each thrust brought us both closer to that heightened moment. Our bodies played a simultaneous beat of ecstasy as we came at exactly the same time.

My mouth finally let go of her neck to gasp out my own excitement. I saw large purple bruises all over her flesh. Beads of my sweat dripped over her chest. We kissed passionately as our slippery bodies pressed together. I soothed her neck with my fingers, the flesh now soaked and reddish purple. She took my fingers in her mouth and nibbled the tips. I kissed her again and rested my head on her chest. I could feel her heart beating intensely. We lay in a state of bliss.

Suddenly, she gasped. “Oh no!” she exclaimed. “What day is it today?”

“Wednesday,” I answered. “Why, what’s the matter?”

“We are supposed to go to our fittings this afternoon for my friend’s wedding, remember?”

I had completely forgotten about it. I burst into laughter because I knew our friends would have so much to say when they saw her neck and my stomach.

“It’ll be okay,” I giggled. “I’ll throw some spoons in the freezer. The marks will be gone in a few hours.” I knew it wasn’t true. So did she.

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