Office Daddy, Part I

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Office Daddy

Part one: sexual chemistry

I knew the moment we met — the moment he first laid eyes on me — that we would have an absolutely delicious fuck one day. I could feel it in my bones and in the crazy tingling heat that erupted in my crotch the moment my new supervisor introduced me to him as she took me around the office for the first time. In that instant, the specifics of where and when we would fuck didn’t even matter; when it’s a matter of inevitability, those details rarely do matter.

And of course, it happened. It was just a few weeks later. We’d been crossing paths in the corridor and sitting each day with the others at lunch, our eyes always lingering a bit too long.

His gentlemanly, somewhat protective demeanor toward me, his new colleague, was just a bit too thick and considerate to be standard; he’d take extra care to make sure I understood things, knew where things were — always explaining each new fact with a soft, gravelly voice that I never heard him use with others. As much as he turned me on, he was a comforting presence: an older man, stocky in a way I’d never found particularly alluring before this. He arrived each morning in style, his standard businessman getup topped off with a pair of shiny Ray-Bans. Anybody else might think the shades were a bit young for him, but his care for his appearance made him all the more appealing to me.

And on this particular day, nothing much was different — he came into the office just as he always did, Ray-Bans in place. And mercifully, the day passed quickly; before I knew it, my other colleagues had trickled out the door, headed home for dinner and much-needed downtime.

But he hadn’t left yet; I could hear his keyboard click-clacking in time with my own. It was just the two of us.

I picked up my phone and punched in his extension. Though our desks were close enough for me to hear his keyboard, I always called so I could hear his voice right in my ear.

“Yo, Sylv,” he purred after just one ring, reading my name on the internal caller ID.

“Mac,” I replied, perching on the edge of my rear desk, my computer monitor glaring at me from its own elevated perch atop my standing desk. I glanced at my watch: 6:15pm.

I didn’t say anything else.

A pause. Then, “Sylviaaa.” He drew out my name.

I paused, too. “Mackie.”

I had never called him anything but Mac — nobody in the office did.

His typing, audible, slowed.

“It’s like that, huh?” he asked. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Like what?”

“Like that. Tsk tsk,” he clicked his tongue.

“Why are you tisk-tisking me?” I asked with fake incredulity.

“It seems you might need to be chastised, dear,” he replied. “Relations with a coworker?” Click — the line went dead.

In a flash, he was standing at my desk, looking me dead in the eye.

I kicked my heels off, one by one.

“Strike while the iron’s hot, I suppose?” he asked, cocking his head and raising his eyebrows.

“You know it’s been getting quite warm for a while now,” I replied.

Maintaining eye contact, he moved his hand to his crotch and began to rub — I could see he was already hard through his slacks. It looked as big as I had imagined it to be.

“Since I first saw you, in fact,” he replied.

I rested my hands on the edge of the desk behind me, silently thanking myself for choosing to wear a skirt today. My toes tickled against the carpet as I stood on the balls of my feet and spread my legs, not really showing anything but certainly insinuating a whole hell of a lot. As my legs parted, I flushed, and a wave of warmth coursed through my entire skin — like a shot of something very strong. I eased the edge of my skirt up with one hand, giving him a glimpse of my lacy black panties; again, I silently thanked myself for my choice.

“Come here,” I said, eager to know the feeling of him against me.

To my surprise, an actual growl escaped his lips. He didn’t say a single word as he moved toward me, grabbing my hips and thrusting me forcefully back against the edge of the desk. His broad hands moved to my thighs and shoved my skirt up, in the same instant that his mouth found mine.

My spine went weak as his tongue, warm and thick and solid, slipped and slithered deliciously against mine; the buttons of my blouse were undone before I even realized what was happening — and then those hands started to tickle at my neck and shoulders as the kisses came more deeply. I was already at his mercy; it’s true what they say about older men. They know their shit.

“Mac,” I said breathlessly. I yanked at his belt and tried in vain to undo his pants; my bones had turned to jelly and my fingers didn’t want to work. “Take it out.”

His focused eyes held mine as he maneuvered himself free from his pants, biting his lower lip — actually biting it, and god help me I couldn’t stand it — and stepping two steps back from the edge of the desk. It was the perfect amount of space for me to slide down onto my knees between his planted feet, and he knew it.

I obliged.

My eyes drank him in for a good thirty seconds or so. I admired the sight of his dick protruding demandingly from his fly and then raised my eyes to his face as his hand found its way to the nape of my neck. He interlaced his fingers with my loose locks, tugging gently — just enough to start to smart but not enough to hurt.

My skirt slid fully up to my waist as I adjusted myself and slipped a hand between my legs. I used my other to grip the base of his wide cock, enjoying the sensation of his erection beneath my fingers. Fucking finally, I thought. My mouth opened slowly, almost of its own accord, ready to savor the feel of him against my lips and tongue.

Slowly, firmly, I licked the underside of the head of his cock, flattening out my tongue and pressing upward with just enough force to get him moaning and grinding his hips… not wanting to torture him too much, I closed my lips around him and began to suck with steady, wet thrusts.

“For fuck’s sake,” Mac rumbled, grabbing the edge of the desk behind me and pressing his hips against me. “God, that’s amazing.” My neck cradled the edge of the desk, not uncomfortably; I couldn’t escape his thrusting, so I did what I could to loosen my throat so he could overtake any resistance my body offered and continue at his own pace. My saliva pooled in my mouth, and I closed my eyes. The skin of his cock felt slick and smooth against my own flesh, and I revelled in the sensation of just how rock hard he was.

The thrusting continued, and I relaxed all my muscles to really let it happen. His hardness pressed the back of my throat. With a quick and practiced maneuver, he undid and yanked down his trousers, his hands moving back up efficiently to grasp the sides of my face and pull us closer together with another forceful thrust — my throat gurgled a bit as I gagged, deliciously. He pulled out fully, a sloppy trail of whitish saliva trailing from deep in my throat to the tip of his massive, shining cock.

“Are you ready?” he asked, breathless. “Of course you are. Suck this now until I come.” As he uttered his command, he gave himself a few firm strokes right in front of my face, his eyes following my own hungry stare, which was fixated on the head of his dick as it swayed before me.

“I’ll suck you off if you slap me with it first,” I replied, still pleasuring myself — now a bit more firmly. I was drenched.

I wasn’t surprised when Mac complied with my demand.

The slap he gave me must have left a mark, but I didn’t give two fucks — not even one fuck, really — as soon as that beautifully swollen dick hit my cheek, the animal side of me took over. I felt almost desperate as I resumed fucking him with my mouth, not even thinking about making him come but losing all thought completely to the present moment and my own pleasure.

Mac pressed his hands against the back of my head to push himself in deeper; again, I gagged, this time with an uncontrollable giggle of delight. I absolutely loved the control he exerted over me — loved his desperation.

My sense of purpose renewed, I strengthened the grip of my lips on him and sucked harder. I could tell now that he wouldn’t last long — a quick glance up revealed a slack face drenched in sweat, flushed with pleasure. Reaching up, I locked the fingers of my free hand around the base of his cock, pressing down firmly to tighten the already extremely taut skin of the head of his dick.

With a few loud slurps, I sucked and licked the whole length of him, pressing my teeth into my lips to strengthen the firmness of my grip and my ability to stimulate him — but before I could even get his dick fully back down my throat, I felt the orgasm start to erupt. I opened wide, ready to receive my treat.

His ejaculate spurted out of him and into me, warm and thick. My tongue caught everything it could as a teardrop of exertion and pleasure trickled down my cheek, lingering with the sheen of sweat that had formed there.

Keeping my mouth open, I swallowed down the load and stuck my tongue back out to probe his dick again, ever so gingerly. Slowly, as if savoring a delicacy, I stroked the underside of his dick with my tongue — itself now slack and supple — as an aftershock rumbled through him.

He exhaled. “Holy fucking hell, Sylvia,” he said, opening his eyes and looking down at me. I took extra care to give him a good view, angling my face toward him and putting on a mask of innocence.

“Happy?” I asked, actually batting my eyelashes — but just twice.

“Thrilled,” he replied. “And you know, you’re about to make me even happier.”

My eyebrows rose in question as my fingers continued their lazy fondling; my free hand was still between my own legs. “Really? How’s that?”

“Pop a squat,” he replied, releasing my head and stepping back.

I didn’t move, at first.

“Actually squat, Sylv. Like you’re pissing in the woods. Or lower.”

Though I was reluctant to stop playing with myself, I acquiesced. My skirt was now around my upper waist, below my bra. My knees splayed wide. “What’s next?”

“Stay,” he commanded, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone. He flicked on the flashlight, his softening dick swinging lightly with his movements. WIth a devilish smile, he got onto his knees and slid the phone between my legs, light shining up to illuminate my pussy from below. “I’m going to explore.”

My stomach flipped and my pelvic floor gave out as he maneuvered his head between my legs and began to examine me, one finger trailing slowly against the ridge of my pussy’s wide-open lips.

Well fuck, I thought. I won’t last long at all.

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